Painting the World, One Kid at a Time

Painting the world is an organization founded in 2016 by Luis Leon. This organization is dedicated to the growth of paintball, helping others, spreading the word about our sport, and bringing in the next generation of players.

The Beginnings:
Luis Leon founder and CEO started PTW in February of 2016. Mr. Luis Leon went to his local field and spoke to some of the children that were there that day. He met a kid, a kid with a desire to play but his family couldn’t afford to buy him gear or to take him to the field constantly. That night Leon went home and look thru his Facebook list of friends and asked for help. The first person to help him, Michael Bane with Rotten Kids, sent a few markers and hoppers as a donation. When Leon saw that the Paintball community was willing to help he officially started what is known today as Painting the World, One Kid at a Time. He launched a Painting the World, One Kid at a Time Facebook page on March 11, 2016 and by April 1, 2016 grew to 900 likes. Currently PTW has 4,300 likes, growing daily and has helped over 50 children by giving them paintball gear from donations made by the paintball community.

The first person to join the PTW family was Leon’s good friend Sam Riley. The two together worked hard to promote, welcome new kids, and grow the sport as a whole. As time went by, PTW started creating chapters. Mary Burkhard came on board next and with the PA Chapter and next was Mr. Komakaloi with the CA Chapter. With these Chapters PTW can help more kids around the USA and Canada. They have worked hard to continue the PTW mission of helping the kids get into our sport.

PTWPB - A new team in town:
After spending a few months spreading the word about PTW, traveling to different events and playing scenario in different states, Leon decided to give the competitive side of paintball a shot (pun intended) and formed PTWPB. Their first player was Roger Nakada, followed by Vala and Jonathan, PTWPB’s first event was a D6 SPL event in 2016, followed by social cup the same year. By that time, PTWPB had 8 players and kept growing after that.

After long days of practice, and dedicating themselves to understanding and learning about speedball, PTWPB started their first full season of 2017 competing at SPL Kick Off where they won 1st place. After that event, PTWPB started recruiting more players and was able to have 2 D5 squads for next event. Taking 1st for a second time and 3rd with the secondary squad, PTWPB kept dominating the league. With lots of ups and downs throughout the season, PTWPB stayed together. Old players left, new players came in. And now PTWPB has 30 players in 2 different leagues and 2 different divisions

PTWPB is sponsored by some of the best companies in the business. These companies include: Virtue, who provides the best masks and loaders in the game. Planet Eclipse, with the best and more efficient markers. Immortal air, providing quality tanks and regulators and last, but not least, Air Ups, which is the top bunker manufacturer in the game.

The Brand:
PTW brand started mid-end 2017. PTW brand is focused on making good quality product at an affordable price. As of now, PTW brand offers the following products jerseys, headbands, banners and patches. Also, every dollar made by the brand helps to continue our mission of helping the kids and growing the sport.

PTW end goal:
The goal of PTW, as a whole, is to grow the sport and get companies involved in helping those who need help. Growing the brand and growing the team. Hopefully PTW will have teams in every division and every league. We will be opening new chapters and new teams across the country. Also, with the dream of opening a field sometime soon.

Thanks for reading and remember, we can all make a change if we work together.

If you want to help PTW to help more kids, contact Luis Leon on Facebook or thru our 'Painting The World' page so we can continue helping the kids. All equipment donations will be happily excepted.


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