Spanish National Championship (EXPL)

The start of the season is marked by the first round of the Spanish national championship, EXPL.

Atlantic Games Beira-Mar, are the current title champions which makes us the team to beat. We prepare in the off-season with this mind-set, and as the athlete Nuno Lourenço "Bones" says –

 "There are no facilitation for anyone, we have to work double to achieve what we want.”

 In our case this is Wins. It's not always about winning, but marking a high-level paintball presence in consistency, the rest comes naturally.

The first game was against Murcia Moda EF, a newcomer in this division with a lot of raw talent. It meant a confident 5-1 win in which there were some mistakes from our side but there were more from the opposing team.

Next we faced Chiclana PB Vulcan Team, a team that is striving to be at the highest level in their country and increasingly gaining their place, was another 5-1 win for Atlantic Games Beira-Mar, where our game was much more dominant than the first, so we went on to the third game more in tune and with a more accurate and strong perspective of the field.

The third game against Tematic Paintball was another 5-1 victory, taking us into the last game against Salvages PB Team in which we won 4-0.

We played the semi-finals against league favourites, King Paintball Team. A team with a lot of experience and that deserves our attention. Every move they make or play is meticulously thought out, with players like Gus Blaires and Alan Luna already playing at the highest European level and Alberto Haro playing at present in the highest level of European competitions. We won 5-2 but it was definitely a "war", we were convinced that the game was going to be ours, but this was undoubtedly the most difficult in this event.

The Finals.. We played against Chiclana PB Vulkan Team, and it was with the thought that we had already won the event because we passed the difficult test against the "King".

We started off extremely bad losing 2 points in a row, surprise was in the faces of the Beira-Mar, and in the third point we only entered with 2 players on the field due to mistakes in the pits with frustration. Chiclana playing for an easy point win against just 2 players but we fought and held on and won the point making the score 1-2. This gave the players enough confidence and realization that we should win this, and gave us the boost we needed for the rest of the match and ended with a victory of 3-2, giving Beira-Mar the cup and 1st place.

With this victory we must thank the athletes who made the effort to fight for the colors of the Atlantic Games Beira-Mar. Such a great trip and with the purpose of improving our level and to prepare us with more force for the next step. Last but not least those who were there, our support, thank you for believing in us, we will fight with this to the end.


Without you and the quality of the material nothing was possible.

Atlantic Games Beira-Mar
Miguel Franco #21

A Perfect start to the season :-)