3 from 3: NXL Pro Debutants - New York Xtreme

New York Xtreme kicked some ass in the 2017 semi pro season and brought us a fantastic World Cup final against DMG.

And now, this old school franchise is back where it belongs. Amongst the Pros.

We caught up with Beau Milo of NYX to ask them three simple questions about their Pro debut.

1: NXL Vegas was your pro debut, which is a massive step for any team. In your team’s opinion, how did Vegas go for you guys?
Going Pro is always the goal when paintball teams are started. For NY Xtreme it is what has driven us to get to this point. When we started our team as NY Outlaws 4 plus years ago someone gave me some advice "if you guys can stick together for three years you will have a great shot to turn Pro". We have worked hard over the past 4 years and feel like even though we didn't win the semi pro division we have been one of the most consistent teams in that division. Prior to starting our team a few of our players had already played pro, but for the most part it was a dream for the rest of us. When we finished second last year in semi pro we were disappointed but our determination didn't waver. Going through the off season there were rumors and grumblings that changes were on the way. When we received the call we didn't hesitate to say yes.
Going into the first tournament of the year is always tough for Northeastern teams, with playing indoors, snow storms and just flat out being cold. We prepared the best we could playing through the conditions and were excited for our first pro tournament.
Day 1 started just as we left off last year at World Cup playing against DMG. We lost a close match that we were winning late because of a few mental errors. With a second match against one of the top teams in the league we needed to put that behind us and focus on X Factor. Another late loss because of a penalty and some mistakes that really cost us.
Day 2 we had the Russians and Uprising. The match against the Russians didn't go well at all, so at 0-3 for the event we wanted to get that first win. We got out to a strong start against Uprising only to lose in overtime. Entering into the Pro division we knew that the margin of error would be smaller then Semi Pro and these matches proved that to us. When you get to this level it's always going to be the team that makes the fewest mistakes that progresses. But for now we are grinding hard and breaking in our new custom NYX CS2s while we get ready for Dallas.

2: Let’s talk matches. Which game made you guys realize Pro was a completely different ballgame? 
To be honest all these matches showed us different things about the Pro division. Against X-Factor and Uprising we learned it's hard to sit on a lead. Against the Russians you have to be mentally perfect and have great communication. As I said before, the team that wins will typically make less mistakes and get less penalties than the team that loses. There are always exceptions but at this level we need to be better at the small things to turn those 1 point losses into 1 point wins. Another major difference are the adjustments that pro teams make. All pro teams have coaches that are talented and smart. Playing in semi pro for the past several year you only had a handful of teams that had full time coaches. At the pro level you could see adjustments being made from point to point quicker then you do at any other level. That, as well as the pace of play, are the major differences that we witnessed.

3: Which moment made you guys realise that you belonged in the Pro division? 
The moment for me was the X Factor match. We were playing against one of the best teams in the world and winning, well into the match. They ended up winning the match but it showed us that we can play with anyone at this level. Our first Pro Tournament didn't go the way we wanted it to but if a few calls go our way along with better late game management we're confident that the wins will follow. NY Xtreme will be practicing hard and getting ready to be the best we can in time for Dallas.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Sponsors: Planet Eclipse, for giving us the best guns in the game, the custom NYX CS2s. GI Sports for supplying us with the best gear and paint, Raza Paintball, Matt's Outback, BKI, Committed Paintball, and Trade My Gun.

Good luck in Dallas boys!

Do you think New York Xtreme can cause a few upsets in Dallas?