Liberty Flames take the 2018 NCPA Title

College paintball.

Yep, it really, genuinely, 100% is a thing. And it's a great thing too!

It isn't at the level of the more mainstream sports but we do know there are actual airball fields and facilities on campus at some participating colleges. Which is pretty damn awesome.

And where better to spread the gospel of paintball than at youth level. In a controlled environment, surrounded by your college buddies where it's supported and encouraged by the college sports programmes.

The UK (and maybe other countries too) run a tournament event called the CPPS Student Cup which involves a number of teams, supported by and endorsed by their respective Colleges and Universities. They all rock up and duke it out for bragging rights for one weekend in the CPPS calendar. But could this be more? We think it should be, to grow a more passionate following and help educate more about the joys and benefits of paintball.

Which brings us to the point of this article, and to the NCPA (National Collegiate Paintball Association) Finals which takes place in the States. There are two main classes: AA - open class for any college to enter and A - closed class for teams who qualify from the previous year. I guess the A class is deemed more professional in terms of talent, commitment, organisation and overall bragging rights.

And the reason we're focused on the NCPA? Well, one of our teams, Liberty University Flames took this year's A Class Finals after being so close on many occasions.

The Flames beat Florida Atlantic University 5-4 in the semi-finals - the team who knocked the Flames out in last year's semi final match up - and dished out a royal ass whupping to University of Central Florida 8-1 in the final. Making this an event to remember for the Flames who will have a lot of work to do now, to keep their title as champions.

To see the Flames in action, check out this event coverage > NCPA Finals <

You can read up on the NCPA here at their website > NCPA <

And for more information about the Liberty University Flames win, check out their sports bulletin here > Liberty Club Sports <

Awesome job by a great bunch of guys. As we all know in paintball, once you get that taste for victory and you have the momentum to keep on rockin', your team can become very tough to beat. But everyone will want your spot and keeping it is the true test of any champion.

Good luck for future events and keep spreading the word!

All photos taken by > Sage Naine <

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