The Grim Reapers Give a Hand to Vets

Every fall in the Midwest at Indy Battlegrounds near Indianapolis, Indiana there is a paintball scenario called Operation Jericho.  Written by the scenario team the Urban Guard, the event depicts the struggle leading up to the Battle of Jericho and the battle itself.  It’s complete with a river crossing, scrolls, an Ark the players have to carry, and of course a horn that needs to be blown. 

Scenario Master Jay “Shadowfox” Jordan and the team captain of the Grim Reapers:  “It’s so much fun and an honor for our team to have the privilege of running this scenario.  It is really well written -  the Urban Guard did an outstanding job in the creation and writing of it.  It’s an honor because it is part of a fundraising effort for the vets called Operation Pathfinder”.  Operation Pathfinder raises money for various needs of our veterans.  This particular event gives all profit to “4 Paws” and “Honor Flight”.  “4 Paws” provides seeing eye dogs and their training for disabled vets while “Honor Flight” provides a trip for veterans of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam to see the monuments of those conflicts in which they fought.  The Grim Reapers and Indy Battlegrounds have raised thousands of dollars for these two organizations in the last 2 years with all the profit of the event going to Operation Pathfinder.  

Not being able to serve himself because of a physical condition, Shadowfox has always wanted to find a way to help the military.  When Col. Ja Johnson USAF (retired) joined the Reapers last year this came up in a conversation and Col. Johnson had the answer.  “Let me tell you about Operation Pathfinder, Brother.”  

Shadowfox continued, “And the rest as they say is history.  I shared it with the team and every team member was immediately on board with a ‘How can I help?’ attitude.  I am blessed to be a part of this team and to be its captain is truly a privilege.”


  1. Ummmmm.... Why does it say battlegrounds but have a picture of fort knox at area 51?


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