We Are Family !!!!

You don't have to be the best, not everyone can be number one, but you can love what you do and be proud of the achievements you make along the way. We can't all win 100% of the time but we can give it a bloody good go trying.

Paintball is more than a hobby its a life style. At the tournament end Paintball involves sacrifice, commitment, drive, blood, sweat and often tears but it's so worth it. There is no other life style choice quite like Paintball!

Here is a cool short video sent to us from a team that seem to embrace the above statement.

We give you Team Family from France, St Tropez:

Check out Team Family on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Team-Family-Saint-Tropez-1490902284515322/

No matter where you are or what division you play in or woods you hunt in. If your doing it right we want to know about it... Sent us your cool pictures and videos and tell us about your wins and you too could get a post like this.