Can Beira Mar do it in Portugal?

The second event of the national championship was very important for us.  Beira Mar were currently in first place in Spain and we wanted the same result in Portugal as well !

The first game of the prelims with Benfica was a close match which could have ended up in a win . However, an insignificant mistake by itself snowballed into a grave drawback. Losing by 1 point with only 13 seconds of play, risked it and suffered a penalty, finishing the game 2-4. Benfica wins.

After talking about the previous game we faced Nest Paintball. It all went as expected: we were able to win our fights and keep control, the result ended 5-1.

Next up Estoril. The game was even more relaxed, maintaining calm and communication. We won 4-0

The semi finals against Sporting CP was of particular importance since they are the defending champions and a team of great value. There was no room for mistakes. Training showed its value: 4-0

The final was played against Benfica. We knew that the prelims’ result did not reflect our performance so we were determined on winning. The score was the same as in the prelims but this time around Beira Mar took the 4 points to Benfica's 2 :-)

A good result was expected since we had invested in our skills and we were motivated by the 1st place in Spain. And so it was :-)

And while the Beira Mar gold team were winning Div 1. Beira Mar Silver were trying to do the same in Div 2.

Our Silver team started the 2nd event of the Portuguese National Championship with a great desire to show its true value since the 1st event’s results fell short of our expectations.

They had a difficult and competitive group stage for this event.

The first game of the prelims against Piratas was slow paced and very balanced. Victory by 2-1.

For the second game we faced AZIMUT Platinum and ended up with a decisive victory 3-0

The last game of the prelims against Relâmpagos began well, with an aggressive point. However a slight overconfidence on our part meant some errors were made and we ended up losing 1-2

With 2 wins in the prelims we moved on to the next phase against C4+=RTU for the semi finals. They have won past events throughout the years but we were confident of our skills as a team. 3-1

Now for the final. We worked hard to get here and even tough we felt great about our performance, it all came down to wining this game against AZIMUT Diamond. From the beginning we played our game and settle the pace of the match giving us a 2 point lead which we were not able to snowball and then it was 2-2 with 3 minutes to play.  We fought hard to take the final point and the victory. 3-2 final result.

Thank you to our supporters and all the people who are part of the process.