PAL Upgrade Programme: For Gen1 EMEK Owners

We recently announced that we'd be running a PAL Upgrade Programme for all Gen1 EMEK 100 owners. And this awesome programme is now LIVE!

Here is the link to our PAL Upgrade Programme official page featuring all the information you need to turn your Gen1 EMEK into a battery-free, fire breathing, PAL Enabled monster: PAL Upgrade Programme

How to identify your Gen1 EMEK 100.

Safety Switch:
The Gen1 has a rotating safety switch in-frame.

The Gen1 has a GRN trigger - same tough material as the marker body.

The Gen1 has a regular DefTek clamping feed neck.

How to identify a PAL-Enabled EMEK 100:

Safety Switch:
The PAL Enabled EMEK has a push-button safety switch in-frame.

The PAL Enabled EMEK has an aluminium trigger.

This is the major difference. The PAL Enabled EMEK features a different body to accommodate the PAL System. This allows the PAL feedneck and PAL plunger to instigate the agitation when combined with the PAL Loader System. The PAL feedneck looks a little longer than the standard feedneck.

So once you identify that yours is a Gen1 EMEK100 and you want to upgrade it to the exceptional PAL System, you know what to do.

You won't be disappointed.