New Warranty info for Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand

Here at Planet Eclipse we pride ourselves on our network of service centers around the World, putting factory trained technicians on the ground at hundreds of locations to support our players and customers. But there is a cost to doing this, and that cost is usually shouldered by the Planet Eclipse Distributors and dealers in their specific regions.

There are some players that choose to "grey import" markers into protected territories from dealers outside of their region. These players then expect the local dealer, in their area, to fix their marker free of charge when they have a problem or need a service/tune up.

In order for our local distributor, Raskal Sports, to be able to continue to support our products in the way that you, our customers, deserve, we will be implementing a new warranty system in Malaysia. From the 1st July 2019 all Planet Eclipse markers purchased from Raskal Sports or one of their official dealers in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand will come with a Raskal Sports warranty card and each box will carry a special hologram sticker, like this:

Customers that purchase their markers from Raskal Sports or one of the Raskal Sports official dealers will continue to benefit from the class-leading technical and warranty support for the period of the markers warranty, free of charge.

If you buy a Planet Eclipse marker and it does NOT have this hologram sticker on the box and Raskal Sports warranty card in the box then the marker has NOT been imported via the Planet Eclipse authorised dealer (Raskal Sports) and will be subject to charge if you have any work performed on the marker. If you have a "grey import" marker, and it develops an issue, and your marker is still within the manufacturer's warranty period, then the cost of the parts needed to repair the marker will be FREE of charge, but the cost of the labour will need to be paid for.

If you purchased a marker from Raskal Sports and one of the Raskal Sports dealers prior to 1st July 2019 then please get in contact with them with the serial number and model of your marker and they will back-date your warranty and supply you with a credit card style warranty card. Please contact them on +603 7732 0184 or email, . You can also contact Raskal Sport to purchase a warranty service package from them for USD75.00 each.

We hope that you understand the need to support your local dealers and distributors. They are the life blood of our great sport, and without them, the whole sport would suffer. Saving a few bucks, or in this case Ringgit, in the short term may appear attractive. But it's a false economy, as in the long term it hurts Planet Eclipse's ability to support our product in your region.

Thank you for your understanding.

Planet Eclipse.