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Friday, 29 January 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

The Planet Girls (UK) are taking part in the Race for Life run (5K)....

Some of them have a hard job getting off their bums to go to the bar to buy there round, so running 5K is a bigger feat of effort than you probably think. They need a little carrot on a stick to get them motivated (a Big Mac on a stick might get them moving a little faster) so I’m throwing this out to the Paintball World.

They are taking part in the Cheshire (Tatton Park) Race for Life on 20/06/2010 with all funds raised going to Cancer Research and they would really love your support.

If you would like to help, please take a moment to sponsor them. It's really easy - you can donate online by credit or debit card at the following address:

All donations are secure and sent electronically to Cancer Research UK. If you are a UK taxpayer, Justgiving will add automatically at least 25% to your donation. Please join us in supporting Cancer Research UK and a fabulous cause!

Lets give the Planet Girls a Boost !!

Katie, Michelle, Eilidh, Sofina, Sarah, Julie & Jennifer.

Back to 80%.....

Not too bad considering I was only, at my peak, at about 83%..

Surgery went very well, bits were cut off in the right places and holes all sown up correctly, so back to work with a spring in my step and I’m now looking forward to get the season started….

So what’s in store for Ledz this year (not that anyone cares)… Well, plans are afoot for some interesting stuff. Operation Sandbag will be rocking the Paintball world again this season. We will be attending a bit of everything from the UWL, Diamond Wars, North Vs South, Millennium Series, and PSP. Pretty much taking over the world.. Our goals for the season would have to be getting to the field in time at least once with ALL of the players in tow!

Also new for 2010 I am climbing on board the ‘Coach’ and taking up an offer from Manchester based team the Firm. I will be the Firms full time Coach this season. Pretty much a completely new role to me and I have no idea if I will be any good at it or not. Like I have said in the past the mind is still there it’s the body that is not so willing. So hopefully the little bunker monkeys under my control will be able to do the damage for me :-) I think I’ll get with Markie C owner of the Firm and do a little interview so you can know a little more.

And finally (like I have time for anything else) there is a rumour of an Emortal Army that is set to rise this season also.. At the moment it’s only gossip and whispers that are spoken softly in darkened rooms and in shadows. But the Rise of the Emortal Army is looming… Beware!

So that’s it my (Paintball) Life for 2010… I guess I’ll see a lot of you on the fields of battle.


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fashion Show Part 2

Here is the second Part of the Eclipse Fashion Show..... I believe we had to turn off the comments in You Tube last time due to the excessive flaming we got. But we are made of sterner stuff than that at Planet Eclipse... So here is part two. It's a bit of fun, tongue in cheek and a chance for you to check out some of the clothes actually on people.. If you don't like it then sorry for wasting your time.... If you can laugh with us then great.... ENJOY !


Hot Sauce USA ???

We have been making a Hot Chilli Sauce now for a couple of years. Initially it was made to, well, make me happy. I am a Hot Sauce fan to say the very least. I have a pretty good collection and wanted to share my love for Hot Sauce with the world in the same way that I do for Paintball (but in a much smaller scale)..

Some people have mocked and laughed at a Paintball company making a hot sauce 'Fire It Up'. There is no need to take this seriously it just a bit of fun and it also happens to be a cracking good sauce... BUT, there is always a but. Due to American food laws and restrictions we could never import the Fire It Up Chilli Sauce into the USA :-(

So, no wanting you guys to miss out the search started for a US based company to make me a 'Fire It Up USA Edition' Sauce... And hey presto.. Here it is !!!!!

Fire It Up USA Edition sauce is NOT super hot. It's a great tasting hot sauce. It’s full of flavour and will add a kick to pretty much anything, but Blow Your Head Of it will not.

We have also got a few bottles in the UK but don't tell the yanks ;-)
(BTW if anyone has out there makes a great hot sauce then don't feel shy sending a sample bottle my way :-)


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

MTV Filming @ CPX

One of our Emortal Army spies managed to get some intel through to us the other day of yet another filming session at CPX Sports in Chicago. Info is still a little thin on the ground but the info we do know is that MTV were down at CPX filming. The host of the show was using an Eclipse GEO (see picture).... The GEO looks like it took a bit of a beating durng filming but we have heard from a very reliable source that the GEO "Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!"

We also had this picture sent over from the MTV shoot. Eclipse EGO machine gun nest... I LIKE... Got to get myself one of those....

When more intel comes through i'll post show times etc.

Signing Out.. Agent Ledz...

Living Legends III

No rest for the Wicked..... Time to think about getting rid of the Xmas cobwebs.

Registration for the Living Legends III event is now open and there is also a special offer avaialbe before the 31st January.. So get booked in NOW !


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Welcome to the Emortal Army !

And the Winners Are :

Well, it's been a real poor show from you lot I must admit. There are thousands and thousand of you out there and we get a couple of entrances to win free stuff.. Rubbish.

I read the comments on Facebook and people were saying stuff like "we live in Florida there is no snow" well, for those people you have to pay attention... In an earlier Blog i said this:

If you have any weird and wonderful Planet Eclipse stuff going on or know of anyone that goes that extra mile then send in your images. I tell you what, let’s make this a little more interesting. Lets run a competition every couple of months (don’t bother holding me to every 60 days) where the best photo of someone ‘reppin’ Eclipse in a cool way will win a prize. Depending on what they do will depend on their prize…. Impress me and the prize will get better!! It can be anything so use your imagination! Get Eclipse stickers on some super stars, tattoo’s, crop circles, even risky stuff will be very well excepted… Whatever your weird and wonderful minds come up with E-mail them in to me at Planet Eclipse on and we will share the best with everyone.

So to keep my promise...

For the best Snowman the price goes to: Jack Farr.. He will win an Eclipse Hoody.

And from the earlier competition Patcom8 is also going to get an Eclipse Hoody....

Can you two please contact us with you full name, address and size... And Congratz !

We did have a late entry from Brussels Psycho with there snowman which is also worth a view...

So the competetion is still on for Eclipse Stuff so get your pics into and you could be the next winner....


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

We should all remember....

Life is a very fragile thing and something we should all cherish, because we never know when the gift of life is going to be taken away....

The Eclipse Army has many soldiers and when any of them fall we all grieve. This has been sent in to us from Tahiti.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends...

From everyone at Planet Eclipse...


TERIIPAIA Tamatoa, Glenn, Isaac (August 31, 1979 – December 24, 2009)

was a Tahitian Dog trainer, Hunter, Karaoke singer, Diver, Paintball Player and Eclipse Soldier. Referred to as the “Bombardier”.

Tamatoa was known as one of the most gentle people ever, enjoying life, loving his famillys and friends and his truly beloved Mother. His name mean Warrior’s child, but, if sharing love and respect would have to be named, it defenitly will be “Tamatoa”.

He has a full life of several passions, singing karaoke, party, but one of his first vocation was training dogs, making him later, one of the best Dog trainer in Tahiti and well recognized by some professional during a competition in France.

Leaving his dogs, he was fond of guns in hunting and then alongside his brothers, he made his debut in paintball in october 2008 with the team Fei-Pi 1923 Kids as Back-player, and finally was proud to become the best while taking the 1st place in a long season Rookie Division with the team Phoenix Authority last year. He dreamed of playing with the best not to be recognize as the best but for the love of the game. So he started to train hard with his team without saying anything, respecting all the rules.

His sudden death creates a blank in our life.

In Loving Memory of a Friend, a Brother, an Eclipse Soldier, “Bombardier”….. Tamatoa.

Rest in Peace Braddah.

Maitai ia ‘oe

Thursday, 14 January 2010


So I offer a prize of some free stuff for the best Eclipse Snowman and Only Jack Farr makes an effort!!

Your guys are letting the side down… So this is the best and ONLY Eclipse Snowman we are going to see from the whole of the Paintball Community??

If you can do better than Jack Farr then send your pics of an Eclipsed Snowman to or Jack Farr will be the winner!!!


Fashion Show Part 1

When I was told that we are filming a fashion show with this year’s clothing line I was quite excited. I have never been to see one before and obviously the thought of a bunch of hot models strutting around in the gear was quite appealing... Little did I know that I was in fact one of those 'HOT' models and the rest of the people in the show were also going to be Planet staff (that I’m sure were press ganged into it as well)... I must admit it was quite fun to do..

HOT Models were, Stoney, TomO, Matt M, Eilidh, Kate and Me..

Enjoy... Part two next week.


Monday, 11 January 2010

Paintball On TV !!!

Paintball is no longer a word you say and people look at you like you have just stepped out of some space capsule. Paintball is now a mainstream activity now and a lot of that is due to Paintball appearing in movies, TV shows and even commercials (like the new Budweiser Advert) around the world…

The latest in a long line TV shows featuring Paintball is the Paul O’Grady show. They popped over to the always impressive CPX Sports in Chicago to film a nice little piece for the show at the town of Bedlam…

And before you all hate on it… ANY paintball on TV is a great thing for paintball!!

A Christmas hug from Norway

It’s cold, it’s wet and there isn’t a huge amount of Paintball going on. Kristine (one of the Eclipse Emortal sponsored players from Norway) wanted, in the spirit of Christmas and the New Year to share a few of her traditions with you all…. Education is never a bad thing…

I think this is the calm, sweet side of Kristine. I’m sure she will get back to mowing fools down again as soon as the weather allows!!

“From all of us to all of you…..”

I’m not sure how the Christmas-tradition is in the different countries where my fellow paintballers live, but here in Norway Christmas is all about traditions.

A short version of our Christmas:

We’re decorating the tree in the evening of the 23rd; we watch the classics on TV Christmas morning. Some of the classics are Disney Christmas, Three Wishes for Cinderella and The journey to the Christmas Star

Before we can spin around and rip open all the gifts under the tree (at least that’s how I do it :-) we eat a lot of good food. In Norway we have three different dishes that mark the tradition in different areas in the country; pork rib, salted and dried rib of mutton and an old dish called lyed stockfish. The safest one in my area is definitive the pork rib :-) And after that it is rice-cream, a delicious creamy dessert where we hide an almond. The one person who gets the almond in their dish gets a present, usually a marzipan pig :-) an event in itself.

Some things I believe most of us have in common, even if we live all around the world, are the family love, the gifts and lots of good food during the Christmas days.

It would be cool to hear a bit about other countries traditions and how you guys celebrate the holiday-what kind of food and rituals makes your Christmas special?

A lot of love and greetings from Kristine. xx

Friday, 8 January 2010


A few weeks ago a shipment of Markers was on its way to France. After a scan in Paris, just before the shipment was supposed to get to its final destination ( ) a box or two went missing and has vanished… After weeks of searching by the courier we can only presume that they have been stolen or fallen off a lorry (so, pretty much the same thing)….

The authorities have been informed of these markers and they have been fed into our database as stolen markers. Below you will see a list of the Markers that have ‘gone missing’ along with their colour and serial number.

Please DO NOT buy any of these markers if you are offered them. These markers are all now classed as stolen and are under investigation by the authorities. If you are offered any of these markers please let us know and your local police. It’s all of our responsibilities to stop scum from stealing stuff….

Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00400
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00247
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00509
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00543
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00541
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00591
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00491
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00482
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00495
Eclipse ETek3 LT White/Black 90050-00442
Eclipse ETek3 AM Black 90170-00279
Eclipse ETek3 AM Black 90170-00263
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00275
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00308
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00367
Eclipse ETek3 AM Black 90170-00404
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00351
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00336
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00315
Eclipse ETek3 LT Black 90050-00333
Eclipse Ego10 Midnight 90020-61189
Eclipse Ego10 Midnight 90020-61160
Eclipse SL94 Ego Camo Splash 80130-s1719

Un-Employable (Part 4) 'The Conclusion'

Here is the 4th and final part of Un-Employable, The Eclipse Story Part 2....

We have had a very good response to this video and I’m very happy that so many people seemed to have enjoyed them.

Being able to live, work and play within the paintball industry is an honour and one that I’m happy to remind myself of every now and again. Making these ETV's costs a lot of money and we never know if it's worth doing. From what I’ve heard and seen so far they definitely are and something we will continue to do. Paintball is a fantastic sport but it's also so much more. It's where we express and push ourselves, it's were we make friends, it's what drives us and it’s what makes us feel ALIVE !

Enjoy !!


Thursday, 7 January 2010

White Out !

Normally at this time of the year an inch of snow will fall on the ground and the whole of England will grind to a halt. As you might have seen in the news this time around there has been record snowfall all over the UK which has caused us some major issues. People are stranded in their cars, businesses closed, I even ran out of hot sauce the other day (don’t worry it’s sorted now).

The bad weather has also affected Planet’s head office in Manchester; deliveries are delayed across the board, but the Planet staff are making a big effort to get into work and to fill orders. There are going to be delays that are out of our hands like the UPS truck getting stuff at the top of your road etc, so please bare with us.

With more snow forecast for Friday we have decided to close the store this Saturday (9th Jan) so please take note if you plan on coming to the Manchester, UK store. In fact I’d give the store a wide berth until the snow clears as the roads leading to Planet are not very good at all (some would say the same when it’s warm :-)

If you have snow I hope you’re enjoying it all wrapped up (I want to see pictures of your Eclipse Snowmen)… This is Stoney’s attempt… Bit poor really. I’ll even give a prize for the best Eclipse Snowman!! Send your pics to

Have fun and stay safe and warm..


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

End Of Line EGO9’s.

At the end of every production cycle we have a little clean up to make room for the next seasons markers. Well, this year we ‘Found’ quite a big bunch of EGO9 parts in all sorts of weird and wonderful colour ways. What we decided to do was to just build them in the best way we thought we could and get them up on-line at a pretty damn good end of line price…. ($779 / £552.25 Inc VAT + shipping)

These marker are on a First Come, First Served Basis.

Here are a couple of examples of the EGO9 Markers (there are more on-line)……

These are very end of the EGO9 production line and have been built form parts that might not match as well as we would normally demand. Hence the price. If you want a bargain then grab one quick but please do not complain about the anodising...

Happy Shopping !!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

North Vs South Big Game (UK)

The Mighty North will rise again !!!

It was a very sad day last year in England when after many a defences of the North Vs South title by the North the Southern ‘Shady Drinking Fairies’ finally grew a pair and took the title away from the North.. But that was last year and now it’s 2010 and the North wants revenge…..Well, I do at least… So I will be gathering together my merry band of Sandbaggers to take up arms against the South over the bank holiday weekend of 1st and 2nd May ..… JUDGEMENT DAY !!

Hope to see you all there… (BTW this is a top weekend of Paintball in the UK).

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year....

Happy New Year !!!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year’s celebration and are now ready to drive forward in 2010 to make it the best year ever (it’s always good to at least start out positively ;-)

If you’re in the UK you will have noticed that the VAT has increased from 15% to 17.5% from the first of January 2010 (nice of the government to give us a little kick in the ribs on New Year’s Day). Sorry about the increase. We will of course honour any mailorder transactions placed before the 1st January (well before the 4th) at 15% but from now on I’m afraid it’s back up to 17.5%

Apart from that the only real thing I have to tell you about is Part 3 of the Planet Eclipse Story ‘Un-Employable’ Check it out (only 1 more left now).

From everyone at Planet Eclipse Happy New Year !!!!!