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Friday, 29 October 2010

Planet Eclipse UK Store Sale.

UK Retail Store Closing Down Sale…

This Saturday (tomorrow) the 30th October will be the final day for the UK Retail store because we are moving very soon. As I promised there will be some bargains to be had…. The store is open from 10:30 till 3:30 and then closed forever :-(

Here are a FEW of the bargains that you could get ONLY in store on SATURDAY.

To start with everyone who comes in will get a FREE Emortal 2 DVD.

Sale Items:

Eclipse T-shirt from £4.50

Eclipse Playing Jerseys from £9.00

Eclipse Gloves from £3.00

Eclipse Elbow Pads from £15.00

Eclipse Jackets from £9.00

Chilli Sauce £1.50

FREE Bag Lock with any Eclipse Kit Bag.

To name just a few items…

We also have some non Eclipse items at most go prices.

Pulse Loaders @ £19.00

Paintballs (boxes 2000) buy 4 get 1 FREE !

Spyder Pilots come with a FREE Helix Mask

We also a couple of very special items….

I have been and ran sacked the design department and stolen a bunch of samples. Stuff got to the sample stage but no further so are one or two off’s…. These will also be for sale tomorrow !!!

Also we have a couple of 2nd Hand GEO & EGO10 Markers that the Sandbaggers have been using this years that have been cleaned up, tuned and they sat on a desk. So if you fancy getting a bargain then there will be a couple here for sale at £350.00 each.

1 x EGO10 Ashes slight seconds. No idea why it’s even still at Planet must go for £499.00

Hope you can pop down, pick up a bargain and wave Planet Eclipse Retail store goodbye :-(


Thursday, 28 October 2010

CMU Join the Emortal Army

The Eclipse College Emortal Army keeps growing and we are proud to announce the signing of Central Michigan University. Central Michigan and Planet Eclipse have come to an agreement were the team will wear and use Eclipse guns and gear for the upcoming season. Its looking like to be a great year for Eclipse college teams and keep your eyes open for some great things to come throughout the year.

"Central Michigan University is excited to be using Planet Eclipse guns and gear this year” said Patrick Glasson Captain of CMU University Paintball Team “Planet Eclipse has always been known to have unrivalled guns, gear, and support for their teams and customers. We're glad to be part of the Eclipse team and look forward to promote them throughout the NCPA and local fields"
We wish the team best of luck this year and look forward to seeing them on the podium. Welcome to the Family......

Follow CMU on Facebook: CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Penn State Join the family

Planet Eclipse is proud to announce a sponsorship of another collegiate team, Penn State.

The Penn State team is sure to be a promising team for the 2010 season. Having placed in the top 5 for the last three years at nationals this year should be a great one. With a returning strong starting line of players such as Mike Wickey and Tyler Neligh, they should be able to perform well in the NCPA.

After a poor start during their first tournament due to the lack of veteran players and other issues, they plan on having their full lineup at the next event and will turn their game around. By the second event they will have all of their Eclipse gear which will play a key role in their performance.

Captain Alex Lukacs said, “We are currently working to fix the issues we ran into at our first tournament. The teams in our conference should be prepared for a different Penn State at event 2 where we will work our way back to the top.”

Planet Eclipse would like to wish the best of luck to one of the premiere teams in collegiate paintball for the rest of the year! We look forward to seeing you play at nationals and welcome to the Family.

Follow Penn State Paintball Team here:

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dail-E FREE ETV Download at World Cup.

The Dail-E Download with Matt Marshall from ETV

Planet Eclipse is excited to announce we will be bringing Matt Marshall to the land of Mickey Mouse, airplanes, and Paintball for 2010 World Cup.

ETV will be releasing a new show, ETV The Dail-E Download, at World Cup. The 2-3 minute video clips will post at the end of each day.

The Dail-E Download will be hosted by Matt Marshall. Marshall is a former world champion paintball player, and the current narrator of the Planet Eclipse documentary series, Artifact. The Dail-E Download will feature Marshall conducting in-game pit interviews, breaking down games, and some game highlights.

“If I’m honest, I have no idea exactly what we will get!” says ETV producer/director Dan Napoli with a laugh. “It will be a bit free-form, but it will certainly be awesome. Matt has an intimacy with pro players; There are players who have looked up to him from when they were young, plus guys who’ve played with and against him. That’s pretty much impossible to recreate. I’m excited to see what the videos end up looking like.”

“There is no other event like World Cup and I'm really looking forward to working with Dan, Brad and the people at Eclipse to bring ETV content to the players in the ever expanding paintball world who can't make it to the event,” said Matt Marshall. “Every year at Cup there's bar raising competition, with new guys and teams stepping up and proving their abilities and heart, and I can't wait to see what happens this year!”

The Dail-E Download will post to the Eclipse network of websites, including the Blog, Facebook, and YouTube pages, as well the Eclipse Twitter account and

The Dail-E Download will also tie-in with The Planet Eclipse’s Grandstand Giveaway, where Eclipse will be giving away a pair of grandstand tickets FREE for each day of pro play Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Each episode of The Dail-E Download will feature a hidden “cookie”-a puzzle piece with a World Cup trivia question written on it that will randomly appear in the video. Be the first person to arrive at the Planet booth and correctly give the trivia question & answer, AND the time code it appears in the video to Eilidh and the ticket’s are yours! No repeat winners will be allowed.

We will also have some other ‘Special Tweets’ with give-aways and special offers so get with the program and follow us on Twitter now.

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Eclipse Dominate in Germany !

The XPSL (German Paintball League) has not come to an end and the Champions of the XPSL have been crowned.

In Division 2 Team ‘Dirty Annihilation’ Took the top honours and have also been promoted to Division 1 for Next Season.

In Division 1 as always was a hard battle all season but Düsseldorf Reckless, improve on their runners up spot of last season to take the top spot and be Crowned German Champions…

Well done to both teams… Eclipse teams winning both divisions always makes us smile…


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Champions of Europe !!

Congratulations to all of the Planet Eclipse teams at this years Millennium series.

Last year’s reigning champions SK Moscow won the last event of the year in Paris and also bumped them up to 2nd Place overall in the championship race.

Dynasty Impact took 3rd Place in Paris which was enough for them to stay at the top of the CPL Leader board and to take the Title of CPL Champions 2010.

Keep your eye's open for at ETV coming soon...

That’s two year’s in the row now for Planet Eclipse Teams...Congratz guys.....

The Emortal Army Takes Europe !!!!!!!

Liberty University sitting pretty.

Liberty University Takes First Place in NCPA SEC Class A after first event

The NCPA Class A South East Conference (SEC) met for their first event for the 2010-2011 season on the campus of Planet Eclipse sponsored Liberty University. This conference is made up of some of the best teams in the NCPA. University of Tennessee (3rd place in 2009-2010), Liberty University (4th Place in 2009-2010), Virginia Tech, and new comer Kennesaw State University.

With the help and support of Planet Eclipse, the Liberty Flames beat Kennesaw State 12-3, beat Tennessee 6-4, and lost a nail-biter in overtime to Virginia Tech, 5-6.

With many LU players now shooting Geo 2s, the Flames didn't have to worry about gun issues and knew their shots were going to be on the mark each and every time. After this first event of the season, the Liberty University Flames are in first place of the SEC based on their 2-1 record and point margin. The Flames are also currently ranked #1 in the NCPA Class AA.

"With the help of our university and Planet Eclipse, we are starting the fight for a national title in two different divisions," says Liberty Coach, Todd Hoglund.

It’s a great start to the season for Liberty University. We wish them the best of luck for all upcoming events. It should be a great year for all Eclipse sponsored college teams.

A special thanks also to Ali Zaman for the use of his pictures features in this article. Check out more pics at the link below.. If any teams out there want to book Ali Zaman photography skills then drop him a message and get yourself some cools pics...
Website: and my Facebook page:

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Special Edition EGO11’s........

At this year’s PSP World Cup we will have a few ‘Special EGO11’s’….

13 x White / Sandstone

11 x Gold / Purple

There are no current plans to release these two colours as production colours so the chances are they will be very rare (unless we run them at a later date, you never know)..

So if you’re lucky enough be travelling down to this year's PSP World Cup in Florida then pop into the Planet Eclipse Booth and snag something a little special. Prices the same as other colours.

Planet Eclipse booth will be open for business from 12:00 midday on Wednesday the 20th October.

See you there..

Eclipse One2One at World Cup

At the PSP World Cup in Orlando, Planet Eclipse will have two new features in the booth.

The first is an Eclipse E-Portal Station that will allow players to experience Eclipse E-Portal for themselves, hands-on. You’ll be able to upgrade firmware, adjust parameters and even download a new splash screen onto any compatible marker, FREE OF CHARGE.
As always, our Techs will be on hand to help customers get out onto the field and shoot some fools. Unfortunately they don’t always have the time to sit and chat about the best way to set up a marker for individual tastes and so the idea for our second new feature was born - the One2One.

For the first time ever we will be giving customers a chance to have a One2One with a Planet Eclipse Pro Tech. The idea of this One2One is that you will be able to book a time slot during which you can sit down and talk face-to-face with a Pro Tech and ask him anything you like about Eclipse Markers. If you want to know how to set your trigger, fine-tune your de-bounce filters, sweet-spot your regulator, maximise efficiency or reduce kick then here’s a chance to find out. The One2One will be a 15 minute time slot and you can bring up to two friends with you (3 people max). During your time you can ask pretty much anything you like - it’s your time - and if the Tech can help you to understand our markers better then our job is done. So, get your thinking caps on; the question that has been bugging you for ages or one that will win you a bet could soon be answered face to face through One2One.

The Golden One2One time slots. The Pro Tech at any of the time slots could be one of six or seven techs. But on Thursday there will the chance to sit down with the two main designers of the Eclipse Markers. In the morning sessions you can chat and ask Steve ‘Flash’ Monks whatever you like about the Electronics / Software side of the markers and in the afternoon you can ask Jack Wood whatever your heart desires about the Mechanical / Pneumatic side of the markers. Jack and Flash may well be the Pro Techs at other times but these two sessions are specifically for people that really want to ask questions about the design side. So if you’re curious about why we don’t make gas-through grip-frames, want to know how the Deftek feed works or why we don’t use rechargeable batteries in our markers then these are the guys to speak to.

So how do you book in? Simply come over to the booth to see what times slots are available and book your slot. You will be given a One2One Voucher that you need to bring with you to the session. Try to be there 10 minutes before your slot and you’re away. Be warned that if you’re late you will lose your slot and that there is a limit of one slot per session in order for us to see as many people as possible over the World Cup weekend. Bookings will be taken from 12:00 Midday on Wednesday.

We will also be announcing additional time slots that will be added as extras or become available via twitter. So please subscribe to the Planet Eclipse twitter account now.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Pittsburgh Panthers hit the ground running..

The University of Pittsburgh Panthers opened their college paintball season on Sunday against the Penn State Nittany Lions, Ohio University Bobcats, and the West Virginia Mountaineers. The Panthers spent the summer practicing to integrate a strong group of new players with existing group of returning players. With two players from last season lost to graduation, and four more making their first appearance in a Pitt uniform, there were a number of adjustments made to the Pitt team, but the summer workouts had everyone looking forward to the NCPA event as the first test of this new Panthers team.

Adding to this excitement was the new gear supplied by Eclipse, who had signed the Panthers to an exclusive sponsorship deal for the season. The new equipment and offseason practice helped turn the tide for Pitt. Every team in the conference had made big improvements, and the level of play was markedly higher than in past years.

The Panthers players showed up early to scout the Penn State v. WVU match and get ready for their first match against Ohio University. OU has always been a tough opponent, and the Bobcats came out swinging, leading to a close score at the half. Pitt pulled away in the second half, ending with a 9-5 victory. After a short break to grab more paint, Pitt had to face the Penn State squad, a perennial competitor on the college paintball landscape. The Panthers took advantage of a cold start by the Nittany Lions, and put points up on the board shortly after the opening horn. After watching the Penn State / WVU match, the Panthers had switched up their game plan, making aggressive pushes down the dorito side to counter Penn State's snake side push. Penn State made a few adjustments midway through the second half and fought back to earn a few points, but it turned out to be too little, too late and Pitt cruised to a 7-4 victory.

After a one-match break, Pitt was up again, this time to play against the West Virginia Mountaineers. WVU and Pitt share the same home field, and tempers and tensions were high as the football and basketball rivals took their turn on the paintball field. The Mountaineers came out with a varied attack, switching up their game plan with interesting breakouts on both sides of the field. In the end, Pitt's continued pushes wore down the West Virginia team, and the Panthers came away with another 7-4 victory.

The Panthers players paused for a team picture with their new Eclipse markers, then packed up as rain started to roll in. The University of Pittsburgh paintball team would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their support and their amazing GEO and EGO markers, and the Pittsburgh Paintball Sports Complex for hosting the NCPA tournament.

Friday, 8 October 2010

DoW Keeping it real !

Team DoW were proud to represent Planet Eclipse at the latest Big Game held by Topgun Paintball in Saxtorp. Attending the Big Game where no less than 315 paying customers. So what were we doing there you ask?? Well let me enlighten you.

Team DoW had a small presentation at the beginning of the day of who we are and what Planet Eclipse is. We showed of our Dow Design Ego10 as a little sneak peak. After that the players were welcome to borrow a marker from the selection of six Ego10s, one Geo2 and two Etek3s, free of charge for one game. The feedback was great and the guns hardly had time to land on our table before someone else wanted to feel the power behind the light sabres we call Ego, Geo and Etek.

At the end of the day when we all were worn out and ready for some R&R we still had one last surprise. The people who had borrowed a marker from us got to attend a lottery in which they could win a product from Planet Eclipse. Six happy campers went home with either a player’s jersey, bandana or cap.

Team DoW would like to thank Topgun Paintballbana for having us; Tibbe and Sissos pro shop for sharing a tent with us, the DoW members who help make this day a success and last but not least, Planet Eclipse for providing us with their high-end markers and equipment!

Thanks a lot!

Team DoW

Follow DoW on facebook here: C L I C K M E !!!

MPL #3 Results

The 3rd leg of the MPL took place in Monteray Mexico, one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Mexico. The event was held in a Soccer stadium with grand stand and lovely fluffy grass.. Great Venue!!

50 Teams battled over the weekend for the various titles which also brought out the sponsors. Planet Eclipse, Dye, Kee, Draxuss, Gi MilSim, Kingman, Trinity as well as a couple of none paintball sponsors Vitamin Water and Coca Cola. We would like to thank all our sponsors for attending the event and supporting the league.

The tournament was a really fun and exciting place to be at during the weekend. The games were super intense and enjoyable for the players as well as the fans. The games in the open bracket were bar far the most exciting with every game being contested extremely hard from game one until the finals…

Planet Eclipse teams had a fantastic showing at this events taking the 1st place trophy in both the Open Division (Over Head) and Also in the Intermediate Division (Black Out).

Congratulations to all of the Planet Eclipse teams. Who were certainly filling up the podium spots..

The last MPL of the season is in Touca.. Click here for more information…

Here is a video from Team Black Out the Intermediate event #3 champions!

Click this like to subscribe to their Youtube channel. Click Here For BLACK OUT YouTube






3rd ARES

Entity Team Trials (UK)

Contact via Facebook Here: READING ENTITY

Or send Spike an e-mail:

Thursday, 7 October 2010

#1 Team in New England - OFFICAL

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate upTon 187 cRew on a great showing at the NEXL. That makes it 3 events played this season and 3 events won this season for upTon. We’d like to wish them luck as they prepare for the upcoming PSP – The World Cup. Lets make it 4 for 4 1st place finishes!!!

Having not participated in the NEXL up till now, upTon 187 cRew decided to enter the 5th and final NEXL event of the season. Better known as the B.O.N.E. – Best Of New England. They had one goal in mind for the day – to stake their claim to 1st place and be called the Best Of New England.

The day started off fast as upTon 187 cRew took to the field against RONHIC. Tim Irvin and his crew fought hard but in the end the accuracy of the EGO was too much for them to overcome and the match ended 5 to 0 in upTon’s favor. The second match of the day was what everyone had been waiting for – upTon 187 cRew vs The New England Hurricanes. As you walked around the Maynard Paintball Club you could hear everyone talking about how much they wanted to watch this match. For those in attendance it was not a disappointment. The match was hard fought and points went back and forth. The match was tied 3 to 3 with roughly 1 minute on the clock. The Canes were able to successfully hang the flag with 2 second remaining to grab the victory and leave upTon at 1 win and 1 lose for the day. upTon needed the 3rd match to put themselves in a position to make playoffs. More importantly they needed to preserve their point spread as well. The final prelim match was against Revelation. From the opening horn to the closing bell – this match was all upTon 187 cRew. The points came fast and before you knew it the match was over with a final score of 5 to 0 in favor of upTon.

upTon 187 cRew managed to qualify for the finals in 4th place and were slated to face Boston Bloodline – the home team from Maynard Paintball Club. Bloodline capitalized on some penalties against upTon and quickly jumped on top 3 to 0. However, when the ends were switched and the play resumed upTon made a 180 degree turn taking the next 3 points and tying up the match 3 to 3. With only a few minute of match time left it was still anyone’s game. upTon managed to get the next point to lead 4 to 3 and held off a quick push on the final point to run out the clock and win the match.

The finals were a rematch of an earlier prelim game – upTon 187 cRew vs The New England Hurricanes. The crowds gathered to watch the two titans battle it out for 1st place and the overall title of Best Of New England. The teams traded the first two points and had a no point for the 3rd game. When the ends where switched the two teams proceeded to do the exact same thing – they split two points and had a draw on the 3rd game as time ran out. This left the match set at 2 to 2 and heading into overtime. When the pressure was on and the only thing that mattered was the one point in front of them upTon 187 cRew was able to win the point and be crowned the Best of New England

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse and all of our other sponsors for supplying us with great product this year. Thanks for all the support.

Ohio University become Emortals.

Planet Eclipse is proud to announce the sponsorship of another great NCPA College Paintball Team, Ohio University!! Ohio University was ranked #3 for top college Paintball teams in the Nation. It’s great to have another well represented team under the Emortal Army Banner. It should be a great year for Ohio University. They have a lot of talented players on the team and we look forward to supporting the team for the upcoming season and future to come.

"Ohio University is ecstatic about signing with Eclipse for the '10/'11 season” said Dave Blaushild captain of Ohio University “Using Eclipse guns & gear is going to play a huge role in us bringing home a 1st place NCPA National Championship this year. Many of us have been big fans of PE for years, and we are all very proud to be supported by such a fantastic company."

Planet Eclipse would like to wish Ohio University Good Luck this year during the NCPA season. We look forward to see you guys on the podium!!

Welcome to the Family...

Info on first NCPA event:

At the Fall Ohio Valley NCPA Class A event this past weekend (Oct. 3rd), a LOT of upsets made for a very exciting event. The tournament was held at Pittsburgh Paintball Sports Complex in Glenshaw, PA. On a cold, rainy, and overcast Sunday morning the paint was as issue and players were over-sliding on the slick PPSC turf. Pitt came out on top with 3 wins, proving that they will be a forced to be reckoned with this year in NCPA Class A X-ball.

Ohio University debuted their new Eclipse gear and RAZA jerseys at the event, but despite their fresh new look fell short to Pitt in their first match. They learned from their mistakes, however, and finished out the event with two convincing wins over WVU and Penn State. West Virginia surprised everyone by winning their first X-ball match since 2008 against Penn State University 4-3; a back-and-forth battle that was very exciting to watch. Penn State lost all 3 matches and will have to hit the drawing boards to figure out a way to compete with the very strong 2010 Ohio Valley conference. We would like to Thank Marc Lancia and Planet Eclipse for the providing us with great guns and gear to use for this year!!

Follow Ohio University Here... CLICK ME!

Planet Eclipse Retail Store Closing.....

The Old Planet Eclipse Store on Deansgate about 15 years ago!

In the near future Planet Eclipse will be moving its Head Office in the UK just down the road to a brand new purpose built facility in Manchester, England.

Once the move is complete we will be in a much better position to be able to drive Planet Eclipse forward in all departments. Over the last few years the emphasis has shifted away from the retail store to a manufacturing, research and development lab, service centre and distribution hub for the Planet Eclipse range. We have also over this period established connections with several UK based retail stores that now stock the Planet Eclipse range of products. So we now feel that the time is right for us to close the doors on the store and let the other retailers around the UK do what they do best and service the face to face customers on a daily basis. We have not taken this step lightly at all and we have the upmost confidence that the stores in our UK network are much better placed to give the walk-in retail customers an overall better level of service.

The Planet Eclipse web site store will remain OPEN. Internet and telephone mail orders can still be placed and will be fulfilled as efficiently as normal.

To all of our loyal customer over the 19 years the Planet Eclipse store has been open, thanks for all your support, war stories, memories, do-nuts and for helping us to get where we are now. It’s a sad day for us but this move means we can concentrate more on what we now do best (making kick-ass paintball products) and letting the UK retail stores do what they do best.

So with a heavy heart I’m very sad to say that the last day that the Planet Eclipse store will be open will be Saturday the 30th October. The good news is that on the 30th of October there will be a mega ‘get this stock out of my shop’ Sale. We have a bunch of gear that just has to get out of here and NOT taken to the new place… So stick the date in your diary and come on over and say goodbye and pick up a bargain or two…. (more details nearer the date)..

To find your Planet Eclipse Products in the UK please contact one of the following stockist:

In Alphabetical Order:
BZ Paintball Supplies:
Fatbobs Paintball
JCS Sports
Just Paintball
London Int Paintball Supplies (LiPS)
Phoenix Paintball

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tricks & Tips #2

Planet Eclipse instructional trick-tip series is back for 2010! In trick-tip #2, pro player Billy Bernacchia (Avalanche, Dynasty) explains the tactics of moving / crawling up the snake.

If you missed Tip # 1 Check that out as well.....

Remember to subscribe .... H E R E !!!

FED Cup 2010 Results

Thanks to everyone that attended and supported this year’s FED Cup.

Congratulations to all the teams that attended the 2-day event and a Massive well done to the winners....

There are also 2000 Pictures on the Fed web site kindly donated by Gambo47 (AKA James Sanderson). Thanks for these pics....

Click here for the FED web site and Pictures....... H E R E !!!