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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013

P E H S Mk# 2

Planet Eclipse Taiwan Office did a Harlem Shake..... Just need the USA Office to do one now :-)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

D Y N A S T .................. Y

The season has kicked off with a BANG !!

Planet Eclipse sponsored team Dynasty taking the Dallas Pro Title while rocking the NEW Planet Eclipse LV1at the event....

Well done to Dynasty and to all the teams hitting the podium last weekend for the Emortal Army !!!


NEW to the Planet Eclipse Overload Protective Base Layers.....

You wanted it, so we made it.....

Find your local dealer here......

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Long Beach State sign with Planet Eclipse

March 12, 2013 -- Long Beach State Paintball today announced a sponsorship agreement with Planet Eclipse. Beginning with the 2013 season and continuing to the 2014 season, Planet Eclipse will become the official Marker and Pants sponsor of Long Beach State Paintball.

"First and foremost, Long Beach State Paintball as a whole would like to thank the Planet Eclipse family for their support and look forward to working with them for years to come. In addition to Planet Eclipse , we would like to thank Extreme Pros Paintball for helping to facilitate this sponsorship. Many of our players currently use Planet Eclipse markers so it was a natural transition" - said Christian Jones, Long Beach State's Club President.

"I'm thrilled for both Cal State Long Beach and Planet Eclipse as this agreement benefits both parties in very good ways. When presenting to Planet about the a gun package deal, Planet immediately recognized the opportunity in helping the Cal State Long Beach team who are defending 2012 NCPA champions. When you think about power collegiate paintball teams many things need to happen in order to win on a consistent basis: fundraising events, practice, team chemistry, part-time work, partying and ultimately studying! These guys are truly the best at this and I'm so excited to continue our support to these outstanding hard working men! - said Steve Rhee the owner of Extreme Pros Paintball located in Orange County, California.

“We are excited and honored to sponsor the top College team in the NCPA, Long Beach State! Over the past years we have been working hard on helping and developing college paintball. We are ready to help and work with Long Beach State and get them back to being the champions again this year.  They are an outstanding group of players and we look forward to a successful year with the team. We would like to thank Extreme Pros Paintball for bringing this all together too! – said Marc Lancia, Planet Eclipse Sales and Operations Manager

From everyone at Planet Eclipse welcome to the Emortal Army!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Hustle Paintball LV1 GIVE AWAY ..... Really !!!!

Express Tech Support @ PSP Dallas

Planet Eclipse Tech support is the bar that sets the standard. We realised at the PSP World Cup a high percentage of players that came to see us came straight from the fields of battle. Sometimes the trek from the players area to the main tech tent was a quite a distance and what we saw at World Cup was 90% + of the issues players had with their markers could be fixed within a few second and sometimes even just a little bit of instruction. Might be a battery issue or setting question or very commonly a loader or tank issue that the marker gets the blame for. But sometimes it might be a marker issue that we can fix in 30 seconds and get you back on the field… and that’s what the Planet Eclipse Express Tech Support is here for…

Where You Want It…… When You Want It!!!

Whatever your problem Planet Eclipse has got your back…

Full Tech Support Booth is also running at PSP Dallas in the Trade Villager Area….

Good Luck everyone this weekend….

Bring it home for the :

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013



Even though we were in the south of Tennessee in brisk February weather, we imagined we were in the Northside of Chicago transported generations in the past to the times when Mobs ruled the streets.

“Mob Wars” is the name of the new game from the Godfathers of MPP - Ben & Bonnie Torricelli.  Each team works for points based on missions that are handed out at intervals throughout the day, money collected during missions for extra points, or keeping the other team from areas of the field.  The University of Tennessee’s squad helped by reffing to make sure everyone had a good time and was safe.

We were asked early on by Jay “Shadowfox” Jordan of the Grim Reapers to assist the Northside Mob.  After our normal “planning session” at Castaways in downtown Fayetteville, TN to prepare for the ensuing battle, we were eager to hit the field running (or at least sauntering).  There are always a great group of teams that come to Bearclaw so it was great to play with and against some good friends – it made for a great game.

As we woke on game-day, the temperature was a definitely campfire weather at a cool 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  We started at the Northside base and drove towards the Cemetery and the Butcher’s Shop to find pieces for a bomb to take out the competition.  Attached to a few of the bomb pieces we found an “extra reward” of $200 that went towards our quest of owning the streets.  Other times in the day we had to go find an “Informant” at the Hideout, only to find out that he had found an “item of interest” at the Winery – and voila - there were a few gold bars along with $100.  Even though the field was cut down to smaller dimensions during this game, it definitely didn’t making the uphill treks any more fun (at least for those of us will a little too much mileage on them).

With the great group of teams at the game, there were intense fights all over the field – more than usual.  The smaller field and the bigger intense fights led many of us to shoot more paint than ever before.  Several of us set personal records for shooting paint the first day – which was awesome.  One of the intense missions we received was to go and “tag” the enemy base.  We sent the bulk of our force and had an “Alamo” style fight right on their doorstep right as the sun went down.  It was a great way to end the day for most folks.

At dinner break, both generals agreed to have no night game, so all teams mingled and get caught up on good times (and eating cobbler).  In honor of the game’s theme, we got pizza – meat lovers, pepperoni, ham, cheese - and of course washed it down with some nice beverages.       

Day two started out much the same as day one – a little nippy, but after a quick re-stoking of the fires (both literally and figuratively) things were ready to roll.  We switched bases to start off on the opposite side of the field for the day.  After a quick run through the Donut Shop to the Speakeasy, we found a box of donuts that had to be taken to our mob boss, but only after controlling the Speakeasy for 20 minutes.  The Southside threw a continuous wave of troops at us, but these boys (and girls) knew how to keep cool, especially with our Full Fingered Distortion Gloves on.  There were missions all over the field with pockets of 5-10 running into other pockets of 5-10 consistently.  MPP did a great job putting the opposing sides against each other in a way that kept us guessing what was going to happen next.  Throughout the day though, there was a constant battle at the “bowl” and at the “schoolhouse”.  The final battle was an epic end to the game over 5 area to control on the field.  We had coordinated as a team to make one final LOUD and charging push in the last 5 minutes and that created the craziest fight of the weekend!  We had hoped it was enough for the Northside boys to prevail!

When we assembled after the game to find out who won, Ben announced that the Southside was ahead by a few hundred points.  After a cheer went through the Southside crew, Ben asked the Southside general to count her money to tally the final score.  Next came our general to count his case– he pulled cash out of his right pocket, left pocket, lower right pocket, then with a sly look on his face, even out of his lower left pocket.  The Northside WON!  Even though the Northside took the win today, we all won a little something at Bearclaw – more stories and even more friends to play the game we all love.  If you haven’t been to this field, get it on your radar – you will be sorry if you don’t.  

One of our players got his brand new Haze Geo 3 shipped just in time for this game – let’s just say he didn’t stop smiling until he had to pack up after the event.  The only problem he had all weekend was the marker wanted more paint…  We will be back to Bearclaw Paintball in April for MPP’s Iwo Jima game.  Our own Mark “Green Hat” Kimmel will be the general for the Japanese side.  His words to anyone that wants to come to the game – “TENNO HEIKA BANZAI!!!!” (Long live the Emperor).  Stop by and say hi and feel free to try out some of our equipment or have us look at your kit if you are having any problems. 

Also, keep in the back of your mind the upcoming UWL event that comes to Bearclaw Paintball on August 24th-25th.  Teams from across the region will be battling old school tournament style in the woods.  I know we will be fielding a team in the Open Division and we can’t wait.  Remember any marker / hopper combo can be used as long as it can be capped at 10 balls per second.  You are also allowed one sniper (that must run pump/pistol) and one heavy gunner (that has no bps cap).  Do you have a few guys that want to play, but not enough to field a 10 man crew?  Look us up on our Facebook page 
 and we can see if we can put you in touch with some more of our friends that may need a player or nine.  Also check our page for updates on upcoming games and new products from Planet Eclipse.

Monday, 11 March 2013

2013 WCPS Winter Open

Planet Eclipse are proud to sponsor the WCPS Tournament series 2013.

Check out the promo video below and show your support. Nice work guys!!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

WINNING !!! - A few words from team Tsunami

WINNING !!! - A few words from team Tsunami 

After a successful 2012 season, 2013 comes with great expectations for our team. After winning all tournaments that we competed in 2012, including two National Championships and two South American Championships, it is a hard thing to do, but it is even harder to make it all happen again. For those reasons we did not take a break during the off season and strived to train every weekend.

Our effort has not proved wrong and we came out champions of the first tournament of the year, celebrated in Cali, Colombia on February 23rd.  The competition was intense, with the best teams of Colombia participating in the event. The qualifying round took us by surprise, winning only two out of the 4 matches; however, we managed to qualify for the semi-finals round. For the semi-finals and the finals round we adjusted some of our game plans, but more importantly we came out clean with no penalties, and won both of the matches.

It was a great event and it is a great feeling to start the year with a win, more importantly, knowing that all the hard work paid off and we are still the team to beat. Our new Geo´s 3.0 worked perfectly and the team is now more confident than ever


Friday, 8 March 2013

Texas Triple Threat..

Viper's annual "Texas Triple Threat" scenario game took place on the 9th and 10th of February at Petty Paintball just outside Austin, Texas. This unique event features three full teams battling it out in a three-way mission-based slugfest. Additionally, every hour commanders send a three-man team to "The Grinder" with a mission they wish to wager. The teams play a round-robin three-man tourney on the speedball field. First place doubles their wagered points, second place breaks even, and third loses the points they wagered.

Over three hundred players showed up for 26 hours of intense excitement and all walked away happy and exhausted. Many won door prizes from our many generous sponsors, including Albert Ciroc of the Aztec Warriors who won a brand new Etha marker from our friends at Planet Eclipse! Please check out their great product line and the new LV1 at

For more information on this and other Viper events across North America visit

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Social Paintball News 6th March 2013

Clash of Clans - Emortal Army

I have recently been playing a nice FREE resource management game on my iphone with a couple of other ballers, Stoney and Phil Lacey.... called 'clash of clans'

So we have formed a Clan... EMORTAL ARMY.. Anyone can join the clan (you just need 200 trophies, very easy) and you need to build your Clan Castle. Once that's done come join us.. We want your troops :-)

Only 50 members allowed so be quick !


Ledz.. Clan Leader

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Celtic Banshees get tooled up !

The Celtic Banshees visited Planet HQ on Friday last week to pick up their custom GEO3s and have a quick tech class with Robert...

Then they headed off back down south to play the Masters in which the came in 2nd place.. Well Done !!!

Shelly Farmer said "The Geo 3s are so nice, so accurate. Please thank Rob for the excellent tech course"