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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Monosalvaje win @ first EPPL

It all began on Saturday march 19, 2011 when the sun and the cool weather created the perfect setting for the 1st EPPL (Ecuadorian Professional Paintball League) event at Extreme Park in the mountain city of Cuenca.
The venue was incredible, with a newly set up turf field, spectator stands, and Eclipse tradeshow tent (store and TECH support) , lighting and a great view making it a great day to play paintball.

Games started early in the morning with 20 teams in the amateur division, divided into 4 groups of 5 teams playing a Race-To-3 format. The top team from each group would advance to semis on Sunday.

Our first game against The Bunkers was a rough one, but we eventually tied the match. After learning the field a bit better and correcting some mistakes, we rolled through our 2nd and 3rd games winning both 3-0. At the end of the day we were tied with the Bunkers for first place in our group, with our last prelims match scheduled for Sunday morning.

Our last prelims match was a very important game for us given that we needed to sweep them 3-0 in order to make it to the semi-finals. We did just that. The entire team came together and we put a great effort, we actually didn’t lose a player in any point. This not only put us in the semifinals, but also ranked us 1st amongst all the teams that made it through.

After a very focused game of smart paintball we, again, swept the opposing team and made it to the final.

The final game was very special to us because it ended up being the Ecuadorian grudge match of paintball, Monosalvaje Vs Evolution. The games were very even and difficult for both teams as we tied 1-1 when the clock ran out. This put us in a golden point extra time tiebreaker. With some decisive and focused paintball, we played a great final point and walked the flag to victory.

It is a great sense of pride knowing that Monosalvaje Paintball Team won 1st Place Amateur Division with the help of some players that have less than a year of experience.

We would like to Thank Planet Eclipse for producing great markers and gear and providing us with great service.

The Emortal Army Keeps Rollin On!!
Well Done Monosalvaje.
Find out more about the EPPL here: CLICK ME !!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Triple Gold at Paris Millennium for Eclipse...

The 2011 Tournament Season has well and truly started and Planet Eclipse teams from around the globe are kicking butt.

Dynasty coming off the back of a PSP Victory in Galveston travelled to Paris, France for the first Millennium Series of 2011. Dynasty are the current Millennium Series Champions and were there to defend their crown…….the start of the defence could not have gone any better!!

1st Place in ALL of the top three divisions and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in SPL is AMAZING !!!!

1st… Dynasty ….. Eclipse Team

2nd … Art Chaos
3rd … TonTons

1st … Dogs D Amour ….. Eclipse
2nd … Disruption….. Eclipse Team
3rd … Ranger ….. Eclipse Team

Div 1:

1st … The Firm….. Eclipse Team
2nd … Epidemy
3rd … Redball

Massive WELL DONE to all of the Eclipse teams winning and placing at the first Millennium event of the year in Paris…. The Emortal Army is getting STRONGER!!!!

Planet Eclipse 2011 Playing Gear Video

Friday, 25 March 2011

Paintball Back on ESPN... !!!!

Watch this Space for 'Hopefull' more info !!

Evolve or Die !

It was an early start for the Carlisle Evolution boys on 20th March setting off at 4am. We were off to the 3rd round of the Midlands Masters event held at Uttoxeter to play the Race to 2 format.

Having not trained in the off season and having a bad round the month before we expected a hard fight. We knew the other teams would be on fire especially DV8 who would be heading for their first Division 2 event of the millennium series the following weekend.

After the long journey we got to site in good time and began preparing for the event ahead. The weather was great as was the playing surface

The team walked the field which was the Paris layout and put down plans on how we felt the field should be played. The T-Bag side looked strong and there was a clear lane for our back guy to lane snake side off the break.

We were all kitted out in our new 2011 Planet Eclipse gear and shooting the EGO 11 and GEO 2’s so we were prepared for a battle and shooting RPS All Star supplied by Just Paintball. Coaching sorted and pit crew ready we were eager to get on for our first game.

The call came Evolution Vs JCS Eagles a grudge match that’s been going since the 5man events of 2010 with JCS being the winners overall. First game nerves showed and we lost the first point with JCS playing their usual tight and aggressive game play, second point we settled down and brought it back to them making it a point each. The third point JCS brought it again and won the deciding point and the game. This was a bad start to the day and straight away put us on a downer. We also knew we had to play them again later in the day.

Rallying the guys we got ready for the next game which was against the division 2 millennium team DV8, this was the last team we wanted to face after just being beaten by JCS Eagles. This game started and we took a guy off the break which set us up to bring the Evolution Pain Train to DV8. The game ended 2-0 to us. We were over the moon and on a high. Next game again we won 2-0, then the next 2-0, we were on fire and no one could stop us. Final game of the day was another game against JCS Eagles. The first point was a long drawn out affair with neither team wanting to lose. The end result was a point to Evolution. The second point started and both teams lost a few bodies but again everyone played very tight. One minute was called on the clock and Evolutions coach decided to tell the players to keep tight and run the clock down to win the game 1-0.

A quick look at the score board showed that Evolution had come 1st and you could not have found a happier set of lads.

It was down to excellent teamwork and great paint combined with the Planet Eclipse gear.

Damo - Manager/Captain

Players: Adam, OJ, Fris, Stu, Jamie, Graeme, BigSte, Paul, Ian.

Well Done Guys, it's great to hear from all our teams kicking a$$ around the world... Well Done !

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Famous People... Get Snapping Away !

Every now and again we bump into famous people in the street or wherever, but you never seem to have the camera ready or the courage to ask for a picture.. With a little bit of a football theme here are a couple of pictures.. The first is a picture when Cisse French international footballer came into the now old Planet Eclipse HQ with his wife to get some Paintball equipment just before we closed the shop.....

The second picture is England’s Number 1 and Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart. Markie C from the Firm was doing a little stalking I feel !!

Send in your pictures with Famous people (but they have to have something Eclipse in there) and the best one we receive will get some free Planet Eclipse goodies (and you moment in the lime light)! Just upload your picture on the Planet Eclipse Facebook page:

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hybrid Foto get Eclipsed !

HyBrid Foto, like Planet Eclipse, started out small but has become a rapidly growing company from southern Sweden that specializes in paintball and extreme sports photography. They have quickly become a one stop shopping for photography, print and design for teams all across Europe and soon hopes to expand to the US market.

“I’ve been in paintball since 1999 and have grown quite fond of the sport and the people in it. It was our main goal when we started our company to strive to give the players what they need when they needed it. We wanted our photography to show the emotions and passions of the players in this amazing sport. Planet Eclipse is helping us to achieve that goal. They care not only for the players in the sport but the others that are involved as well. We look forward to a rewarding partnership with Planet Eclipse” says Ami Helge, one of HyBrid Foto’s owners. HyBrid Foto is happy to be a new member of the Planet Eclipse family in the 2011 season. Eclipse will be providing world class protection to these three photographers as they deliver hard hitting, adrenaline pumping paintball photos of events from around the globe. Ami, Mats and Ståle will be sporting the 2011 line of Eclipse protective gear.

“While on the field shooting events we often take a great deal more hits than the players, as we move to get those all so important shots. With Eclipse’s new Overload Elbow pads protecting my arms it will be much easier to shoot from different angles as the padding sticks with your arm, following my every move unrestrictedly. We tend to take a great deal of hits in our sides and hands, but this year Eclipse has got us covered. The Overload jersey and Gauntlet gloves will give us the peace of mind knowing we can get our cameras up and in position without worrying about risk of hits to those tender areas on the hands, ribs and under the arm” says Ami.

Players aren’t the only one who get down and dirty on the field. “Paintball is a fast sport. We need our protection to be unrestrictive yet stay where is supposed to. We get down on our knees or lay down on the fields to get some pretty amazing shots. With Eclipse’s new Overload knee pads and Distortion pants we can still continue to do our job without being slowed down. The days of hurting knees and being slowed down on the field with bulky protective gear are over.”

HyBrid Foto will be providing world class photography to Planet Eclipse throughout the 2011 season from events such as Millennium Series, PSP, Swedish Paintball SM, Norwegian Paintball Liga, Danish paintball events, Portugal, NPPL and Asia World Cup. Future project include such items as: high quality photo books that paintball players will come to enjoy for the years to come.

You can find HyBrid Foto on the web when they aren’t on the fields working at:

or their Facebook fan page – WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HYBRIDFOTO

Friday, 18 March 2011

ETV Artifact #6 'The Reason' on YouTube FREE NOW !

The final episode of Artifact Season 1 follows Chicago Aftershock as they compete at the 2010 PSP World Cup of Paintball, not only against their peers but also against the legacy they carry by wearing the name "Aftershock" across their chest.

"The Reason" bunkers you down with Aftershock and let's you experience what it feels like to be on the brink of fulfilling your paintball dreams-only to have smashed to pieces.

This episode of Artifact features music by A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, Title Fight, Dorena, Moonlit Sailor, & Goonies Never Say Die.

Release on March 1, 2011. approximate run time-24 minutes.

Artifact is an online documentary series produced by Planet Eclipse in association with Disconnected Media and Deep Elm Records. It chronicles the world of professional paintball.

The series is narrated by Matt Marshall, an acclaimed writer, commentator, and retired professional player


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Exclusive Australian Distributor...

Planet Eclipse having been working closely with APG & the for several years now and are very happy to announce that APG will be the exclusive Planet Eclipse Distributor in Australia.

The move to make APG the Exclusive Planet Eclipse distributor is a further commitment to APG, and Australia.” Says UK Sales Manager Tom Rust.

Australia, like many other countries has had its issues, but we have seen the sport of Paintball grow in terms of players, teams as well as in acceptance in Australia. This has been in part the work and focus of APG in rolling out the changes.

Australia is a LONG way from the UK and can cause many logistical issues with products in simply getting them there in a timely manner. We are working with APG to solve as many of these issues as we can so that players can get the full range of Planet Eclipse gear when they want it. This applies to the dealers as well; knowing they can get stock easily and quickly from a central source within Australia has to be a positive thing.

We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Australia through APG and recruiting more players into the Emortal Army!!

Nicky T, a Planet Eclipse Master Tech will be travelling to Australia to attend the 2nd Round of the Super 7’s on the 14th and 15th May and will be holding a Tech class on Friday the 13th as well as being on site over the event to help with any technical questions and issues that you may have. Details are being worked out as I type but please contact APG to find out more on the Tech Class.

Action Paintball Games P/L
290 – 312 Annangrove Road
Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia, 2155

Phone : (02) 96790011


Monday, 14 March 2011

Dynasty back on winning form !

The PSP Season opener is now all wrapped up and the Champions have been crowned. The Eclipse Gun slinging boys in blue ‘Dynasty’ came away with the Championship title beating the Russians in the Final 7 – 2. Fresh blood and the return of Olly Lang certainly seems to have done the trick for Dynasty.

Well done to upTon 187 cRew taking 2nd in Div 1....

The ETV film crew were that at the event so expect to see an ETV in the near future.

Well done to all the Emortal Army teams that attended the PSP this last weekend…

ICON player saving your game?

Stephane Delière a core member of Pro Team ICON from France has created his first Paintball product the ‘Loader Shield’ …. This is the first product from a passionate young guy who saw a problem and decided to do something about it…. Check out the video !

Promotion LoaderShield by GoodGame Paintball from on Vimeo.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

CPPS (UK) Get Eclipse Tech...

This coming Sunday (13th March) sees the season opener at CPPS. With over 60 teams booked in the event looks like kicking off with a blast.

CPPS has invested heavily over the off season and as well as re-designing the base camp they have also added a 5th field. The weather hasn’t been on the side of the CPPS but fingers crossed nearly everything will be completed for the weekends action.

Planet Eclipse will be in attendance with one of the Eclipse Techs to help the players with all of their needs over the entire event… Look for the Eclipse PRO – TECH – TOUR banners in the trade area. It’s probably been 4 months since some of the players have even thought about pulling their guns out of their bags!! I’m sure the Tech will be saying ‘Change you battery’ more than a few times on Sunday!!!

For more info about the CPPS visit there Facebook account here... CLICK ME !!

EXPL turns out to be a NIGHTMARE !

Nightmares Madrid raises to victory in the first round of the EXPL 2011 (Spanish Paintball League X-Ball) held in Madrid on the 6th March.

After losing just one point during the preliminary rounds, the Madrid team was presented to a much greater challenge in the semifinals. This round against Biohazard Mercury seemed to be much more competitive losing the first point; however the Nightmares reacted well and made a much more aggressive game in the snake area, and got three consecutive points, which gave the pass to the final.

The final was going to be epic with two great teams (Madrid Nightmares vs Triballs), but was a mere formality, since Madrid Nightmares raced to victory in the final in just 3 minutes, Triballs suffered an injury to one of its players in the 2nd semifinal (Maniacs vs Triballs) which may have affected the performance of Triballs, they fought on and tried to combat Madrid Nightmares style of play with a type of game a little more conservative, but this could not even slow Madrid Nightmares down.

CLICK HERE for more info on the XPL....

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

ETV's The Chase Part 4 on YouTube NOW !!

The final part in Artifact episode 5 ‘The Chase’, the paintball documentary series from Planet Eclipse. Featuring SK Moscow. Produced by Disconnected Media in association with Deep Elm Records. Narrated by Matt Marshall.

"The Chase" is the 5th video in a new online documentary series called Artifact, produced by Planet Eclipse, creators of the EGO and GEO paintball markers. It chronicles the action sport of tournament paintball. "The Chase" follows four Planet Eclipse teams that compete in the European Millennium Series, each pursuing a different destiny as the 2010 circuit comes to a close in Paris for the final event.

You can also download the whole video to keep via the Planet Eclipse: CLICK ME....

If you have missed any of the other 3 parts check them out on YouTube below:

PART 1....

PART 2....

PART 3....

First Orders at the Bar !!!!

On February 2011 19-20, Pub Crawling attending the MPP scenario game based upon the classic movie RED DAWN at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville Tennessee. With 400 players in attendance this game was a perfect season opener and Pub Crawling played for the oppressed Americans against the invading Soviet and Cuban forces.

At the end of the game the Americans pulled out a 800 point win and Pub Crawling walked away with a Most Valuable Team award from our general and a Sportsmanship award from the opposing general (that is quite rare, like a good single malt whisky).

As usual Pub Crawling hooked up one lucky player with our Prize package, a big thanks to our 2011 supporters for their ongoing generosity.

Next up we are attending the MPP scenario game held at Paintball Charleston in South Carolina. Though we do not know who we are playing for yet, we encourage all players to come on out and join us for a great weekend of fun on March 19-20.

Follow Pub Crawling at

PUBCRAWLERINES!!!!!! (if you know the movie; then this should make you laugh)