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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Beira Mar, great start to 2017....

Here we go again! 2017 season is starting, and Beira-Mar paintball team is here once again to dispute the Portuguese national championship and the RLA (Adrenalicia Lisbon Regional) tournament. During the off season, there weren’t too many changes to our roster, with the exception of an additional Dorito side player: Tiago Teixeira.

This last weekend, on Sunday (19th February), we kick started the year playing the Lisbon Regional Tournament of Adrenalicia RLA, at the Parque da Vila field, in Samora Correia. A really awesome, and organized field just outside the Portuguese capital.

For the prelims, we played four matches, against Amarelos, Blue Falcon, Parque da Vila and C4=RTU B. Because this was the first stage of the year, we did notice that our game was a bit slower than usual. However, we did make some solid points and ultimately obtained the win against Amarelos (2-0), Parque da Vila (2-1) and C4=RTU B (2-0). Unfortunately, the game with Blue Falcon, was the match that most showed the effects of the off season. We played slow and had a disorganized game, resulting in our first and only loss of this stage (0-2).

With three wins and a single loss, we advanced to the semifinals facing C4=RTU A. This was the only game that we felt we played at a pre offseason rhythm. We made a good and methodic game. With a sturdy win (2-0), and with our hopes high we made it to the finals.

This was our chance to get even at the team we lost in the prelims: Blue Falcon. Even though most of the day ended up working in our favor, we made sure that this was just another match, and that we needed to play each point at a time. We scored the first point and then Blue falcon was able to tie the game. At the end, our paintball proved to be more solid, and we got the final point on the board making it a win.

This was the first stage of the year, and like we said previously, we are not playing our usual paintball game. There is much work to be done if we want to achieve what we’re here for… the Portuguese National Championship, Spanish National Championship and the RLA title.

We want to take this chance to thank our sponsors who provide us with the best means and best resources to play quality paintball:

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #05 Edmonton Impact

And finally, we finish with the team that every other team wants to emulate or take down.

Taking the 2016 NXL Pro Series title, the 2016 Millennium Series Pro title AND both the NXL and Millennium Series World Cups it's easy to see why other teams look at them with awe and jealousy. Edmonton Impact are a vision of what a professional paintball team should be. Loaded with talent, brimming with confidence and unified through hard work and determination, Impact have always done their absolute best to achieve their goals. So it shouldn't be any surprise when they actually achieve them.

Impact are busy boys, especially with the start of the season creeping up and all the titles to defend, but they still managed some time for a 5 from 5.

FYI: JC (Justin Cornell) / KB (Keith Brown)

PE: 2016. WOW! So…what can be done better in 2017? Seems pretty hard to improve on the double right? That aside, how good does it feel to finally be NXL World Cup Winners and what are your goals for this year?

JC: I think we are going into this year the same as last year. Not looking at the series or how many wins. Just going into each event prepared and ready the best we can be and making sure we stay hungry, as individual players and as a team.

KB: For me, 2016 was an unbelievable year. With that said, looking forward to the 2017 season, those past achievements don’t mean anything. It will be very challenging to improve on a double crown victory, but that’s what pushes us to be better. Some goals that I have set personally this 2017 season are to continue doing my part to help grow the sport and build strong relationships along the way.

PE: You guys are probably the most professional unit in pro paintball right now which really showed when you schooled Legion in the World Cup final. What do you think the key ingredient is for a complete, professional outfit? Or is it many, many things?

JC: It's many things. Every little thing adds up to make the big picture. We work very hard to make sure we perfect as many of the little things as we can.

KB: Our preparation going into the tournaments is the perfect amount of rest as well as practice and training. This helped us to go into the finals with fresh legs and a more well rounded feeling of focus.  The other key component is our Head Coach and Owner, Bart. It is safe to say that no one in the league is more motivational than that guy.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

JC: I would say some of lower ranked teams for both (love and hate). Sometimes it's nice to get in a groove against a weaker team but sometimes those teams play with nothing to lose and play unconventional paintball, which is tough to play against. Also, having a close game or a loss to a weaker team is hard on the mental aspect of each player, and the team as a whole.

KB: I love playing against X-Factor. I feel they have the best balance of aggression and gun skills which pushes us to play our best game. Next choice would obviously be Heat. Those guys are machines and always show their best under pressure. As far as least favorite team to play, I don’t think there is any team at the professional level that doesn’t bring something to the field that we enjoy competing against.

PE: Who were your old school paintball heroes growing through the game? And why?

JC: I actually didn't know a ton of players, since I was from Canada and didn't follow Pro paintball as much. I knew of the teams but not a ton of the individuals. I looked up to a lot of Canadian players and people that helped me get better. Guys from Total Eclipse/Personal Vendetta especially.

KB: Brian Smith was my favorite player ever to watch. He possessed a mental edge that surpassed most of the players in the league at that time and undoubtedly had the best shot in paintball. Nicky Cuba, Alex Fraige and Jason Edwards were huge mentors to me as a kid and inspired me to be kind and giving to my fans.

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

JC: We're coming. I hope you're ready.

KB: To all the other teams in the NXL...let’s continue to grow the sport!

We cannot wait to see how Impact takes on the flood of teams trying to take what's theirs.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #04 San Antonio XFactor

San Antonio XFactor already kick-started their 2017 season with a victory at the NXL Winter Classic, which puts them in a very sweet place going in to the first 'proper' event of the 2017 NXL season.

After a solid and progressive 2016 season, XFactor had managed to put an impressive level of calm, organisation and unity into their play, but maintained their trademark aggression and unpredictable approach to every point.

As paintball fans, and as a sponsor, X-Factor excite us. So we took 5 with them.

FYI: CR: (Colt Roberts) / BB: (Billy Bernacchia) GG: (Grayson Goff)

PE: 2016 was a really strong year for you guys. Yes, we know you wanna be winning but you kept your fans super happy and genuinely looked like you were enjoying your paintball. What can we expect from XFactor in 2017?

CR: We hope that 2017 brings us up to the next level. We have been consistently finishing in the top 4 but we are looking to win a series championship. We feel that our two newest pick ups will be integral in us achieving that goal. Having LJ Woodley fill the glaring hole we’ve had in the center of the field and Clint Johnson deepening our roster as an all around player should be huge for us.

BB: Expect a lot more focus from X-Factor this year. Being so close all season, it just makes us all very hungry for that first place. We have all the right tools to be the top team this year, it will just take focus and dedication.

GG: We need a series championship and another World Cup win. There's nothing easy about that at all but that's exactly what I expect from us this year.

PE: We know that a lot of teams don’t like to play you guys. At any point of any event. Is unpredictability something you guys work on? Can you even work on that? Do you have your own plan or do you counter what you think the opponent’s plans are?

CR: I think every team wants to be unpredictable. We all have tendencies but keeping those disguised is key. I think you are able to work on this by disguising positioning and body language on the start gate as well as not falling into the trap of keep doing it until it doesn’t work. While I think you should ride what works for you as much as possible you can’t just continue to do the exact same thing and expect another team to not find a way to exploit it. Sometimes you have to throw a curve ball in there.  We also try to tend to stay true to our strengths and while we do take into account what another team is doing, we also want to make them adjust to our playing style and not vice versa.

BB: I feel like we have so many weapons on our team and Coach Ryan Brand does such a good job scouting and game planning, you never know who the wild card may be in any game we play. We like to practice multiple attacking game plans, but ultimately it comes down to scouting our opponents, finding their weakness and countering.

GG: I think a lot of that credit goes to our coach Ryan Brand and him embracing the style we play. We feed off that aggressive energy but he also knows he has guys who can lock it down when called for. He's one of the few coaches out there that really can help a team turn around a losing match with the right adjustments and personnel.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

CR: I personally love to play against any team that is going to come at us.  That’s the style of play we are best at and I think it makes for exciting games. Teams that I hate to play against are teams that just sit and shoot lanes cross field and flood zones. They don’t want to engage in gun battles and would rather just make you attempt to run through their gun. Also teams that are very fluent in bounce shots are super annoying to play. I hate that they are part of the game now.

BB: I love to play Dynasty (you have to beat the best to be the best). Dynasty has won more than any other team out there and I feel we always have the best “nail biter” matches with them. I hate playing “4th tier teams”. Sometimes we are over confident and overlook some of the talent on these teams, making it more of a match than it should be.

GG: I love the opportunity to play against the best, It's a short list but everyone knows who they are. I hate playing the games "we're suppose to win." We've had problems with those types of games in the past and it's something I feel we've only recently fixed. We came into the league knowing everyone thought they'd smash us, we proved them wrong and I know there's a team out there wanting to do the same thing back to us. That scares me more than the heavy hittin' teams.

PE: Who were your old school paintball heroes growing through the game? And why?

CR: Mark Ayers was the first player I watched play that I was super impressed with. He played on Texas Storm, Farside, and Evil Factory team. He was never afraid to take risks. He was always looking to come on your side of the field and get some. That is fun to watch and makes for some dynamic plays. Eric Roberts from Avalanche was the first pro player I ever actually met. I met him at Warped Tour in San Antonio and he was such a fantastically humble guy that it really made an impression on me.

BB: Always looked up to Alex Fraige. Watching him as a premier front player always motivated me to play more like him. What can you say - He is a great guy, great leader, great player, still killing it.

GG: Brian 'BC' Cole. He never got the limelight like the rest of his peers but all the old school guys on Dynasty know they wouldn't have had the success they did without players like BC in the back doing the thankless job. I've always rooted for the lesser known but equally skilled guys because I know it takes more than 1 guy to win a paintball match.

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

CR: Talk is cheap. We will let our message be stated on the field.

BB: See you in the snake.

GG: **** you!

Sounds like fighting talk. Vegas should be a riot!

Photo: George Fava

Friday, 10 March 2017

Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #03 Infamous

It's been a while. When the opportunity to re-sign the Infamous crew to our family of teams arose we we did everything in our power to make this happen. The talent, the personalities and the potential with these guys is insane and we absolutely wanted to be a part of that.

And when we spoke to them about the up-and-coming 2017 NXL season they fired back with gold. Lots and lots of gold. From each player.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. So, kick back, relax and take it all in.

FYI:  TT (Thomas Taylor) / KR (Kevin 'Kali' Rudulph) / CM (Cody Mickowski) / TL (Travis Lemanski) / PS (Phil Shredder) / DR (Damian Ryan)

PE: We’re super excited to have you back with the Eclipse family, but how do YOU feel to be back with us?

TT: Coming back to eclipse is like coming home to my family after a long trip, you're excited, filled with joy and content knowing you're in good hands. Eclipse to me is more than a paintball company. They were there for me when my career really started, even before the company flourished. I remember playing with prototype Egos and helping with feedback before the first Ego was ever released to the public and now, WOW, the guns continue to set the standard of quality.

KR: It has been a very long time since I have had the privilege of using a Planet Eclipse Marker. I loved my Johnny Cash Ego then, and l love my new CS1 now! I could tell immediately out of the box I was going to love shooting a Planet Eclipse Marker.

CM: I am stoked to be back shooting Eclipse. For over 7 seasons I have been able to shoot Eclipse guns and not only have they shot fantastic, but the tech service and support is always working to make the gun shoot perfectly.

TL: Yes the Geo was just released last time we shot eclipse....these guns have come a long way, I love the ergonomics. 

PS: I'm super excited to be back with Eclipse. I've been shooting Egos and Geos since I started playing paintball. My first legit tournament gun was an 05 Ego. I've also used Geos for multiple years with the Outlaws. We earned our pro spot shooting Geos. The CS1 shoots amazing out of box and feels great in your hands. It shoots like a Geo but better. On top of that these things are work horses. Easy to clean and lube up. I couldn't be more happy with our Gun sponsor this season. Guns for champions! 

DR: Words can't describe how excited I am to be shooting Planet Eclipse markers again.  After using the vanquish for many years I can't wait to be using a CS1. 

PE: You guys are kinda like the anti-hero team. The ones everyone loves and hates. The upstarts. But, like Aftershock, you guys have a ton of history. Does the team every feel the pressure of the history or are you looking to create your own?

TT: Infamous will always be the team everyone loves to hate but something special happened last year with the shrinking of the skeleton squad and the focus of being a consistent threat at every event. We aim to keep all of the vets that have played, and retired, proud of Infamous. We are here in the now for each other.

KR: Its crazy to say this but I have been on infamous for 8 seasons. I’m the longest active player on the roster, crazy I know. I have played with the OG infamous guys and if I wasn’t playing with them, I was getting demolished on the field trying to learn from them as a young pup. I don’t feel any pressure from the team's history, but I think its only natural to try and want to improve from the previous season… and if that isn’t your goal, then you aren’t on this team and never will be.

CM: Winning. That's the reason we are here and that's what we want to accomplish. The infamous name has a lot of wins under its belt, but our team for 2017 has one goal and that's to win the series title. The only pressure we feel is the high expectations we put on ourselves to win every point and every match.

TL: We just know that the only people truly looking out for us is us.  No pressure. We just go out and execute.

PS: I feel like this team has been a force in the pro league since the start. I feel every team knows when they play us they need to bring it. They know we're here to bang heads and bring the heat. But I feel like with this new skeleton squad we are just as savage as the last infamous teams, if not more. This team has fire and everyone wants to punish the people on the other side. We don't just want to win, we want to make a statement every time we play. With the new team last season, with new pick ups, we jelled together real well and got along on and off the field. I feel like that's super important in winning tournaments. I'm excited to see what we do together for the second season. We came up short with a 2nd place over all so I'm ready for any new challenges ahead of us.

DR: I think it comes from both sides. Infamous is a legendary name and has been home to many movers and shakers. The history behind the name can't be touched. It's an honor to be a core part of such a legendary team. I don't think I've ever felt pressure to create own history as I feel like infamous has grown to be a part of me and every one of my teammates.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

TT: We love to play any teams that run mouths 'cause we feed off their insecurities. Honestly no one we hate to play besides teams that we got complacent with.

KR: I love playing against teams that think they are hot shit and under estimate us. There isn’t one team I hate to play against in tournaments. There are teams I hate to practice against however and that's mostly because you end up walking away with more questions than answers.

CM: The pro teams I love playing against would be X-Factor and Aftershock. They are teams we know pretty well, and that the games often have several exchanges at the wall. Both teams play aggressive and want to battle. Teams I dislike playing would be Uprising and Boom, they both play conservative styles and depending on the field layout the points could be long and drawn out.

TL: We like playing everyone. Each Pro team is unique so you have to prepare differently.

PS: I honestly love playing against Impact, Heat, and Dynasty especially more than any team. I grew up watching Dynasty and have always been a fan. But now that I'm at the top I want nothing more than to be the best I can be against the top teams on the planet. I feel like we play the best when we play hard, talented teams. The higher their bar the higher you set your bar for victory. Teams I hate to play are The Russians and X Factor. I feel like the Russians are always a tuff team, with talented gun skills, snap shooting and their shots off the break are solid. X Factor is another team that can beat you up if you let them get ahead of you. They always have solid guns off the break and great legendary gun fighters and players like Archie, Grayson, and Colt Roberts. So I feel these teams all challenge our will and game plans.

DR: Dynasty. Love and hate. I can't explain why but it seems like over the last 4-5 years no matter what happens at an event we always seem to match up with Dynasty when it's do or die time. Some of the most intense matches of my life have developed from this rivalry. I think the fans will agree.

PE: If you could have any old school Infamous player on the team, who would that be? And why?

TT: That's easy, suit up Travis and let's get them g’s off the break!

KR: Wow, there are so many to choose from. I think having JR back on the squad would be awesome. He was a very versatile player that could be used anywhere especially with a giant W in the middle of the field.

CM: Rusty Glaze. I have gotten to play against him in years past as a player and over the years have formed a lot of respect for him as a player and now a coach. It would be cool to play along side of him and see what he was like as a teammate.

TL: Thats a long list haha, actually Jon Richardson almost made a comeback last year. True Story! But it would be great to have any of the old cast, LaSoya, JR, LB, AJ and so on…

PS: If I could bring back any Infamous player it would probably be Jon Richardson. Only because I watched him a lot coming up in the sport. His ability to see openings in the field to make big moves was unreal. He always was a great snap shot and very intelligent player. His gun skills remind me of myself. That's who I would choose! And I have mad respect for Chris LaSoya and Rusty Glaze too.

DR: The glorious male tail himself. Chris LaSoya. Why? I think the shorter list would be why not, and I can't think of one good reason not to.

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

TT: Keep talking trash. Keep doubting us. Keep counting us out and we'll see what happens.

KR: Get ready to rumble.

CM: Meet us at the wall.

TL: See ya at the wall.

PS: My message to all the teams in the NXL is that I don't care who the opponent on the other side is, we're gonna bring it every point. It's a fight against yourself and a fight with the brothers next to you! It doesn't matter who's in front of us, if we work hard and be consistent we will be at the top. I feel if we are vibing and play INFAMOUS paintball we're gonna destroy teams. I want you all to bring your A-game so we bring our A-game and make each game super exciting! We're ready for any obstacles that come in the near future for the 2017 NXL season !


Aaaaaand breathe. Awesome stuff boys. We cannot wait to see how Vegas goes down.

Photo: SeeUs Films

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #02 Chicago Aftershock

When we talk about a 'busy off-season' few can come close to what Aftershock had to go through at the end of 2016. With pretty much their whole roster deciding to move on to other pastures–with the exception of Carl, Todd and Mikey– Shock had a teeny problem. They needed a squad. So the rebuild began and we now have a Chicago Aftershock team that is full of fight and ready to go toe-to-toe with the rest of the best.

We thought these guys needed to give us some more insight with a 5 from 5.

PE: So. One or two roster changes for 2017…as in almost everyone! How has that affected the mindset of the team? Negative? Panic? Or a new found fire in your belly?

AS: Obviously no team looks forward to losing all but one of their (on field) players but that is the position we found ourselves in. Retirement for some, the grass is greener for others, a few we didn't want back. Mike Bruno has rebuilt us with a strong emphasis on heart, youth, and desire to succeed. All these guys have earned their shot, now we'll see what they have.

PE: You guys are one of the teams that everyone wants to do well. Especially us, we’re huge Shock fans. You were also the only team to beat Impact at Cup last year. Do you think heart, grit and sheer determination is the ace up your sleeve? You apply this better than any other team out there.

AS: Aftershock has always been a team that prides ourselves on the depth of our heart. Unfortunately heart on its own is not enough to consistently win the day. We will maintain our determination as we gain valuable experience.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

AS: Our favorite teams to play are the ones we beat and our least favorite are the ones we don't. The best teams to play are Dynasty and Impact. You can't be the best until you beat them.

PE: If you could have any old school Aftershock player on the team, who would that be? And why?

AS: The Old school player to bring back...for this team it would be John " Spud " Jackson. Never our best skill wise, but the heart and soul of a very winning team. No matter what he always made us believe we could win any game, no matter how much pressure, and beat any opponent.

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

AS: As Mike recently said " Don't sleep on us. The day is coming."

We can't wait to see what Shock's new roster brings to the team. One thing we can be sure of, they're gonna put on a show.

Photo: George Fava

Monday, 6 March 2017

Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #01 Trade My Gun Outlaws

The NXL season is so close we can almost hear the buzzer. And with so many changes in the off-season we thought we'd get re-acquainted with our 5 NXL Pro teams to ask them all 5 simple questions to give us a rough idea of where they're at right now, as they prepare to go full bore on the field.

The first team in our Eclipse 5 from 5 series of interviews is the widely underrated Trade My Gun Outlaws.

Here's what they had to say.

PE: The Outlaws have been around for a while but not many people know too much about you. Can you give us history on the team? Who/how it started?

O: Well, Outlaws is really still a new team in comparison to other pros. We only played 2 years of divisional paintball winning World Cup in those 2 years and in 2nd year winning 7 man Pro world title NPPL. After those 2 years we were then asked to join the NXL in Pro bracket.  It's been tough, but anything you want should be. The Outlaws will be on that winning form very soon!

PE: You guys have a decent following, a young roster and play some great paintball. What are the goals for the Outlaws in 2017?

O: The Outlaws goal is always to get better after each point. You can't learn anymore than playing against best teams in the world. We are a proud organization that believes in all the young players on the circuit. Growth is our Goal.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

O: Houston Heat. We respect those guys and their talent is endless. But that makes us want to prove hard work can over come. They have what we want!

PE: Who were your old school paintball heroes growing through the game? And why?

O: Wow, well I'm an old school player myself. And really did my best not to have heroes.  But I respected squads. Easy Ironmen, Shock and the All A's... plus, secret love for Image. Outlaws do have some guys that we talk about. Fedorov, Mishka, Rainey, Brown, Mitchell Jordan, Frank, Valdez and Arnold so many, but there you go!

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

O: Outlaws never quit. Respect you all but we coming to get what we want!

Keep an eye out for Outlaws this season as they continue their progression towards their goals.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Real American Heroes at Boss Paintball with Foolybear

Boss Paintball, not far from Charlotte, NC, is developing a reputation for fun, competitive one-day scenario paintball games. Players have come to expect simple rules, engaging missions, and balanced teams.  And that’s exactly what they got at Real American Heroes – a GI Joe themed paintball scenario.   The event was easy to understand, full of great paintball action, and it came down to a narrow point margin for the finish.  Great all around!  Instead of a blow-by-blow of the game, here’s my Top Four list of what made this an event to remember.

4.  Balanced teams. Although GI Joe ran ahead on the first mission and controlled both flag stations, the producer swapped a willing swing team, Shadow Dragon Initiative, and balanced the game for a much more competitive second half. Both sides fought hard for every inch of ground! Cobra came back and put the win within their evil grasp by game’s end.

3.  Simple missions.  In the morning period, the sides had two flag stations to take and some props to collect.  The afternoon switched to three flags and different props. First time scenario players had no trouble knowing what to do, and that kept everyone focused on the action.

2.  The field. Boss is a great paintball field that keeps getting better.  If you like the long, slow flank move, you can make it, or if you want to take or defend a base, you’ve got it. There’s a town, a virtual maze of bunkers, a village, woods, and more.  And it plays well.

1.  The action. When you add teams, missions, and field together, you get action. Some battles devolve to bottlenecks and stalemates. The flag stations and prop locations at Boss allowed both sides to assault from multiple angles. If one approach failed, another opened up, and the constant respawn gave teams the chance to push from one direction, stall out, change tactics and figure out a solution. Taking a defended position is one of the most satisfying experiences in paintball, especially when it doesn’t come easily.

Cobra’s comeback ran out of steam about halfway through the afternoon mission, but they regained their momentum in the final battle and made the final outcome a nail-biter!  The snakes put up a good fight, but the good guys triumphed in the end.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle!

Jason “foolybear” Lineberger plays scenario paintball for Team Capital Offense.  Catch the action on his Instagram and Twitter (@foolybear). Special thanks to ScrapYard Photography for the great action shots! Want to see more? Head over to their Facebook page, pronto!