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Thursday, 23 December 2010

ETV's Artifact #5 'The Chase' Part 1

The holiday season it right on top of us, so here is a little present from Planet Eclipse.

The latest Artifact Piece #5 ‘The Chase’ is a massive full long feature (38 Minutes). This is Part 1 of 4 and is free to stream on Youtube NOW.

Planet Eclipse will also be launching a new video service in 2011 for all those customers who want to keep the Planet Eclipse ETV videos on their PC, smart phone or digital media player.

Eclipse will be adding a digital download store to our website. For a small fee, customers can download Artifact episodes and other ETV content through their I-tunes, and play them on any itunes supported device.

‘We want everyone to have the ability to stream our movies for free as well, but also have the option to download and keep the videos for a small fee."

YouTube is a great platform but it does pose issues for us. As well as the time limitations that Youtube have, we have recently had videos pulled by YouTube through their music copyright infringement program, even though we work closely with the artists and labels and license all our music.

We also had some trouble with the I-Tunes podcast channel, with people expressing to us it was difficult to find in the massive world that is the I-Tunes store.

The new video channel through the Planet Eclipse web site gives us the ability to deliver top quality paintball videos at a low cost directly to our customers, and that is who we are here to serve. Before everyone throws their arms in the air, we will still continue to put the videos on-line for FREE streaming via Youtube.

This is just one way the Planet Eclipse is moving forward to get our customers what they want, when they want it on the device they want to see it on. I can promise you that if this creates a revenue stream for us, we will be increasing the number of video projects we release. Their is still so much paintball around the globe we'd love to put our ETV cameras on, but there's only so much time and budget.’ – Ledz, Planet Eclipse Director.

Eclipse will launch the store with six of our films available; three previously available only on DVD and one FRESH release ‘The Chase’. The films will be:

- Artifact Ep 4: The Grind (2010) [10 minute feature]

- Artifact Ep 5: The Chase (2010) [38 minute feature]

-Rivalry: The Vicious-XSV Documentary (2010) [52 minute feature]

-Across the Pond: Campaign Cup (2010) [20-minute short]

-Unemployable: The Planet Eclipse Documentary (2009) [29 minute feature]

-Death or Glory: XSVs Quest for the 2006 NPPL Championship (2007) [19 minute short]

All videos in our digital download store will be priced under $10. Most will be priced under $5. With Artifacts for example coming in at $2.99 each, so ‘The Chase’ a 38 minute feature would cost just $2.99.

This will NOT affect the ETV youtube channel, where episodes of Artifact and other videos will continue to be streamed for free, in their entirety. Customers purchasing video content will however get the content first as the features will not appear on Youtube for about two weeks or longer depending on the piece. They may also we broken down into smaller videos due to Youtubes time restrictions.

Watch this space for more information in early 2011.

Have a great Christmas. We hope you enjoy Part 1 of Artifact # 5 ‘The Chase’ and we look forward to bringing you a whole bunch more in 2011..

Follow ETV on Twitter @ETVdan

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Super 6 UK Scenerio Events 2011

Keep your eye on the Planet Blog for a chance to win free ticket in early Jan 2011 !!

MPL Wrap Up 2010 !!

Jose Luis Alvarez dropped us a quick report of the final MPL event of 2010…..Enjoy !

The last event of the MPL took place in Toluca, Mexico. It was one of the best events I have been to in a very long time. We were honoured once again to have Gerry Bates, Planet Eclipse Master Tech attending the event offering technical support and assistance to the Players using Planet Eclipse markers.

The event offered stands for the spectators to watch games from as well as a large trade show at this event with a new designed Planet Eclipse booth leading the pack. Other vendors at the event included: Dye, Raza, Draxxus, GI Milsim, Kingman, Trinity, Kee Action Sports, Rock Star as well as food and a VIP bar with LOTS of beer !!

The event hosted 51 team in total and below are the results:

Open Division:

1st White Lion
2nd Over Head
3rd TJ All Starz
4th Heaven and Hell


1st Black Out
2nd Naxion
3rd Mariposas Salvajes
4th Naughty Jackales


1st Red Bulls
2nd Diablos
3rd Six Bullets
4th White Tigers

Which, after the scores has been added up, meant the champions of the MPL Season could be crowned:

Open Division Champions: Over Head, with TJ All Starz taking the runners up spot.

Intermidiate Champions Black Out (Who won every event!!!!) and the Beginners Champions were Six Bullets.

Eclipse teams kicked ass in 2010. From all the staff: Jose Luis Alvarez, Tono Alarcon, Jorge & Cesar, we would like to thank Planet Eclipse for all their support in making the MPL happen and their support for Paintball in Mexico. I feel like I am part of their family…. Thank you for that feeling.

Special Thanks to Abdel Meza Sedo for the picture included in this article..

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ANS Gear Exclusive ETEK3 Colours.

ANS Gear has recently received deliveries direct from Planet HQ of ETEK3’s in Red and Blue. These colours are exclusive to ANS Gear and can be purchased through their web site:

ANS Gear have received Red and Blue ETEK3’s in both the AM and LT Models.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fresh NXe 2011 Eclipse Packs

Fresh in for the 2011 Season is the New NXe Planet Eclipse pack.

Comes in a 4+3+2 and also a 3+2+2

In Stock now in USA and coming into the UK very late December / early in Jan 2011.

Billy Bernacchia 10 Things you might not know about me...

A few months back we did a poll to see who ‘YOU’ wanted to know a little more about… in the ‘10 Things you might not know about me’. Well Bryan Bortol from Vicious won hands down (Check his blog here: CLICK ME) but the runner up was Billy Bernacchia.

I have left this until today to launch as today is Billy’s Birthday…. So happy Birthday Billy… Tell us your ‘10 Things you might not know about me’

Basic info:

Name: Billy Bernacchia

Location: Milford Connecticut

Age: 24

Started Playing Pro: 2005

NPPL: Avalanche,
Millenium: Copenhagen Ducks,
PSP Dynasty.

1) I used to be really good at soccer. From 4 years old till 16, soccer was my life. I played for my high school team, but when paintball came into my life soccer become second and I dedicated all my time to paintball.

2) I eat Dunkin Donuts just about every day. I can't start a day without an iced coffee. My usual order is a #5: Bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel toasted, with a French vanilla ice coffee cream and sugar, and a Vanilla frosted donut. mmmm what an amazing breakfast.
3) I put Ketchup on everything. Most people think it's weird but I'll put ketchup on just about anything: egg's, pickles, steak, mac an cheese. I even like to mix Ketchup with mayonnaise and dip my french fries in it. No serious, don’t knock it till you try it!

4) I am the only pro paintballer living in Connecticut. Yes I live in the tiny state of Connecticut, but there actually is a lot of paintball going on here. As of right now I am the only pro living here now, but I am not the only pro who came out of Connecticut, The Blonski brothers both were from here, Scott Santos (olds school GZ player), Nicky Foglia (ex. Hurricane. ) Because CT is so small most people ask, What do you do there? Well we have Beaches, Casinos and Paintball!!!!

5) In the winter I like to Snowboard in Vermont. It’s only my 4th year this coming winter, but I got addicted after my first run down.

6) I am a sucker for Apple products. I have had every iphone so far, sometimes they only change the color of their products but that doesn't matter i always have to have the most up to date!


8) I was a HUGE WWF wrestling fan up until the age of 13. I collected every wrestling figure and even went to the mall and waited hours in line with my mom to meet them.

9) I can’t sit still. I can never just sit in the house doing nothing and I love doing anything active like hiking, playing tennis, racket ball, mini golf (you need more practice at this Coz England Kicked your a$$.. Ledz), anything better than being bored.

10) I am an only child so I was pretty spoiled as a kid. I don't know the meaning of the word no.

Thanks Billy !!!

Have a great Birthday !

Desert Edge new WMD

Forged in the depths of hell and inspired by the unparalleled legacy of carnage the Ego continues to leave in its wake, comes the third issue of the Desert Edge Ego – The “DEEGO 11”.

Desert Edge is pleased to announce the release of the new 2011 limited edition DEEGO from Planet Eclipse. The distinctive design of this exclusive private label marker features all the great features of the Ego 11, with the stunning new Desert Edge graphics. The distinctive graphics make this striking limited team edition marker a dream to the few shooting it and a nightmare to those that oppose it.

The DEEGO represents a rare and long standing partnership between Eclipse and Desert Edge--two entities dedicated to building the sport of paintball.

The third edition of the DEEGO is truly a milestone in poppet-value technology and demonstrates the constant commitment Planet Eclipse has to meet the needs of each individual player. This remarkable marker is equally at home in the woods at UWL as it is on the tournament fields of NPPL.

“Desert Edge has proven to be one of our most successful and stable scenario teams. We are very excited to have Desert Edge in the Emortal Army for another year to come!!”

”The consistency of Desert Edge and support they have shown Eclipse over the years is extraordinary. Most teams don’t even last a couple years yet Desert Edge has been around together as team for many years and has been supporting Planet Eclipse for over five years now. I love the respect Desert Edge receives from other players and teams, the attitude they bring to the field. They are always looking to lend a hand to another player if needed. DE guys are always acting in the right manner on and off the field and that can’t be said about most teams out there. It’s also great that Desert Edge plays in scenario events, tactical events, pump events and speedball events. They bring their love to the game in every aspect out there.” – Marc Lancia Planet Eclipse

“Eclipse has always been the company we wanted for a gun sponsorship. This will be our 6th year with Eclipse and every year they remind us why being part of the Emortal Army is like nothing else out there. Eclipse treats their teams better than any other manufacturer and continues to produce the best markers and soft goods in the industry. We know without a doubt that when we step on the field, even in the worst conditions, that marker problems will be the last thing we have to worry about.” – Dan Saunders (Desert Edge Team Captain).

Desert Edge would like to personally thank Planet Eclipse for providing the best equipment in the industry and for their unparalleled support of Team Desert Edge.

Desert Edge will be proudly shooting the DEEgo, Ego Eleven, Geo 2, and Etek3 paintball markers for the 2011 season.

Follow Desert Edge on Facebook Here:!/pages/Team-Desert-Edge/130753760807

Monday, 20 December 2010

Nicky T in Brazil !!!

Nicky T
PRO - TECH - TOUR 2011

The weekend of 4/5th December 2010 saw the final event of the 2010 Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball (CBP) hosted by Megaplay Morumbi at their field in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Managing to escape the sub-zero temperatures of the UK, I headed off to Manchester Airport with my passport in hand and my trusty Ego11 in tow! Although long, the flights were largely uneventful and the usual random conversations with foreign flying colleagues ensured that time passed swiftly and we touched down at Guayaquil airport as scheduled bright and breezy at 7.30am on the Friday morning.

My experiences of accommodation in South America thus far can only be described as a bit of a lottery, mainly resulting in a mixed bag of less than desirable but Megaplay ensured that any fears I had were instantly alleviated by booking us rooms at the local Ibis in downtown Sao Paulo. Waiting in the hotel lobby were Mikey (Canto) and PJ; our Eclipse reps for South America and a good mutual friend of ours; Maxi from Argentina. Once all of the customary catching up had taken place it was time to freshen up quickly then head down to the field to check things out the and meet our Brazilian distributor and newly appointed Eclipse Service Centre; Megaplay Morumbi.

It is obvious that Rodrigo, the owner of Megaplay, runs a tight ship and it was a joy to behold everything being set up in preparation for the season finale. Three of Rodrigo’s most trusted employees; Karina, Osvaldo and Manuel, were instrumental in ensuring that all of the logistics were in place prior to the event beginning and they along with the rest of the Megaplay crew made certain that every detail of the event was attended to. Friday afternoon was spent setting up the Eclipse Tech Support Booth with PJ and meeting some of Brazil’s most colourful characters including Fabio and the Ninjinhas crew – to say that they know how to enjoy life would be an understatement! Friday night saw us sample the delights of downtown Sao Paulo calling in at the local Irish Bar; All Black (go figure!). After a few rounds of Spartans (Chivas and Redbull) and successfully mingling with the locals we decided that our pillows were calling and headed home to the Ibis to check our eyelids for holes.

Saturday morning saw the start of the preliminary round and the 28 teams in attendance readied themselves for battle, all keen to prove that they were the rightful CBP Champions for 2010! Throughout the prelims the Jungle Boys and Ninjinhas stable of teams all looked in fine form relishing the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of the on-looking crowd. With a
plethora of eateries only a short walk from the site and an army of fridges loaded with chilled beverages, the atmosphere at the event was fantastic with everyone watching the action on field and then making the most of the usual opportunities to barrack each other and tell war stories between games. Players made the most of having Eclipse Tech Support on hand at the event, wanting to check out the Ego11 for themselves and ask PJ and I how they could best maintain and service their markers as well as introducing them to Megaplays’ very own fully fledged Eclipse Technician; Marcelo Silva Costa. I was very impressed with Marcelo’s knowledge about Eclipse markers and his attention to detail whilst working on them and am very pleased to have such a competent technician and company representing us in Brazil.

At the end of the first day the Ninjinhas had control of all three divisions leading them all going into Sundays final round. Saturday night was our designated rest night and after a quick shower and change we decided to head out and sample some traditional Brazilian cuisine at one of their flagship restaurants: Fogo de Chao. We ate like Kings and I can safely say that NEVER have I tasted so much delicious meat; if you’re a vegetarian then Brazil is definitely NOT the place for you! Sunday rolled round and the Jungle Boys, although slightly off the pace were still in contention and eager to usurp the home team, but the Ninjinhas had other ideas. Some superb games were played throughout the day and Brazilian paintball certainly is not lacking in either pace or flair with the majority of games aggressive and fluid throughout. Jungle Boys and Ninjinhas leapfrogged each other throughout the day, meaning that it came down to the very final game of the event to see the Ninjinhas Bravo romp home to take the final event leaving Ninjinhas Delta to take the series championship in the process.

The results for the event were as follows:
Pro Division:
1st: Ninjinhas Bravo
2nd: JBZ
3rd: Ninjinhas Delta
4th: Berzerkers
5th: Rapinhas

Amateur Division:
1st: Ninjinhas Black
2nd: Ninjinhas Junior
3rd: JBZAM
4th: Braves Red
5th: Minas des Gerais

Brazil was a fantastic country to visit; the people, culture, food and lifestyle coupled with such gracious hosts mean that I’m already looking forward to my next opportunity to visit there! For anyone needing Eclipse Technical Support in Brazil, Megaplay are our Eclipse Service Centre for the entire country and as such Marcelo can be contacted on:

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sock it to them this Christmas !!!

These socks are simply brilliant, the black ones in both version are made from 90% Bamboo !!! and are super comfortable..

The White are 100% cotton and the NEW ankle socks have a cool little tab at the back of the sock to stop them rubbing...

Don't get any old socks for Christmas. Get Planet Eclipse Socks !!!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pub Crawling around the globe in 2010

Field Crawling with Pub Crawling End of the season report!!!!

Game 11
SCOTLAND!, yes you read it right. Pub Crawling it their own quiet way continue to travel to points around the globe to experience paintball at as many different fields as possible. Because fine Single Malt Scotch (Whisky to be sure) is only produced in Scotland it only seemed fitting that the team find a game there. We attended the bi-annual England versus Scotland game at Prozone Paintball in Annan, Scotland.

I must say that we also vacationed north of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland for a week and well: FUN! Distilleries, trout fishing, pubs, dolphin watches, a football (soccer) game, breweries, castles, did I mention distilleries?, and so much more.

The game was well attended. Several hundred players arrived to fight in 4 distinct battles at the Prozone field and though we fought for Scotland in this match England was able to prevail. Again history was not rewritten. We did meet some great players from both sides and Steve, the field owner, was a top notch fellow and generous; he gave us a Scottish flag, a bottle of single malt whisky, and some haggis (you know guts and intestines….some of the guys swear it’s good). We strongly recommend this field, because of this owner, and remember this was a training facility and ammo storage compound during WWII. The only thing that we all need to remember about scenario paintball in Europe is that it tends to be more big game (capture the flag) than missions and organization. Still we been to the UK twice in the last 3 years to play and we are headed back, that’s for sure.

Game 12
Splatbrothers Paintball Park in Hopewell, Virginia.

For the second time this year we played this awesome park and I know we’ll be back for 2 more game next season. Ronn and Don (field owners) are great guys and a dream to work with (kind of like Planet). They make every player special and everyone is a winner there.

The game brought together teams like South Side Killers (SSK), Assault and Battery, Capital Offense, BeBop, SOVA, and many other regional powerhouses.

Though we fought for the winning side under our commander Jet from BeBop, I believe everyone had a great time and our prize package winner walked away with an Eclipse Backpack, Eclipse custom belt, Vforce Grill mask and spare lens, DXS t-shirt, and many other excellent extras for the gear bag. If you haven’t played at Splatbrothers and you’re within a day’s (24 hours) travel and you think you’re a paintball player….you’re missing out! Come by for next years 24 hour scenario games and hang with us and play an awesome game.

Game 13
Paintball Charleston + MPP Sports + Pub Crawling = priceless adventure!

To say that the sport is not alive would be a mistake. Pub Crawling joined the likes of Greg Hastings and Ben Tippman in an event hosted by MPP sports at the amazing field of Paintball Charleston, in South Carolina.

An unparalleled event based on the infamous WWII Battle of the Bulge. Over 500 players joined in this conflict that carried on for 26 hours. This fight marks the end of a long season for the team as they have seen almost all of the country side as well as overseas to taste the paintball samples of Scotland… other Scotland samples too! (scotch)

Pub Crawling usually fights as hard as possible on this field, to make it back to the hotel in time for free drinks at happy hour (really) and an evening out for dinner with the team to reflect on the years events. Also four of us did the Spicy Sushi challenge at Bushido’s, good way to avoid paintball (or any sort of comfort) for about the next 36 hours! MJ ate half the challenge, Lemonade at 3/5 of the challenge, Lemming ate 4/5 of the challenge, and TeaPot ate 9/10 of the challenge and then threw up on the table, it was an awesome sight! We’ll be back to finish what we started. This was, of course, a challenge made famous by the TV show, ‘Man vs. Food’ (check it out)

This year has been a tough one; economy still tanking, houses bought, jobs lost, babies born, weight lost, a lot of scotch drank… loads of beer too, but always well worth it. As our 4th dedicated year with Planet Eclipse comes to a close and our 5th year begins, we are proud of our team edition Etek 3’s; which proved to be a workhorse of a marker (never letting us down, which is impressive since some of the guys on the team don’t know how to clean anything!). Along with the premium Planet Eclipse playing clothes and travel gear, our paintball travels have been made drastically more comfortable and easier by the first-class development and evolution of products Planet Eclipse creates and sells year-to-year.

Paintball Charleston is one of the southern east coast’s premiere paintball playing destinations. Combined with the organization and creativity of the never-disappointing MPP Sports, it’s like putting a twin turbo V12 in a Porsche. An amazing weekend was had by all and Pub Crawling walked away with a Most Valuable Team award to boot.

Team Pub Crawling would love to sincerely thank the players of this event on both sides that were nothing less than considerate and noble to play against and with; we’ll be back because of all of you.

Finally, we are happy to note that though we don’t value awards more than the fun and the sport we did receive 4 Most Valuable Team awards, 4 Most Formidable Opponent, and 1 Generals Special Service awards this season. It is always an honor to be recognized by our peers.

We hope to see you out there next season. Look for a big announcement from the team on January 3rd!

Colin ‘MJ’ Andrzejczyk......Captain, Pub Crawling
Chris ‘TeaPot’ Shanks.......Co-Captain, Pub Crawling
Malcolm ‘Maniac’ Manuk......Co-Captain, Pub Crawling

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

FREE Emortal 2 DVD with Eclipse Markers

As a little Christmas Bonus for the last couple of weeks until we run out, any Eclipse markers that is leaving the factory will also have the EMORTAL 2 DVD included in the packaging, worth $8.99 !!!

It’s FREE, you didn’t have to ask for it, we just thought you might like it, take it out of the box and wrap it up and give to someone else for Christmas if you like. It’s just a little thanks from us at Planet HQ for buying an Eclipse Marker…

BTW the DVD is awesome full of all sort of cool videos, brochure, tech stuff… If you haven’t seen it your missing out !!!

Only while stocks last and if there isn’t one in the box then I’m very sorry but that’s tough luck.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Shaft4 Boost Kits... OUT NOW !!!

This Shaft4 Boost kit allows you to add two extra's backs to your existing Shaft4 barrel that comes as standard on GEO2 and EGO11 Markers.

Extra's Backs are 1 x Bigger @ .693 and 1 x Smaller @ .0685


Anodising is NOT an exact science and thus colour matching your existing barrel will be a little hit and miss. Please do not expect an exact match as your will probably be very disappointed, but you might also be very happy as we do try very hard to get the best possible match, but those pesky Ph levels keeping changing :-)

Coloured 'Special Edition' kits are limited and have been done to match existing colour ways on the EGO11 and GEO2. Or mix it up to make your own unique combo..When they are gone then they are gone.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Chacales of Krakus Season Wrap-Up !

Team Chacales of Krakus sent us a quick wrap-up of there season in CSP 2010.... (English rough translation below).

Todo arranco en marzo allá por Colombia en la primera valida del csp (circuito sudamericano de paintball) donde chacales of krakus comenzó su gira latinoamericana como una forma de escuela para el equipo.

Pasaron las diferentes fechas como chile , Brasil, argentina y el cierre de ecuador, donde el Team batallo contra validas muy duras con un alto nivel dentro de la categoría amateur, pero cada fecha lograba ganar esos puntos que lo acercaban mas aún al sub campeonato que se disputaba cabeza a cabeza contra Evolution Jr.

Luego el 20 y 21 de noviembre llego la hora de la verdad cuando se disputo la última fecha en Guayaquil ecuador, donde el equipo tuvo que dividir esfuerzos mandando un contingente a jugar la fecha y otro a jugar el TAPX (torneo argentino de paintball categoría Open donde el equipo salió en el 3° lugar del podio)

Pese a todo este esfuerzo jamás dejaron de batallar esos 78 puntos de diferencia para tratar de dejar a la argentina en uno de los mejores lugares de la grilla Sudamérica.
Chacales logro adjudicarse el título de subcampeón sudamericano de paintball en la categoría amateur, con la suma de puntos de muy buenos partidos ganados en los dos días de valida.

Si bien obtuvieron un 5° puesto en la fecha fue más que suficiente para defender su lugar en la grilla. Y en conjunto con el podio del torneo argentino.
Un logro muy grande para un equipo en pleno crecimiento con un año dentro del CSP amateur

Para el 2011 chacales ya tiene la mirada puesta en la world cup psp y en el circuito vipper de Venezuela donde esperan seguir creciendo dentro del mondo del paintball.


ENGLISH (ish) Version :-)

Every March Team Chacales of Krakus starts in Colombia for the first validation of csp (paintball South American circuit). This is where they began there tour of the Latin America tournament sceane. Different tounrmanets passed, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Ecuador closing, where theTeam battled very hard with a high level in the amateur category. But each time they managed to win those points that brought them closer to championship which was played head to head against Evolution Jr. After 20 and 21 November came the moment of truth when the last date is held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where the team had to split efforts by sending a contingent to play the date and another to play the tapX (tournament paintball Argentine Open category where the team left in the 3rd place podium). Despite all this effort the team never stopped battling, even with a 78-point gap, to try to leave Argentina as one of the best teams in South America. Jackals win the title achievement South American runner-up in the amateur category. While it earned a 5th place at the last event this was more than enough to defend their place in the grid. And in conjunction with the Argentinean tournament podium. A huge accomplishment for a team growing a year in the amateur for the 2011 CSP jackals and has their eye on the world cup circuit psp and Venezuela where they hope VIPP continue growing in the paintball mondo. We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for sponsoring our team and producing the best markers in paintball. We appreacite all their Support they have shown us and look forward to working with them again in 2011

Chacales subcampeones del circuito sudamericano de paintball categoría amateur

Player of Chacales of krakus CSP 2010
Claudio cardaci (capitan)
Juan Aguilar
Carlos Gutiérrez
Gonzalo rosas
Leonardo Brizuela
Franco Lapenna (tech oficial PE Argentina)
Claudio Caciano
Pablo Michno
Sebastian Schiefelbein
Jonatan Weremczuk
Juan Pablo Zurlo

CSP 2010:

Marzo / Marzo 27 y 28: Colombia - Bogotá
Junio / Julio 04, 05 y 06: Brasil - Sao Paulo
Julio / Julio 16, 17 y 18: Chile - Santiago
Septiembre / Septiembre 04 y 05:- Argentina
November / Noviembre 20 y 21: Ecuador - Guayaquil

From everyone at Planet Eclipse.... Well Done !!