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Saturday, 24 December 2011

You Choose The Charity

Over the last few months we have been debating which charity should we donate a set of 20th Anniversary Markers to. It’s not an easy choice as so many people have been touched at some point in their life by some form of tragedy or other. What is very important to one person means very little to the next. So we have decided to let you, the Paintball playing public, have your say.

From now until the end of January 2012 we will be accepting recommendations from you guys. This may be related to something that has affected you or a friend or simply something that you feel strongly about. What we have decided to do is to choose one UK based charity and one USA based charity (due to the fact that that’s where our two main offices are located). Once all the recommendations have been submitted to we will choose (in our opinion) the five most note worthy charities and put them up on PBNation (USA Charity) and P8NTballer (UK Charity) for everyone to vote for. We will give the vote a week and at the end of the week we will have selected two worthy winners.

So, now it’s down to you guys to give us a reason to put YOUR charity in the top five. Whichever charity wins, it will be an amazing cause I’m sure so please don’t be upset if the charity you submit doesn’t get chosen.

Some people have already been discussing the charity 20th Anniversary markers donations and asked, "What good they would be to a charity?!"....Rest assured that we will work with the charities to make sure they get the most money they can for the marker set. We are not simply going to send the case in the post and leave it at that…. :-) 

We look forward to reading about all of the great causes in early 2012….

From everyone at Planet Eclipse have a wonderful holiday and he’s looking forward to a bright 2012.

Check out the current thread on:


Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas from Planet Eclipse

From everyone at Planet Eclipse we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year......

Planet Eclipse is now closed and will not re-open until January 3rd 2012. During this period I’m afraid we will not be processing any orders or answering e-mails... Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Emortal Army rolls on in 2012....

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Distortion EVX Gear In Stock

Planet Eclipse 2012 EVX Playing gear is now in stock in the UK, USA & stores around the world....

CLICK HERE to visit the EVX mini Site for more images, descriptions.

Follow Ledz on Twitter .....

Something a little random for everyone...

Ledz has started a Twitter account.... He's a little bit random at the best of times so his Tweets could be very random indeed....

Be warned nothing Ledz says in his tweets has anything what so ever to do with Planet Eclipse Ltd and are certainly not Planets views or opions !!!!

If you want to follow Ledz you can @ledz123

Monday, 19 December 2011

Greg Joins Avid Extreme

Greg Pauley to join the Avid Extreme Sports team!

Avid Extreme Sports is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Pauley! With Greg’s past experience and knowledge of hosting amazing events, his main focus will be coordinating, promoting and hosting events of all types for Avid Extreme Sports in both our Oklahoma City and Plano, Texas locations. For those of you that are not familiar with Greg Pauley, he has been in the paintball industry for over 10 years, coordinated multiple paintball series and has coached a variety of successful teams at all levels. 

Ryan Gray, President at Avid Extreme Sports, “We are very excited to have Greg join our team. He brings a variety of knowledge about paintball promotions to our company. We are looking to not only bolster our already successful tournament series, the AES Race To, but he will also be tasked with adding scenario, Avid play days at local fields and many others!” 2012 is looking bright for paintball in the South!

Greg will be located at our Plano, TX location. To reach him by email

Vid Round Up !!

Not a huge amount from me this week...

A couple of paintball ones (Both foreign but good, paintball is a language we all know)  and also a couple of randoms, one funny/scary, one scary !!!

The RPL 2012 Dates

Sunday, 18 December 2011


In 2011 UK Paintball saw the sad loss of several Paintballers. On the brighter side 2011 also saw the rise of the Super 6…..

Here is a short video from Shoreline Paintball called ‘Passion’ dedicated to the players that lost their lives in 2011..

Saturday, 17 December 2011

ETV's Artifact "Four Words" Watch it NOW !!

Planet Eclipse presents "Four Words" the third episode in season 2 of Artifact, the acclaimed action sports documentary series presented by Planet Eclipse...

As it's nearly Christmas and we are starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside (must be the booze) we have decided to launch this Arifacts Episode FREE OF CHARGE on YouTube at the same time that it is launched on our digital download store... Which BTW has also been discounted so if you want to download this Episode to keep visit the Planet Eclipse Download Store.

"Four Words" follows the top-ranked amateur paintball team in the country, Upton 187 cRew, a collection of players from outside of Boston, as they descend on Lakeland, Florida, and the PSP World Cup of paintball.

Leading the amateur division going into the final event in the series, Upton holds the rare opportunity to earn a pro spot, fulfill their 7-year dream, and make the statement that every young, aspiring tournament player desires-"We are going pro."

Artifact is presented by Planet Eclipse, in association with Deep Elm Records, and produced by Disconnected Media.

The series is narrated by Matt Marshall, a retired professional paintball player and renowned commentator, and writer.

"Four Words" features music by (in order of appearance) Athletics (intro & outro music), Evidence, Red City Radio, The Skylife, and +/- (plus/minus). I

Artifact is directed by veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli.

This 24-minute documentary episode s available for purchase in downloadable I-tunes & I-tunes device format from the Planet Eclipse digital download store, available from their website.

Copyright 2011 & 2012 Planet Eclipse. All music licensed and used by permission.

Friday, 16 December 2011

20th Anniversary Collectors Editions

In 1991 Julian and Ledz started a small Paintball company called Paintball Planet. As Paintballers, the goal of this company was to get the greatest and latest paintball gear from around the world to Paintballers in the UK.

Over the last twenty years the company has evolved, grown, and changed its name to Planet Eclipse that now makes one of the finest lines of Paintball Markers and accessories the World has ever seen.

The core goals of Planet from 1991 are still the very same goals we have in place today. We are constantly pushing ourselves and our products to bring today’s players the very best that we can offer them. We still play and we still realise that playing Paintball in whatever arena you choose, is all about having fun. Winning is fantastic and Planet Eclipse teams around the world bring back trophy after trophy and series championships and we hope they have still have fun doing it.

Not everyone plays on one of our Pro teams, but everyone deserves the same level of performance, quality, reliability, customer service and support. These simple core goals have been our mantra since 1991 and we will fight to uphold them into the distant future.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary we have taken our Flagship markers the Ego and Geo and created only twenty perfect pairs. Each pair is presented in a hand crafted, mahogany finish wooden display case and comes with both the CSL EGO and the GEO 2.1 with custom milling and custom graphic anodising. Both markers will have a complete barrel kit and carbon fibre tips (three backs and two tips per marker) they also have matching numbers (as well as the normal serial numbers) from one to twenty giving them that extra special unique quality. Planet Eclipse will also create a special page on the web site listing the lucky owners of these very rare, very special, perfect pairs.

So… the question is how much and how do you get your perfect pair?

Well, that isn’t going to be easy. Out of the twenty perfect pairs of 20th Anniversary Edition Collector’s Item markers there will ONLY be a few sets sold to the general public.

There will be two or three sets that will go up for auction for collectors to bid on.

There will be two or three sets that will be donated to charities.

There will be two or three that will be sold via the Planet Eclipse web site.

One Set is reserved for a very special New Year’s competition.

The remaining pairs will end up in the hands of people that have worked with us and been by Planet Eclipse's side and in the trenches since the very beginning. There is a huge list of people that we need to thank for all of the hard work that they do tirelessly supporting Planet Eclipse but these 20th Anniversary Edition sets unfortunatley can’t get to everyone that deserves one, so to everyone that works with and for Planet Eclipse, be it on the fields teching; in Planets offices and production facilities; on the forums; in the local stores; the big distributors or the players on the field. We thank each and every one of you. Without the people that have stood alongside Planet Eclipse believing in what we do we would not be here twenty years on.


Markers are will be built and ready to ship in Early 2012, so keep your eyes open for more pretty cool announcements soon !

GFOA - 7 Man Slam

1st Place - Shockwave
2nd Place - Boys Town
3rd Place - Alt AgReSsIoN

Combine - Jan 20th 2012

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Not to late to avoid SOCKS !!

It’s nearly Christmas….

It’s not too late to pick up a bargain or two from the Planet Eclipse web site. There are some ideas for BIG presents and some stocking fillers as well as some GET THEM OUT OF HERE Bargains…

Last ordering day to get your stuff before Christmas is Friday the 16th December for USA and UK.... No Guarantees mind but we will try...

Check them out here:

Make sure your in the right currency.....

Also if you’re in the UK and just can’t decide what you want how about a gift voucher? Well, we have them at £10 each and you can redeem them by sending them in to Planet Eclipse or you can also use them on Planet Eclipse gear in full or part payment at Just Paintball or London Paintball Supplies (LiPS). So what you waiting for…. Your granny do go out and buy you’re the worse socks in the world??  At least if you’re getting socks get Planet Eclipse socks they are brilliant (did you know that the black ones are made from bamboo?)

Happy Shopping!!!

Marc Lancia on Tour - LVP Venezuela

Marc Lancia, Planet Eclipse Sales Rep, and PJ, one of our best Planet Eclipse Techs, recently attended the final leg of the LVP Tournament Series in Venezuela. Having never been to an LVP event, the tournament gave Marc a great insight into Venezuelan Paintball. Marc was met with open arms, and looked after well, reinforcing Venezuela's hospitable nature.

 "The event was a great opportunity to speak with the players and teams in order to heed how successfully Paintball has been established here, as well as to appreciate the bright future for Paintball in this country. It was great to see PJ here providing superb technical support to the players by keeping their markers running smoothly for the duration of the event. PJ also provided the players with Player Tech Classes which is a great way to pass on technical maintenance and troubleshooting skills to the players.

The LVP Tournament is probably the best-run South American Series that I have ever attended - You couldn't ask for a smoother event. Viper TC, the tournament organisers and local Eclipse Distributor, brought in three professional PSP Referees to train the LVP reffs as well as to help adjudicate during the event, thus giving extra confidence to the players that accurate and correct refereeing was being practised.  Another feature was the punctual nature of the event. In the past I have been to events where the games didn't commence until 11am and didn't finish until 7pm at night! That was certainly not the case at the LVP - The games started at 7am on the dot and were finished by 4pm.

The event itself took place at Viper TC's field which was literally on top of a mountain - We were above the clouds for the most part. With no guard rail and a sheer drop to the side of the windy road, it was an 'interesting' ride to the site. The treacherous journey, however, was more than worth it! The field was set up very professionally with air  and scoreboards in the pits and large scoreboard on the field. The field itself was a level as it could be. It had turf and a brand new PSP field. Also, its not often that you find running bathrooms at paintball field, let alone at the top of a mountain, but Viper TC provided excellent facilities. They also had a great concession stand with amazing fresh cooked food all day.

The only problem we had the entire weekend was rain. Although I was told it was uncommon for this time of the year, it rained hard all morning on Saturday and then the afternoon on Sunday but luckily it stopped before the semis and finals. The good thing was that all Eclipse markers kept performing just like they would on a nice sunny problems at all.

The skill level for players in Venezuela is very high compared to a lot of countries I've been to, which resulted in a lot of exciting games in both divisions. There were some long hard fought-out games but in the end Team Outkast won Division2 and Team Clover won Division3. I played with Team Dragones in Division 2 and helped them reach their first podium finish in Venezuela taking home 3rd place. Team Dragones was run by one of Planet Eclipse’s dealers in Venezuela, Giancarlo from Venezuela Paintball Club. Great group of players on the team and really looking forward to playing with them again and hopefully next time it will be a 1st place finish. 

Planet Eclipse Sponsored Team Fusion missed out on placing at this event but still secured enough points to take home the overall series championship!

Overall, coming to the LVP was a great experience and we look forward to working with Viper TC, the LVP Series and Team Fusion in the future. There are a lot of great things happening in Venezuela and its good to see Paintball continuing to grow in every corner of the world. We would like to thank Juan Carlos, Rafa and their Dad for having us. We also would like to thank all Eclipse Sponsored teams, Players and fans for attending the event. Without you paintball would not be where it is in Venezuela. Thank you everyone for the hospitality!!"

Thanks to 100% Paintball for the pics... Check out their Facebook Here:

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Raskal take the title.

Against All Odds???

Team Raskal have been plagued with injuries over the last few months. Along with work commitments and injuries piling up and the last leg of the WPPL looming it didn’t look good for Raskal.

 Raskal needed a good result in the final leg to secure the WPPL Series title.

After a few frantic phone calls to the Warriors and also pulling TC out of retirement for the event Raskals powered their way to not only the event win but to the WPPL series title for 2011.

Well Done Raskal…. The Emortal Army Rolls On !!

Sydney SWAT...Killing Since 1991

Monday, 12 December 2011

Indoor Paintball in Finland anyone?

Finnish summertime is perfect for paintballing. The weather is usually sunny but not too hot, cool breeze travels through the air, everything you see is beautiful greens and blue skies. But unfortunately there are three other seasons as well.

To cope with those “not so great  for paintball” seasons and to make it possible to play paintball throughout the year Paintball Sissos ltd has opened a new indoor arena in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Instead of going the traditional route of trying to find a low budget , just big enough for some bunkers to get a couple of games going during the winter, Sissos went all out with this one. We rented a whole floor from a huge industrial building, commonly nicknamed as “The Bunker”, with a whopping 5000 square meters of floor space.

Specs:....Heated, almost full sized millennium field (30m x 45m) with no interfering support pillars, turf, double safety nettings, pit & staging areas with tables for several simultaneous playing groups, 4500PSI air fills, kiosk with refreshments and some common paintball items for sale. For recreational ballers and rental groups the field can be equipped with  scenario bunkers (along with the existing Millenium field bunkers) to make things even more interesting and appealing.

During business hours you can also visit Finland’s largest paintball store, conveniently on the same floor as the field, along with our fully stocked warehouse and paint warehouse. Everything is situated under one roof to make it effortless for the customer to come in and get his paintball fix from one spot.

It doesn’t matter anymore if it’s raining, cold, freezing cold or just too dark to play outside. Now you can experience all the fun in the center of Finland’s capital.


Weekdays and saturdays
From 8AM to 4PM 29€ per person
From 4 to 8PM 49€ per person

59€ per person
Prices include rental equipment and 200 paintballs

Private practices for teams
2 hours 60€ +10€ per person
3 hours 80€ + 10€ per person

Sandbaggers Marker on ebay

In 2010 Planet Made 3 Custom EGO10's for the Sandbaggers and it time to send them to a new home.

ebay Link Here: CLICK ME !!!

2 of the Markers are on the Planet Web Site with a bunch of other 2nd Hand markers: CLICK HERE. And the other is on ebay starting price is just $0.99 !!... ALSO comes witha  Brand new Sandbaggers 2010 team jersey... Like the ones worn in the pic below.

I believe we have XL and XXL so it will be one of those two sizes !

Pic of Sandbaggers in Action !!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bad Moji winning OFF the field.

Bad Moji Win The Bling!

Planet Eclipse Sponsored UK Scenario Team; Bad Moji, have completed their first year in style.
Formed in November 2010 Bad Moji hit the UK Scenario scene with passion, detirmination and a thurst to be crazy, mad winners!

Playing as many events as they could get to, including Stalingrad, Carentan, D-Day, Resident Evil and the Super6 Series, not to mention a nice trip to Croatia for Call To Duty III, Bad Moji became a known and a likable team....

Their antics on the field, including 'Ninja Barrel Tagging at D-Day' and being the Zombie Horde Vs 75 players at Resident Evil, where they faced 'Head Shot eliminations only' earnt them respect and a name for being slightly insane!

Off the field the antics are just as bad, regulary playing jokes on each other and getting most people involved made for good times during the player parties.

September for  Bad Moji wasnt as bright. The Team lost Deej Matts in a trajic accident which left all the players devestated and shocked. Dj was a key member, more of a brother and will be sorely missed.

In October? Bad Moji were nominated in 3 categories for the 2011 UK Scenario Awards to be held in Birmingham in November.

Nominations included Best Breakthrough Team, Best Female Player and Best Male Player.
On the Night Bad Moji walked away with Best Breakthrough Team of 2011 and their newest member Kirsty Ellis walked away with Best Female Player 2011.  James Woodgate 'Hunter' narrowly missed out on Best Male Player while Sheree Daniels 'Black Widow' missed on Best Female Player.

All in all it's been a great year for Bad Moji and 2012 is looking even better.