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Friday, 27 April 2012

BK Flag Wars

Our second game of the year placed us in the lush forest of the Georgia countryside near Rome at Scenario Paintball Games.  No, not Rome Italy, but we can tell you there are fantastic Italian establishments to dine at in the area. 
Flag Wars is the name of the game and each team aims to raise their flag at multiple stations throughout this expansive and diverse field of warfare.  Each 30 minutes the staff checks to see if and which flag is flying to award points. 
Black Karma volunteered for the White Team and for the first day of play challenged ourselves with one of the most heavily contested areas – the Town.  After running through some deep cover in the woods, we were met with an awesome sight:  hundreds of little round brightly colored friends waiting to pat us on the body.  This made of each giggle with delight at each battle that we kept throwing ourselves toward, but sadly we were behind on points for the first part of the day.  After a lunch break each team switched bases and found that their previous plans were dramatically changed around.  We found the Norad Base side of the battle more to our liking whether attacking the Red Team at their base or defending our base from a surprise attack.  More evidence of this side of the field being better for our playing style showed up in our team being ahead after the second half of play.  After a small break, each team squared off in a Final Battle to raise their flag in the Town.  We did not raise our flag, but also kept the Red team from raising theirs. 

After a wonderful night of dinner at Gondolier's Pizza and Italian Restaurant in downtown Rome and a great night of sleep we prepared ourselves for day two of battle.  Game on started at Hamburger Hill and quickly moved throughout to the Airport, Town, and Norad Base.  Both teams were toe to toe for the remainder of the game.  At the final battle White Team was up on Red Team by 300 points.  If Red team were to raise their flag, this battle would have been a draw.  Red Team tried numerous times to rush us with a wall of players protecting their flag puller, but each time they failed.  Nearing the end, with one minute to go, a near constant stream of paint from each player deterred any further advances. 
We ended this game with a win for the White Team and they awarded us a Sportsmanship Award. We made a ton of new friends and caught up on good times with our fellow “brothers in arms”, regardless of which side they were on.  This is an awesome and lower cost game that is always a pleasure to go to because it truly is tailored to the player.  If you haven’t been to this field, give it a try – you will not regret it. 
As always, all of our equipment performed flawlessly.   It was my first time using an Etha this game and I loved it.  We will be at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN for the MPP “Manstein’s Revenge” game on May 26th & 27th.  Stop by and say hi and get some cobbler.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page (blackkarmapaintball) and our team website (        

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Gone in 60 Seconds

Team Brute Force played on the 15th of April at the event 'Gone in 60 Second's' at Paintball Sports Paintball in Plattkill, NY. 

Here is a write up of the event by the Team Owner Mike Revelle.

This past weekend, Team Brute Force traveled to Plattekill, New York to play at Paintball Sports and their “Gone in 60 Seconds” scenario event. Craig and Paul met at Mike Revelle’s house at 1pm Saturday afternoon to jam three massive Planet Eclipse gear bags and the other necessities into a small Hyundai Veloster, later nicknamed the “Velociraptor.”

After 25 minutes of playing life sized tetras, the car was packed and the three hit the concrete jungle of the Mass Pike and Interstate 84. The three and a half hour drive was filled with epic paintball war stories, country music, intense dub step, laughing at some seriously weird drivers, and listening to the Velociraptors seriously sexy navigation voice.

Around 5:30pm, we finally rolled up to the hotel, checked in, dropped the gear off, and then made the 20 minute trek to find Paintball Sports. After just a few minutes of leaving the hotel we found fast food heaven. Within a one mile strip was the amazingness of amazing which included; Sonic, Five Guys, Applebee’s, Chili’s, TGI Friday’s, Denny’s, Longhorn, Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, and so many more! Once we got to the field, we took a brief look around and then drove to Chili’s to get some much needed food.

The next morning we woke up, ate the most depressing continental breakfast we have ever witnessed at a hotel, and departed for the field. When we arrived at the field around 7:30am, there were already a few teams and players there setting up for the day. We spent the next hour setting our gear up and chatting about our plans for the day. Once Charles Holten AKA Happy, our General and close PNL friend arrived, we checked in to get our paint and entry all squared away. We met for the game opening speeches and rules brief, then we split to get ready for the inevitable “Game on” buzzer.
We walked out to our base and awaited the buzzer, once sounded The team sprinted to the center point of the field, today in true scenario style it was called “Carson City.” Immediately, the team bogged down in an intense gunfight as we battled for control of a small bridge that split the a key part of the field in two. Of the entire day, this bridge was the center point for some of the best gun fights I have ever witnessed, and only twice did we achieve total control of it – but quickly it got retaken back to a stalemate.

The goal of the game for us on the Police side was to protect the 48 cars that were spread throughout the massive field. The only way we could achieve points was to either #1. Catch a thief stealing a car, or #2. Take the car back after they had possessed it. The thieves were extremely sneaky at stealing the cars, but when enemy numbers grew scarce on the field – the police side performed a massive rush that encompassed the entire field pushing them all the way back to their base. We found over 32 cars hidden away in their base which we confiscated and snuck back through the deadly swamps to our top secret hiding place.

At the end of the day, the Police had secured 38 cars, and won the game with a points spread of 2000 to 1650.

It was one of the most intense and greatest days of paintball I had ever witnessed, the communication between the game commander Justin aka Voodoo (who is a close friend of mine and a Steeel Reserve teammate) and the team leaders was flawless, I have never seen such communication and teamwork in a scale this massive ever before. It was thanks to the leadership of Justin and Happy, as well as each and every team out there who won this game.

Major thanks go to Steeel Reserve, The Creed, Team Hellbent, and of course the incredible scenario written by Noah Harper and the PSI Staff, plus all of the others who made it happen. Thank you.

Team Brute Force is a scenario and big game paintball team based out of New England. We have members in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut – Not to mention travel to fields all over the East Coast to play paintball at the highest level possible. Without the help from our sponsors none of what we do would be possible. Massive thanks toPlanet Eclipse for providing our Markers, Bags, Performance Gear, and Jerseys. Valken Sports for providing the best damn paint on the market, our packs, and hoppers. Energy Paintball for the batteries that always keep our gear running smooth and NEVER die. and finally PNL Paintball, for allowing us and our brother teams to spread the PNL ideology everywhere we go!

Next Events:
Hope to see you all next month at our next event at Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City’s Gangland: A House Divided Scenario written by Delta Paintball. AND at PNL Paintball’s Willy Wonka Event written by Steeel Reserve and reffed by the PNL Field Teams including ourselves and CT Commandos, on June 30th!

For more info about the team, our sponsors or the Willy Wonka event visit

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Free ETHA Rentals - Battle of Britain

Free ETHA Rentals this weekend at the Battle of Britain! 28th and 29th April. Visit the Lips Booth. 

Team Brute Force

Team Brute Force is a professional scenario and big game paintball team based out of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Here is a video from their past event in February, they traveled to Fox 4 Paintball's Ice Station Zebra scenario event on the 25th of February. They playing for the Russian side.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Team Unknown

Team Unknown are having a great start to the year! They are running away with the Champion's Podium every event. 

Team Unknown's achievement so far - 

- Received Planet Eclipse HDE/ETHA packages from Skirmish Paintball Asia in Feb 2012
- First tournament was Malaysian Woodsball League  - MWL Leg 1 @ Putrajaya, Feb 2012, 
  Champion of the Open Division
- Second tournament MWL Leg 2 @ Kijal Kemaman, Mar 2012, Champions of the Open Division
- Third tournament was Clash of Aces 3 - CoA3 and Tactical Paintball Championship - 
  TPC Leg 2 @   Malacca, Apr 2012, Champion Gold Division

Statement from Team Unknown spokesperson - Mie: 

"The HDE apparels gave our team a distinct advantage over our rivals on visibility, flexibility and comfort during games and the new Etha and other Eclipse makers is simply Magic and works beautifully. Thank you Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia."

Team photo courtesy of

Thanks Guys and keep up the awesome playing! 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Ego9 Rawhide

We received this email from Magnus 'Sideburns' Larson from Sweden. We thought you would also like to read about his Ego9 Rawhide project! Great work Magnus :)

I bought myself my dream-marker some weeks ago, an Ego9 with the "Revolver"-graphics...
When I got it home I felt it would be a disgrace to put a neoprene cover on the tank, and a standard looking Rotormag on it.
It just wouldn´t look right...I wanted to take the "revolver" design to its perfection, with a rugged "cowboyish" style.

So I got into my car, and went to town!

In Aengelholm there is an old Leather/Hide store, which where put out of business for some 5 years ago, but the manager still lives in the building. I asked him to sell me some hide and leather, and I got it very cheap, 30$. The biggest hide i bought was marked and produced in 1981!

Well, I started to work on this project in the evenings after work, I have put in about 10 hours in the leatherwork, but now i´m very satisfied!
I know, I know, paint and suede are not the perfect combo, but I think it will work out fine.
Next stop in this project will be the grips.
I will make new grips in stoneware clay, which when they have been burned will be rock hard, and matte bonewhite in colour.

If you guys want to look at the whole project, visit our  home page: 
Further down on our blog,there is a projectlog from my "Ego G36" project, where i built my Ego7 into a G36 softairshell.

Best regards// Magnus "Sideburns" Larson, Sweden.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Classic Kit by review by Hustle Paintball

Recently stumbled on a Planet Eclipse Classic Kit Bag review from Hustle Paintball….

Check it out !!

I guess they would love you to subscribe to there channel, so click the subscribe button !!!

To find your local dealer !!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ETHA - Now with a splash of Colour!

Girls Day, Part 2

Follow Harpies on Facebook: CLICK ME !

Looks like the Harpies have held another Girls Day in France.. I think what they do at these events is brilliant. Cyril, Icons Captain also attends and helps at these events which again is great… Can’t thing why Cyril insists on being there :-)

Everyone at Planet Eclipse Salutes the 'Harpies'

Girls Day 2 from ICON Job on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 April 2012

NJ Jesters are not messing around !!

Planet Eclipse Sponsored Team, NJ Jesters, started off the season with a 2nd place finish at the PSP TX event. Even though we had to play through rain and wind we were still able to keep it all together and finish off strong in 2nd place. 

NJ Jesters train hard in the off season to get ourselves ready for the 2012 season and it showed off in the first event. Luckily for all northeast teams we did not have much of a winter and we were able to practice a lot more then we usually can. After TX we were determined to train harder and be ready again for PSP AZ. 

We have had some great practices over the last month and we see ourselves even more ready this time and looking forward to taking home another trophy. We would like to Thank Planet Eclipse and Operation Stingray for their continued support. Markers and gear work flawlessly through the rain!!

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate NJ Jesters for a job well done and wish them and all Eclipse sponsored teams best of luck at PSP AZ next week!!

Another trophy for the Emortal Army !!!

Friday, 13 April 2012

LNP Tournament Series - Mexico

April 28 and 29.
Divisions: Open and Beginners 
Prizes: Cash
Contacts to Register:
Hector’s Phone Number: 1521372202
Julio’s Phone Number: 12514071418

Planet Eclipse will also be attending this event with a Pro-Tech-Tour for any technical issue with Eclipse equipment and to keep you up and running at 100%. If you have any problems or questions please pop over and see the Planet Eclipse Tech.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

WCPS 2012 Season Opener

The 2012 Season started out right, with 25 teams and 120 players out to compete in the West Coast Paintball Series.  Teams gathered in the morning and you could see the excitement on the players’ faces and hear it in their voices – they were ready to challenge returning teams from last season and teams that were new to the series for the top places in each division.  

In the Novice Division, Code Blue and 406’s Finest fought hard for first place.  Both teams held high scores throughout the entire day.  Ultimately, Code Blue took home first and 406’s Finest came in second, with new-to-the-series team Loaded, Inc. leaving with third place.
Code Blue
For Rookie Division, PBK led the way with the highest score, taking first place.  Cartel was trailing behind Punishment throughout the day, but earned their place in second during the finals.  Punishment finished in third place.

Even though DBS Killmode and DBS Killmode 1 had the highest scores all through the day, War Machine fought hard and won the first place title in Beginner Division.  DBS Killmode 1 settled for second place and DBS Killmode landed in third.

War Machine
The day ended with everyone in high spirits from an exciting day full of games and competition.  As always, the WCPS is always thankful to have players with such positive attitudes about the event.  We're also thankful for our sponsor, Planet Eclipse, for continuing their support of paintball here in the Northwest!   Teams are already gearing up for the second event of the season to be held at Royal Ridges Paintball in Yacolt, WA on May 19th.  You can find more information about the events here ( and get your team signed up for the Northwest’s biggest tournament series!   

West Coast Paintball Series from Joe Hite on Vimeo.

Novice Division:
1st Place- Code Blue
2nd Place- 406's Finest
3rd Place- Loaded Inc.

1st Place- PBK
2nd Place- Cartel
3rd Place- Punishment

1st Place- War Machine
2nd Place- DBS Kill Mode 1
3rd Place- DBS Kill Mode

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

NCPA Finals THIS Weekend

This weekend sees the NCPA finals in Florida and the Planet Eclipse ETV camera crew will again be there to capture the event. So make sure you have the right stickers on show and your Eclipse marker all polished to show the world what you can do.

Eclipse Tech support will also be on hand to keep you running at full speed, just pop over and see ‘Winter’ for all your tech needs.

Good luck to all the Planet Eclipse teams.. Emortal Army FTW !!!

Check out last year’s NCPA ETV Here for FREE !!

Emortal Army in HB - NPPL

50% of podium places in the top 2 divisions at the 2012 Huntington Beach NPPL were occupied by Planet Eclipse team...

Well done to all of the Planet Eclipse teams !!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Video Round Up !!!

As its Easter and Planet UK is closed on Friday and Money this week I’d thought I throw a couple of videos out that have been sitting in my in box…

Paintball, Amazing and Very funny.....

Paintball... Great little video from Planet Eclipse sponsored team 'Prophecy'

A Little something to get the heart racing !!!

And finally something VERY funny.

A little birdy also tells me that ETV Artifact 'One Night in November' will also be up on YouTube for free !!!


Friday, 6 April 2012

5-Man Rookie Events @ Skirmish Nottingham

Hello Folks, Everything is ready. Our first event is scheduled for Sunday 29th April at our Sherwood Forest site, Ollerton Road, Budby, Nott’s NG22 9FG

This is a 5 Man fun Sup air event, only £25.00 per player or £125 per team. Straight round robin, Millennium rules, On site air to 200 bar or 300 bar. Site shop and catering, undercover seating and staging. Large car park and even flushing loo's with hot and cold running water

BYO or site paint available at £25 a box. This is our first event for a few years so are not going to be greedy and get loads of teams in. So there is limited spaces available. £50.00 deposit and the space is yours. To book in plz call the office on 0115 9230730.

Any body who has any questions or wants to pop in before the event to check out where you’re going to be playing, plz feel free or call me on 07710 426704

Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Nick @ Skirmish

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Scenario Chess at Generation Kill

 Words and photos by Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Once a year Team Tango Alpha2 turns their attention away from completing missions to switch their hats and put on one of the best scenario games happening – the annual Generation Kill game.  Based on the book and the subsequent television series, the Generation Kill games blend the tactics of modern mil-sim events with a taste of the roleplaying that drove the games from the golden age of scenario paintball.

This year’s Gen Kill, which took place on St. Patrick’s Day, headed away from the past settings in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  Subtitled “A Bad Day in Belfast” the 2012 Gen Kill pitted scrappy IRA fighters against US Marines in an imagined Irish conflict that juxtaposed serious action with some tongue-in-cheek missions.  Determined to keep the game lively, Tango captain Paul “Wingman” Metheney, tossed out missions to collect pots of gold, Lucky Charms (in boxes), and to deal with a cast of ornery role-players ranging from hostile nuns to opportunistic arms dealers.  What Metheney did not do was send teams to stand guard duty over remote fortresses in the backwoods of the ample scenario battleground at Command Decisions Wargames Center (home of the Fulda Gap Mega Game).  Missions kept teams engaged and the action fierce, and conveniently-located Dead Zones coupled with ATV taxi service made sure that players spent the scenario shooting, not marching back and forth to the staging area.

Tango Alpha2 uses the annual event to fill the team’s coffers so they can play more paintball, but the Tangos also have a charitable mission, and this year’s raffle went to support a family in need.  Scenario team, the Death Dealers, offered up generous matching funds to spur players to purchase more raffle tickets, and this offer kept the raffle booth hopping.

Good events don’t happen by accident – it’s the little touches that make paintball scenarios run smoothly.  The producers at Gen Kill offer points for each player ready to take the field before the opening horn.  Then, after the lunch break, the first mission is an Arms Race – a literal footrace to what will become a hotly-contested portion of the field, with points going to the team with the most players at the finish line.

The Marines had an uphill battle against their IRA opponents.  While the Marines wore blue tape on their masks, the IRA had no tape, leading to plenty of friendly fire incidents, mostly blue-on-blue.  Also, the IRA tank and helicopter assaults wreaked havoc early in the game, but in scenario paintball, like chess, it’s all about knowing the resources one has and knowing when to use them, and that’s where the Marine general held an edge.

Foolybear on the Front Lines

After the lunch break both teams made a mad dash for the finish line of the Arms Race, a fortified area near the intersection of two of the roads running through the CDWC property.  The Marines got there first, having split off part of their forces to create a delaying barrier for the IRA.  I served with that detachment, taking Alpha, a fort with rings of trenches around it.  While we slowed the IRA tide, they eventually cleared our position and swarmed the hill where, bolstered by the attack chopper (a player invulnerable to all hits except those from an anti-aircraft gunner), they overran my team’s lines.  The team in control of the hill at the top of the hour stood to score major points, and with the game’s score tight, my commander knew this mission would be crucial to our efforts.  Rather than stand on the periphery and call for a push or lead from the front, he chose a different tact – withdrawal to the nearby Dead Zone.  While the enemy attack chopper ran out of “gas” (the chopper had a 15 minute time limit), our side gathered forces for a well-timed assault.  With ten minutes to go on the mission, we pinched from two sides while our own attack chopper drove straight down the center.  With a DZ behind us for quick reinsertion of eliminated players, we kept up the pressure and scored the mission.  The opposition made a last minute sneaky counteroffensive through the woods, but I was looking for just that sort of move, and they ran into a stream of paint from my ETHA, cutting off their desperation attempt.

Eventually the Marines edged the IRA back towards their home base, and as the game wound down, the Marines pulled out a victory after winning a final battle that could have swung the game’s balance in either direction.  So far this year, I’m coming out on the winning side more often than not – thanks Planet Eclipse!

ETHA Loan Program

All season I’m loaning ETHAs to scenario and walk-on players, spreading the word about this efficient, reliable, accurate, and affordable marker – a perfect combination for scenario players.  The only problem I’ve encountered with the ETHA so far is players being reluctant to give it back.  Scenario veteran Wayne Smith, who normally swears by mechanical guns only, tried out the ETHA at Generation Kill.  Did he love the ETHA experience?  Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

Want a chance to try out the ETHA?  Find foolybear at a paintball field near you!  He’ll put one in your hands for a test drive.  Want his latest updates and paintball photography?  Follow foolybear on Twitter, @foolybear.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hybrid Foto 2012

2011 was a amazing year for HyBrid Foto. Not only did we become a official Swedish corporation with a new logo and profile, we grew in leaps and bounds.  Planet Eclipse was right there with us.

As we traveled the world our Eclipse gear protected us from all the hits, kept our knees pain free as we kneeled down to get those perfect shots and helped transport our gearfrom tournament to tournament.  

As we start 2012, we once more have teamed up with Planet Eclipse.  This year we have grown to four photographers,two videographers and two outstanding video editors here in Europe plus twophotographers taking care of the stateside action for us. Once more we turned to Eclipse for our protective gear (elbow pads, gloves, pants and overload jersey) as well as new gear bags to carry all of our new gear and equipment.  Without hesitation, Ledz said "Let's do it"!  This year we have upgradedboth video and photographic equipment and will be working closer than ever with the Planet Eclipse family, bringing them hard hitting video and amazing photos for promotion of their powerhouse Emortal Army.  

In 2011 we covered over 17 events around the world, in 2012 we will be covering more than 22 events around the globe as well as parterning with two new emerging paintball series in Europe as their official media partners.  Now more than ever can we truely say "HyBrid Foto has got you covered" 

Huge thanks going out to Ledz and the entire Planet Eclipse family for believing in our dream and helping us to reach for the stars. 

You can follow HyBrid Foto on Facebook at or on their newly re-designed website

Monday, 2 April 2012

Paintugal 2012

The Paintugal - Portuguese Association of Recreational Paintball - APD, celebrates its 8th anniversary by organizing a European Paintball event, on the 29th and 30th of September 2012, in the municipality of Proença-a-Nova, where 500 participants are expected from around the country and abroad, they can rely on two days full of activities, games, conviviality and many surprises.

We do not just organize a game of Paintball. We have created a Festival of this sport, with extra activities, players party, raffle prizes, workshops, and local tourism to boost a very attractive weekend, unique in Europe, with the support of the municipality of Proença-a-Nova.

This event is inserted in the Big Game Alliance, which is the result of the Union of the biggest and best Paintball events organisers in Europe, Warped (Great Britain), Veckring (France), and Paintugal (Portugal).

Under the Paintugal ecological and social responsibility project for 2012, the Association will offer a tree to each participant, so that they plant it on the ground of the event, and also, give the opportunity to sponsor and help multiple children of the Association "Acreditar", so that they enjoy a different day and especially with Paintball activities, thereby supporting the Association "Acreditar" in its noble purpose: "to treat the child with cancer and not only cancer in the children!".

The registrations will occur from 4th June to September 21st of 2012, at the event's official website, where you can see all the information:

Sunday, 1 April 2012