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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

2 in-a-row for the 187 Crew

It’s not very often that teams win back to back events. When it’s the PSP it’s even more impressive. Team 187 Crew have won the last two PSP (Div 2) events, Chicago and MOA. So if nothing else they need a big shout out and from everyone at Planet Eclipse…


It’s nice to know that Planet Eclipse have done their part. We know too well that we can’t point the markers in the right direction and the players skills have to be up to the task ahead, but it does fill us with pride when the teams that do win tell us this:

“I'm not just saying this because you hooked us up....The guns are amazing.

We've had two events were weather could have been a factor and the guns worked flawlessly. When we got back from Chicago some guns had mud caked into the reg from the little weep hole and still shot fine. It poured buckets for the last match of MAO and the guns worked amazing. Never any issues - straight and fast.”

Well done again, let’s hope the 187 Crew can make it 3 in a row for the big one at World Cup !!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Get your band heard!

Get your band heard! One of the number one comments we have on all our ETV Videos is "what band was that?" Now it could be you!

We are always looking for new new music and new bands, so we'll be running a contest to get your band in an ETV video!

Just email your best song to:

Here are the requirements...

  • Band must be unsigned, and control your own publishing & master usage rights
  • Submit your song by email in mp3 or similar audio file format, no bigger than 5mb.
  • In your email, provide band name, song name, and album title, (if applicable) a brief description of your music, along with 3 "sounds like" artists that you feel your music is similar to.

Example entry.
  • Band: XYZ
  • Song "rippy rippy stab stab"
  • album: none
  • description: We rock your face off with a mix of punk, metal, and ballsout rock.
  • Sounds like: Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Slayer*
(Ok, we are having fun with the example entry, but please be serious and accurate with your submission information)
  • Submissions will be taken until 10th September, 2010. If we haven't received a song we think will be useable, contest will be extended.
All genres will be accepted, but the most likely to get used would be: punk, indie, rock, emo, metal, hip hop (clean lyrics. We don't wanna have to pull a Kanye West at the VMA's in editing because of swear words.)

If you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it or just let it slip?? It's up to you to make your own breaks, this is Planet Eclipse trying to give someone a helping hand. Will you reach out and grab it???

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dynasty GEO2

MORE Fed Cup (UK) Updates...

FED Cup 2010

The Fed members truly want the Fed Cup to be something special. We want to create a place to where you can bring your team for the best Paintballing and your family for a fun weekend. The Fed members have been working hard at bringing you these enhancements and I can announce some now.

1....ETV Filming at 2010 Fed Cup. The ETV film crew will be attending this years Fed cup and will be capturing the action to create an ETV Episode of the weekend.

So be warned and be ready, look the part, strut your stuff and you could be the next star of ETV.

2..... Laysick Gear and JCS Leisure will be sponsoring the FED CUP Human Table Football Competition which will be running over the FED Cup weekend…. (details to be announced)

The event is five players on-field (you can have as many subs as you need) and the entry fee is £5 per team with the proceeds going to Help the Heroes Charity. Register your team on the Saturday morning and have a team practice with the start of the division games in the afternoon/evening. Play will continue on the Sunday with the grand finale on Sunday afternoon. The winners will receive five boxes of paint courtesy of Laysick Gear and JCS Leisure. Maybe Pete “Roy of the Rovers” Robbo can be coaxed out of retirement to front the FED team?...

3..... Bucking Bronco Bull Riding.

Also in an effort to create a more festival-like atmosphere at the event there will be a Rodeo Bull (when we were talking at the meeting about the inflatable bunkers I think someone wrote down Inflate – a – Bull :-) )The Rodeo Bull will be in operation on Saturday evening so you will be able to ride, laugh or simply watch the sun go down while sipping a cool one at the bar!! The gauntlet has already been thrown down between, Pete “Rodeo” Robbo Robinson vs Simon “Gun Slinging” Cole (A little poll has been put on P8ntballer so you can vote for who you think will win). There will be some prizes awarded on the night for longest rider, most stylish etc.. So get your Stetsons out and get ready to ride!

More announcements coming soon…..

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It's a hard life being a Pro.

It’s a hard life being a Professional paintball players isn’t it???

This little video makes me SO JEALOUS.

‘I want to run with the bulls’


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

ETV Artifact #4 'The Grind'

"The Grind is the 4th video in a new online documentary series called Artifact, produced by Planet Eclipse, creators of the EGO and GEO paintball markers, covering the world of tournament paintball.

"The Grind" gives you a glimpse to the experience of practice for professional paintball teams, as San Antonio X-Factor head to Omaha, Nebraska to practice Vicious, in preparation for the next stop on the 2010 PSP Paintball Circuit.

Their preparation culminates when the two teams draw each other in a crucial prelim round match-up at PSP Chicago Open.

This episode features music by [in order of appearance] Moonlit Sailor, Public Radio, Dorena, Burns Out Bright, Goonies Never Say Die, Flanders, & Dorena.

Artifact is a collection of 10-minute documentary shorts, which will be released monthly throughout the 2010 professional paintball season. The videos are narrated by acclaimed commentator, writer, and retired professional player Matt Marshall. Produced by Planet Eclipse, in association with Deep Elm Records, and Disconnected Media.

LOD in the Silverware.

On Saturday August 7th Planet Eclipse Sponsored team, LOD, entered the CSP tournament at La Liga Paintball in Argentina. It was held at the KDT Sports complex which is one of the nicest fields in Argentina. The tournament was a 3vs3 event and LOD entered one team for this event. Team LOD had a great event and played hard throughout the entire day competing against another Eclipse Sponsored team, Chacales of Krakus. The LOD finished the event in 3rd place. It was another great event for Planet Eclipse taking him 2nd,3rdand 4th place finishes at this event.

We would like to thank all teams that played in event and would like to give a special thanks out to Team LOD and Chacales of Krakus for both finishing in top 4. Keep up the great work and keep an eye out for Team LOD at the PSP World Cup this year as they are training hard to get ready for the event.

Monday, 16 August 2010

ETV's Canon Video Camera 4 Sale.

Video Camera’s for Sale… Planet Eclipse have a couple of video camera that are up for Sale.. These are the cameras that we have been using this season for the ETV and Artifacts movies. The first auction is for a Canon XH A1S:

The second video camera is a standard Canon XH A1. This has not been put up on eBay yet. If you want to avoid the bidding drop us an e-mail and we can look at a quick sale.. Offers on a postcard to . So why the sale, well we are moving over to a solid state format of shooting so these Canon’s just have to go.. We use the A1’s because they are a good workhouse video camera that can take the knocks of Paintball. The reserve on eBay is $1900… So happy bidding if you fancy a bargain, check out the link coz it also comes with some nice extra’s.

Liberty University Get Eclipsed!

August 13, 2010 ---Liberty University Paintball Team, One of College’s premier professional paintball teams, today announced a sponsorship agreement with Planet Eclipse Beginning with the 2010 NCPA Tournament Series and continuing for the remainder of the 2011 season, Through the new relationship, Planet Eclipse becomes the official Marker and gear sponsor of the Liberty University Paintball Team. Players and Fans can follow dynamic coverage of the NCPA season by going to and

"We are thrilled to add Planet Eclipse to our list of sponsors" said Todd Hoglund, Liberty University Paintball Coach. “ We are excited to be working with the best company in paintball and by joining efforts with Planet Eclipse,a global leader in the paintball industry, we can promote and market college paintball and show the world what a great sport we have."

Liberty University is the largest and fastest growing Christian Evangelical university in the world. Liberty University is consistently on the forefront of exciting innovations, like having 2 turf xball fields on-campus. During the 2009-2010 NCPA season, The Liberty University Paintball Class A team finished the season in Second place of the Mid-Atlantic Coast Conference, and placed 4th in the Nation. The Class AA team finished 8th in the Nation. In a desire to be the best in college paintball, we are excited to be associated with the best company in paintball. Many of the LU players have been using Egos for years and are now thrilled to be sponsored by the best in the industry.

"Planet Eclipse is proud to support the dedication, talents and accomplishments of the Liberty University Paintball team as it competes in the NCPA Tournament Series," said Marc Lancia, US Sales Manager of Planet Eclipse " This new relationship provides us an unparalleled opportunity to extend awareness of college paintball and Liberty University, through both the Planet Eclipse brand and through our coverage of the Paintball Tournament Series."

West Coast PB Event #4

The West Coast Paintball Series was excited to host our fourth event of the 2010 season as the first tournament ever held at the new Tualatin, Oregon field, Impact Action. Nineteen teams between the Open, Rookie and Beginner divisions arrived bright and early and were ready to play some paintball! For the Open Division, Oregon's Team USA took home first place, Washington team Seattle Swagger took second, and Oregon team Awesome came in third. All teams exhibited some great competition on the field for the top places!

Washington teams swept the Rookie Division with team Code Blue taking home first place for the second event in a row. Team PLAYA H8RZ earned second place and NW Devastation took third place.
Four new teams and three second event teams competed for the top places in the new Beginner Division. Oregon team, Crossfire fought hard and earned first place, Washington team, H8R Kidz took second place and Oregon team, Green took home third place.

Thank you to all of our sponsors Planet Eclipse, Draxxus, Mafia Air, Paintwarz and A-Team Awards - these events just wouldn't be the quality level that they are without your partnership and support. We really had a great time and are continually amazed at the amount of great sportsmanship on and off the field by the players. Looking forward to another great event on September 11 at CDR Park in Oak Harbor, Washington! Get ready to play on some high quality turf!

Open Division
1st place- Team USA
2nd place- Seattle Swagger
3rd place- Team Awesome

Rookie Division
1st place- Code Blue
2nd place- Playa H8rz
3rd place- NW Devastation

Beginner Division
1st place- Crossfire
2nd place- H8R Kidz
3rd place- Team Green

Friday, 13 August 2010

Dynasty 'Dragon' SLS - ONLY 12

This years Planet Eclipse SL Ego called the SLS flew off the shelves. We were pretty much sold out the minute we launched the product. We kept the last 12 out of the total production of 350 back to create something a little special. We commissioned an artist to create this special Dynasty SLS Graphic for this very limited SL marker.

The Dynasty 'Dragon' SLS comes with all of the same features as the other SLS’s but with the beautiful Dynasty artwork. The run is only 12 Dynasty SLS’s and these will be spread around the world. There will be a total of 3 on the Planet Eclipse web site here:


If you want to grab a pretty rare ‘dragon’ then be quick.

Unique SLS Features:

• Bespoke SL SLS Body
• Bespoke SL Cure3+ Bolt with Insert Kit – Three Different Bolt Inserts
• Bespoke SL Circuit Board With USB Interface – Cable and Software Included
• Bespoke SL SL3 Inline Regulator
• Bespoke SL Dual Triggers - “S” and “Classic” Style Triggers Included
• Bespoke SL Dual Valve Guides – HP and LP Valve Guide Kit
• Bespoke SL Zick2 Rammer Kit
• Bespoke SL OOPS Assembly
• Bespoke SL Clamping Feed Assembly – With Sprocket Wheel Adjuster
• Bespoke SL Trigger Frame
• Bespoke SL Contour Eye Covers
• 5-Piece SL2 Shaft Barrel Kit
• Viz-Eyes Red BBSS System

Ego10 Features:

• Internal Porting Tuned To Provides Softer Shot and Less Kick.
• Reduced Rammer and Bolt Speeds. Gentler on Paint. Quieter Shot.
• Cure3+ with New Ramped and Interchangeable Bolt Insert
• Zick2 Rammer Shaft and Cap
• Increase Longevity of Internal Components
• New LP Supply Protection System
• 92% larger rtansflective LCD Display
• Adjustable Tru-Colour RGB LCD Backlite
• 16-Bit Microprocessor - 16 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
• Improved Solenoid Drive Circuitry for increased Velocity Consistency
• New Graphical User Interface
• Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body
• Deftek Offset Feed Tube
• Integrated Rammer Housing
• Integrated FRM
• Offset Bores
• Larger Valve Chamber
• Micro + Opto Switch Board
• Dual Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
• Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms - Magnetic and Spring Trigger
• Skinny-Fit Co-Moulded Rubber E-Star Grips
• T-Slot Rail Mounting System
• Ego10 High Performance Solenoid Valve
• LCD Module
• Integrated Audible Sounding Device

Weights and Measures
Length: 531 mm
Height: 214 mm
Width: 26.5 mm
Weight: 834g/1.84lb

All Measurements include Barrel (14”), OOPS, Battery, Ready-to-go:

The SLS has seen enhancements in three key areas:

- A new SL3 In-Line Regulator and Regulator mount
- Modification of the Cure3+ with inclusion of three different Bolt Inserts
- The introduction of full SLS-to-PC communications

The latter of those upgrades is made possible through proprietary software in the form of the E-Portal. The E-Portal is an application that provides a means of communicating with an Eclipse SLS through the familiar Windows(tm) environment and will give the user control over all aspects of the SLS firmware. It will be possible to:

- Upgrade the Electronic Firmware
From time to time Eclipse will release new versions of the firmware that controls the operation of the Eclipse SLS. This may be to add new features to the current firmware; to improve existing features; to fix bugs in the current firmware; or to accommodate changes in major league rules affecting the way that markers are allowed to operate. The latest version of firmware will be downloadable from the Planet Eclipse website and programmable into the SLS using E-Portal.

- Manage the Control Parameters
E-Portal will display all of the SLS' Control Parameters in one easy-to-read list. Parameters can be read from the SLS, modified and saved for future use. User presets can also be created for different firing mode configurations and saved for future use.

- Customise the Start-Up Splash Screen
E-Portal provides a simple way to create images that can be transferred to the Eclipse SLS in order to personalise the start-up screen. These images can be saved for future use or shared with friends and team-mates. Sample images are also available for download from the Planet Eclipse website.

Where the E-Portal offers enhanced control of the electronics, the new SL3 Regulator gives enhanced control of the pneumatics. The SL3 regulator is a completely new, from the ground up, design of In-Line regulator for Eclipse. Eclipse regulators have always been renowned for their reliability, simplicity and robustness. The SL3 obviously has all of those attributes, but now is even more accurate, has better stability when dealing with fluctuating or decaying input pressure, and has a higher flow capability. Not only that, the all-new seal configuration is now both reversible and replaceable by the user, should the main seal ever become contaminated. All of these features mean that the output of the regulator (the pressure that governs the markers velocity) is now even more tightly controlled over a far wider range of supply pressures from the tank. This means velocity remains stable right down to the last few hundred psi on the tank, giving you more usable shots per fill.

Chacales of Krakus in Argentina

It’s not very often that we get intel from the Argentina, so it’s always nice to hear from our teams of how they are doing and what’s going on… Below is a quick report sent in to us from Claudio Cardaci….

In the early morning of Saturday before the tournament Claudio always holds a Clinic for all new and upcoming players. If you are at the next event please stop by on Saturday and take advantage of the clinic….

The tournament took place in La Liga Paintball on Saturday 7th of August. It was held in one of the best courts in Argentina, in the sports complex KDT directly in the capital. This is where you play 5 ° date of the CSP Tournament Series. CHACALES OF KRAKUS sits in 3rd place overall for the series.

On this occasion the tournament was 3 vs 3, where we participated with two open teams in the same category, limited Paint and semi auto.

Chacales of Krakus played great throughout the entire event and ended up taking 2nd place while their Junior Team, Chacales of Krakus Junior, finished in 4th place.
It was great to see our 2 teams qualify for the quarters, quite an achievement for the junior team with only 4 months of training they managed to go undefeated in the prelims and finished overall 4th place...

We would like to thank Planet Eclipse for supplying us with great markers and gear. We are very appreciative for the support they have giving our team.

Follow team Chacales of Krakus below:



From everyone at Planet Eclipse, Welcome to the Emortal Army and well done !!

Have we been here before?

Is this where it all began????

While in Mexico checking out the ancient ruins at Chitzen Itza I spotted this….

Scare - E !!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

FED Cup Info 2010 (UK)

The Federation would like to announce the details of the 2010 Fed Cup (18th and 19th September 2010).

The purpose of the Fed Cup is to create a fantastic end of season event bringing the best talent from the North and South of the UK together to find out who are the UKs Champions.

This year the event will be held at the new Balls Out Promotions venue (home of the CPPS) in Rodbaston College. Rodbaston, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5PH

This year the main events will be the X-Ball 'Race to 4' format (12 teams Max) and a 5 Man 'Race to 2' format. Saturday 18th September will be qualifying day; teams will be fighting both 5 Man 'Race to Two' and X Ball 'Race to 4' to qualify for the Sunday club finals on Sunday the 19th September. The teams that do not qualify will be able to register to play the FREE Fed Plate 5-Man (no race to) event on the Sunday… Yes!!!! FREE of charge.

Everyone at the Federation wants players to have value for money and also to get as much Paintball in as possible and thus this year, EVERY team will play both days. We have tried to keep the entrance fee as low as possible but to also deliver to the players an event that the Federation Cup and UK Championships deserve.

Entrance Fees.

The Series Winners of Each Division at the CPPS and NSPL will be granted a FREE entrance fee into this year’s Fed Cup. For everyone else the entrance fees will be as follows:

5 Man Race to 2 Format £325

Xball Race to 4 Format £350

DISCOUNTS… Any team that has played 4 CPPS or NSPL events (the two sanctioned Federation series) will receive a £50 discount off the above prices.

Camping will be allowed on site from the Friday and will be FREE of Charge. Hotel info to follow.

Prize Fund. The prize fund this year is even bigger that last year’s fund!!!

The Federation Members have again clubbed together to give the players the Federation Cup which will crown the UK's Champions.

For each and every team booked into the event and with entrance fees paid The Federation Members will put 5 cases of Paintballs into the prize fund. Which means if 50 teams attend the total prize fund will be 1/2 million paintballs...500,000 Paintballs given away to the top 3 teams in Division 1 (M7/X-Ball), Div 2 (M5/Race2two) and The NEW Fed Plate (5-Man) (see below for % Split). As well as trophies to third place in each division there will be the Federation Cup M7 Champions Trophy and the M5 Trophy which will be engraved with the Winner of each year’s Federation Cup and be those teams to keep until they try and defend the Trophy the year after.

Visit for links and info.

If 50 Teams are booked in and Paid Up:

M7/X-Ball ‘Race to 4’ (Div 1)
1st = 70 Cases.... 28% Of Total Prize Fund.
2nd = 30 Cases.... 12% Of Total Prize Fund.
3rd = 15 Cases.... 6% Of Total Prize Fund.

M5/5-Man ‘Race to 2’ (Div 2)
1st = 50 Cases.... 20% Of Total Prize Fund.
2nd = 20 Cases.... 8% Of Total Prize Fund.
3rd = 10 Cases.... 4% Of Total Prize Fund.

Fed Plate 5-Man (Div 3)
1st = 30 Cases....12% Of Total Prize Fund.
2nd = 15 Cases.... 6% Of Total Prize Fund.
3rd = 10 Cases.... 4% Of Total Prize Fund.

Note… Prize fund is worked out on 5 cases of paint for each team booked in and paid up and will be split according to the percentages above if less than 50 teams rounded down to the nearest 500 balls. Maximum prize fund will be 500,000 Paintballs.

Also there will be other prizes up for grabs at the 2010 Fed Cup; these will be announced once confirmed.

Booking In:

Teams wishing to enter need to email either event organiser (NSPL or CPPS) or with their intention to play. Teams will then be informed where to send the non refundable £50 deposit. Their team name will then go on the entry list BUT “payment pending” which will be removed when the deposit is paid. The balance of the game fee to be paid in cash on the day by 10.00 or 2.00 depending on which session they are playing. Failure to pay by the appointed time will result in FULL payment being required rather than the discounted entry. Please also note that priority will go towards teams that have been regularly attending the NSPL and CPPS events in the case of the event being oversubscribed.

Contact Details:

Booking: Tel: 07973 692379 (Steve)……E-Mail:

CPPS: Tel: 07977 060 694 (Rich)….. E-Mail:

NSPL: Tel: 01626 833 200 (Chris) …. E-Mail: Web:

Friday, 6 August 2010

GEO2 Production.......

Since the official launch of the GEO2 in June 2010 there has been an unprecedented demand for the Marker. At Planet Eclipse HQ in England the production department have been running at full speed and yet we continue to be unable to satisfy the demand. The truth of the matter is that Planet Eclipse has a limited production capacity; we are not ‘mass producing’ Eclipse High end markers in a 3rd party Chinese factory. Each GEO2 marker is hand built and testing by skilled craftsmen in the UK. This takes time, effort and care. Rapidly increasing production to meet demand at this time could be detrimental to the quality of our product and we are not willing to go down that road.

We would like to apologise to our customers and dealers alike for our inability to supply the demand that we are receiving, but we ask you all, Players, Retailers, Dealers, Distributors and Wholesalers alike to please bare with us. We are continually striving to produce the best Paintball products in the World and hold unparalleled quality in extremely high regard. We will not jeopardise this in the rush to get product out. The time taken is duly needed.

However… there is a plan for the future! Over the last 11 years Planet Eclipse has expanded from 2 units to 5 which we currently occupy and are struggling to fit into. In late 2010 Planet Eclipse HQ will be moving to a new purpose built facility just down the road from our existing factory, in Manchester, England. The NEW facility will enable Planet Eclipse to expand and grow in all departments. This move will ensure that Planet Eclipse customers get an even better service and more of our innovative products will see the light of day. This move will also give us the ability to increase capacity of our hand built markers without compromising on quality.

As a company we ship to all continents of the world, we know you are ALL in need of GEO2’s and we WILL deliver. Backorders are being fulfilled on a strict first come, first served basis. As always, we urge you to place any future orders as soon as possible so we can strive towards filling them.

Planet Eclipse thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Vipers Tournament Series

The Vipers Tournament Series is a five- leg Venezuelan Tournament Series.

The first event was in Puerto La Cruz City on May 1-2. Twenty teams entered the tournament and they fought hard giving it all they had to try to get to the first place standing .This event was near the Paradise Beaches and malls, giving the players a chance to relax and have some fun off the field as well as on. US Pro players, Nick Slowiak from Aftershock and Brandon Short from LA Ironmen, came down to Venezuela to participate in the tournament and host some paintball clinics, which was great. The team loved playing with them and they put on a great clinic for all the players.

The second event was in Caracas City (San Antonio) on June 4-6. Twenty-eight team’s came to shoot, run and slide on the fields for the three day event. This tournament was held in memory of "JC Henao", a popular Colombian Player, who gave his all to South American paintball. The principal ref was Tony Von Ronne from the USA, who would play the most difficult part of the event.In the finals, eight teams from Division Two, played hard and smart to get the first place. After all the struggles and games the results look like this:

2-WayOut, Colombia
3-Lluvia Negra

1-Hell Knights

The next leg of the series will be in Valencia City (and will adopt the PSP format) on September 17th-19th, followed by another Caracas City event (using the NPPL 7-man format) on November 13th-14th (Date tentative),and one final event in December on 11th-12 (location to be confirmed).

For more info e-mail:

The overall winner of this series in Division Two will get free entry to the Brazilian Cup in December and the winning team in Division Three will receive five ETEK LT markers!

Congratulations to both our Teams Fusion and Blackout for their 1 and 2 place Victories.

Emortal Army FTW !!!

Check out this video !!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

ETV..... NPPL 2010 Chicago Open

Planet Eclipse and ETV present a G-rated version of Prelim, Elite 8, Semi, and Finals round highlights from the NPPL 2010 Chicago Open, held Memorial Day weekend at Challenge Park Extreme. in Joliet, IL.

See Eclipse teams Impact, Avalanche, Dynasty, Explicit, Vendetta, and Warped Army as they battle the best teams in the world, and mother nature's torrential down poor.

Featured music in this video (in order of appearance)

Set Your Goals-"The Fallen" (epitaph records)
Over It "Hey! Liberty" (negative progession records)

Also-special feature-don't miss the trailer for the new Derder paintball film, Dementia, after the video!

There was and is another version of this ETV up which had 10 seconds of ‘flesh’ at the start but YouTube pulled it down so you have to log in to view this version now…… Oh Well… Hope you enjoy this version just as much :-)

Subscribe to the ETV Youtube channel here: SUBSCRIBE

Monosalvaje in Chile


Monosalvaje an Eclipse sponsored team from Guayaquil, Ecuador that was founded on the year 2000. We have been competing in South American events since 2003 and this year we decided to play in the South American Paintball Circuit (CSP). Our first stop would be Santiago for the CSP Chile event on July 16-18.

It was -2 degrees and everybody from the team had 5 layers of clothes to withstand the cold. 5 layers that didn’t feel like enough since we live in a tropical city and therefore we are not used to the cold weather.

There were 7 of us who took the trip from Guayaquil: Edmundo Jordan, Andres Dassum, Juan Jose Moreno, Ruben Moreno, Juan Sebastian Bejarano, Andrew Baker and Alejandro Amador.
We knew that there would be some tough competition at the event specially considering that some teams were taking pro players to reinforce them.

The pro players that played in Chile were:

Team Country Pro-Player
Mercenarios Brazil Ryan Greenspan
Jungle Boyz Brazil Mikko Huttinen & Osvaldo
Evolution Ecuador Brandon Short & Scott Kemp

We had a competitive team but we knew that we needed an extra player to take the team to the next level. We thought Bobby Aviles would be that pro player we needed in our team to give it that extra skillset. We were lucky to have Bobby Aviles playing with us because not only is he an incredible player but also an incredible person. He helped our team immensely both emotionally and tactically and he was a big part of our result.

We started our games on saturday and we had to play against Evolution, Mercenarios Black, Madbox and Kamikaze during the prelims. We lost to Evolution in the first game of the day after some dubious ref calls but we were focused on the prize and came back to beat Mercenarios Black in a 4-0 game. The other 2 games had to be postponed for sunday since it was getting late and there wasnt enough sun light to play by late saturday. On sunday we had to play in extremely cold weather because we had the third game of the day but we quickly got warmed up after an intense game against Madbox, the home field team. We took down the third game 4-0 and we were left with one last game against Kamikaze. Whoever won the game would make it to the semifinals and we beat them 4-1.

The 4 teams that made it through to semifinals were: Evolution and Monosalvaje from Group A and Jungleboyz and Mercenarios from Group B. Evolution would face Monosalvaje and Jungleboyz had to play against Mercenarios.

Evolution got a 2-0 lead but Monosalvaje came back strong and with some minor adjustments in the breakout lanes and primary bunkers, we were able to turn the game around and got to a 2-2 score. The game time was over and we had to go to a final game, who ever won that game would take the match and the place in the finals.

We knew that Brandon Short and Scott Kemp who were playing with Evolution would not give up easily, but our lanes were impecable and after getting 2 Gs we pushed the field. Bobby went underneath the X and did a run through where he bunkered Scott and left Brandon Short by himself in the snake corner. Monosalvaje moved up the field to the X and other 50 line bunkers and took Brandon out. The game was over and Monosalvaje made it to the finals.

In the other semifinal Ryan Greenspan had some really good matches against Jungleboyz and helped Mercenarios get to the final. In the final, Mercenarios had a pretty good game plan and our lanes were not working as well as they had throughout the tournament. Ryan Greenspan was playing smart paintball and they beat us to take the first place.

We ended up with a second place which could have easily been a first if some things had gone different but we had no complaints, our team had played great and we were happy with our performance. We dedicated the second place to the memory of JUAN CARLOS HENAO, a great friend and mentor of the South American Paintball scene.

Now that the CSP Chile is in the past our next stop will be Buenos Aires for the CSP Argentina. Bobby will be playing with us again and hopefully this time we will take the first place home. Chile wasn’t our time to win but Argentina has our name written all over it!

Alejandro Amador
Monosalvaje’s Field Captain

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Learning By Our Mistakes ?

Here at Planet Eclipse HQ we utterly respect the opinions of our customers and this $20 wristband, no matter how innocently we intended it to be, has caused unrest. We do not want to fool, con, lie to or mislead anyone with any product we produce.

The Power Balance wrist bands may or may not do anything. Nobody here at Planet Eclipse is a Scientist and it could very well be the case that we have been taken in by the hype, though we did actually perform the tests ourselves. Perhaps it was a bad error of judgement to have this product made... So my decision is that I’m not going to sell this item. We have taken this product off-line and we will be contacting the few dealers that have already purchased them in order to give them a full refund. If you have purchased one of the Planet Eclipse Power Balance wristbands and would like a refund please contact the dealer you purchased it from.

As a lot of the critics have said these wristbands could be and possibly are a ‘Placebo Effect’ item, which may be true or not - who knows? All I know is that we tried it ourselves and couldn’t deny the effects. So here’s what I propose….I am going to try and pass on this ‘Placebo Effect’ to our sponsored teams and send them a bunch of the Power Balance wristbands and see what they think. If they do nothing at all, the very least they will do is fulfil their primary function as a cool fashion accessory.

If you feel we have insulted your intelligence we apologise. This was certainly not the intention.

One last word on the matter… I have checked our e-mail account for Planet and there is not a single e-mail saying, “Hey, you do know those wrist bands are a con, don’t you?” If anyone ever has any issues with any items from Planet Eclipse then please try contacting us directly. We are humans and thus are fallible. We make mistakes but we will always listen and learn from these mistakes and do the very best we can to put things right.


Impact Sign Tyler Harmon

In another shock mid season move, Planet Eclipse Sponsored Pro Team Edmonton Impact have picked up none other than Tyler Harmon from XSV.

Bart Yachimec has this to say: ‘We are very excited to make arrangements with Rich Telford’s Team, XSV, at this time of the year in order to sign a player like Tyler Harmon. I remember him being one of the youngest players to ever make Pro thru Bob Long and to bring his Calibre of play to Edmonton Impact could make the last half of the season the best yet. Edmonton Impact and all its Fans welcome Tyler Harmon.’

Tyler Harmon said: ‘I have decided to make the move from Sacrament XSV to Edmonton Impact because I'm ready to be a part of a world-class-championship team. I want to become the best paintball player I can possibly be, and I feel like the possibilities are endless on Impact.’

God bless,
Tyler Harmon

Spread your wings, follow your dreams, and everything will be so supreme.


Edmonton Impact have already had a great 2010 season and with this pick-up really look like challenging for the championship titles in both the NPPL and PSP Pro Brackets.

Check Out Impacts victory at Phoenix PSP on ETV Artifacts # 3 'Triumph & Tragedy' Here:

Black Out MPL #2 Champions !!

Here at Planet Eclipse HQ we love it when a team makes an effort to put there victories and stories into words but it's even better when they make a video !!

Black Out sent us this youtube video of them picking up the MPL #2 Intermediate Championship...
Well Done Black Out, great to see a member of the Emortal Army picking up the top honours.