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Monday, 29 March 2010

Planet Eclipse @ the Millenniums

EGO Ink !

We have seen lots of different Planet Eclipse cool stuff and this isn't the first Tattoo with have seen. It's possibly the strangest and it comes with a cool little story as well.

The guy with the Ink is Justin Geidiman. He's 31 years old and a dorito runner for the East Valley Stars....plays at the d3 level from Queen Creek, AZ

Justins Team Mate 'Blake Hunter' told us this story:

It took me 3 years to convince Justin to switch to Planet Eclipse....ask him urself.. Justin was a diehard Bob Long Fan...finally after enough problems with a "cursed" Marq...I got him to buy an Ego8....he was hooked and never thought about shootin another brand...he loved how much the Ego had changed his game...he decided he wanted a token of gettin this tattoo....unfortunately he no longer owns this Ego...he has upgraded to a Vicious Geo

Well i just wanted to let you guys know the story behind the tat....myself and him are some DIE HARD PE owner's....

FallDown Winner !!!

Well, what can I say. My score was holding strong for a while, then it seemed like every paintball field or tournament i visted there was always someone pulling out there iPhone and showing me a score that beat my highest. Not by a great deal but enough.. Since they did a little update my scores have been rubbish. I think Kayla Brem knocked the wind out of my Sails a little with her score of 348 (kicking her husbands ass in the process I beleive :-), but the deadline for scores was today and what do we find in our in-box, this massive score of 394 from Taylor Harsanye... So thats it Taylor Harsanye is the Planet Eclipse King of FallDown... Well Done... Total respect (i'm a little upset and I think that App is about to be deleted).

Keep your eye's on the Blog as i will be posting up the next challenge very soon.... :-)


LOF Summer Camp (USA)

Jason "foolybear" Lineberger an Eclipse ‘Sponsored’ Scenerio Legend sent across some info about the LOF (Line Of Fire) Summer Camps.

LOF's 2010 Summer Celebrity Paintball Camp will be holding two sessions this year. Session One will take place June 22-24 and Session Two will take place August 3-5. Cost for the camp is $235.00 per session or both sessions for $199.00 each. Dates are planned to work around our celebrity's schedules and the local school calendars. Scenario legend, Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger will be instructing and revealing how to improve your game along with World-Champion, Mike Paxson, who's led LOF's camps since 2005. Camp includes: 3-days training/playing, 2 cases paintballs, 8x10 Autographed Photo of Class of '10, Autographed Individual Photo with celebrity instructors, Graduating Diploma, 3 lunches, 6 snacks and other sponsor-donated extras. Camp is a 'closed' event and ONLY paying campers are allowed on the field. You'll get out of this camp exactly what you put into it...don't pass up such a unique opportunity. We've already got players signing up and we always limit our class size to 30 players per session, so don't wait - sign up today!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Dr Geeks In LOVE !

Dr Geek considers himself ‘down with the kids’. The other Day Dr Geek decides to be all romantic and buy his girlfriend a packet of Love Hearts Sweet (Candy)… Now in the past you would find little messages on each piece of candy that said ‘Kiss Me’ ‘I’m yours’ ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Love You’ etc…. But when Dr Geek gave his girlfriend the candy he was amazed at what he saw… Since when has ‘E-Mail’ or ‘Hard Luck’ been romantic??? And what is Ali G doing with one saying’ Me Julie Best Mum’ WRONG !!

Other messages in the packet:

‘Hi Baby’ ….. Not Bad.
‘Dream On’
‘Hot Lips’
‘Bless You’…. Something your Gran might say.
‘Hi Love’
‘Keep Cool’

RARE Hybrid EGO9/10 4 Sale on Ebay

I thought you might like a little heads up grabbing something quite rare and a little special....

On Saturday the 27th March @ 10:00pm GMT (3:00pm PDT) the first of 3 Hybrid EGO9/10 EGO's will go up on Ebay.. IT WILL NOT BE LIVE UNTIL THEN.... Once that one sells we will put up the second one on ebay. Starting price is $0.99.. So someone could get a BARGAIN !!!

Click Here

During the development of every new model there comes a stage when we are 90% happy with the design and modifications and want to start field testing. For obvious reasons it is virtually impossible to field test with anything that looks like a finished product, because paintball players are a canny bunch and would notice that what we were playing with was different from what we were currently selling.

So in order to test new parts or theories or designs we often create test mules, or hybrids. Hybrids are often older gun bodies modified to take newer parts.

And that is exactly what we have here.

These Ego9/10 Hybrids were the final stage of the development process of the Ego10 prior to going into production. Basically, every part of the gun is an Ego10, barring the external appearance of the body. They have the same external profile cuts to the body as the Ego10, even takes an Ego10 badge and an Ego10 cut Cure3+ bolt. They have the pressure release porting for the LPR and the body porting for the solenoid paths and the Torpedo are all very close to the Ego10’s final specification. They even have Ego10 boards with the new firmware and the larger, replaceable display module.

Only 20 of these Ego9/10 Hybrids were ever made. They were originally shipped all over the world to Beta testers to give feedback on prior to Ego10 production commencing. As such, they are very rare beasts. Some of the Hybrids stayed with their testers because they loved them so much, and some were returned to be replaced with full-fat Ego10s. Either way you would be extremely lucky to ever see 2 of these at the same field.

For the reasons mentioned above, the ones we are selling here are USED. They are not new and are not being sold as such. They have been played with in varying conditions around the world so will show signs of light wear and tear. Of course, on returning home the Eclipse HQ here in Manchester UK they were all stripped, inspected and re-built as part of the appraisal process, and if any changes have been made to the markers it is only to bring them up to the latest specification.

All 20 were anodized the same color combination which is Black with Blue parts. This gun is even more special with SUPER RARE blue grips.

Happy Bidding!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


The 2009/10 Off-Season has been one of the most dramatic for a long time with teams folding, merging, bumping up or simply adding new strength to their squads. But after a long wait the 2010 season was now kicked off.

The First PSP of 2010 has just finished in Phoenix and the Planet Eclipse teams have hit the floor running…. The PSP Pro bracket is now 10 teams strong with 50% of all Players in the PSP Pro Bracket shooting Planet Eclipse Ego’s or Geo’s……

Edmonton Impact had a traumatic event to say the least, with some of the team having to fly back to Canada for a funeral on the Saturday and then back to Phoenix to Battle for the Pro Championship on the Sunday. After making the finals (by the skin of their teeth) they first knocked out Dynasty (6-5), Then LA Infamous (7-4) in the semi finals and to round off an amazing weekend Impact beat Damage (7-4) after being down 3-1 . Owner of Edmonton Impact, Bart and the team have been so close in the past to winning their first Pro event. But this was their first official Pro Win after 5 years and faced with such adversity, I’m sure the victory tastes that much sweeter…

Ever improving Aftershock also took their place on the Podium in 3rd Place, which believe it or not is the best result that Aftershock have EVER had in the X-Ball Format PSP.. Which is very hard to believe but shows how hard it is to compete at this extremely high level.

Congratulations to all of our Pro teams (& Dallas Lethal Winning in D4) and everyone else in the Emortal Army…. It’s a long fight but we are ready!!

Living Legends Offer

If our intel is correct there may be a couple of Sandbaggers attending the event !!!

99 FREE Songs !

Download 99 songs from Deep Elm Records FREE!!!!!!

Think our friends at Deep Elm records have gone mental? Perhaps, but that shouldn't stop you from grabbing nearly 100 songs ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE from one of America's premiere independent record labels.

Since ETV's inception in 2007, Planet Eclipse has included many songs from Deep Elm artists in our ETV online video series. Here's your chance to get some of those songs and a boatload of others totally FREE, from great bands like This Drama, Latterman, Moonlit Sailor, Desoto Jones, and many more.

Click on the link below, and then download each of the four samplers!

NQ Dynasty Clinic (UK)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nuclear Peppers Soon?

I knew the hot sauces I like are HOT. Especially when you touch your eyes (or other parts of the body that will not be spoken about in public) !!! But I never expected them to be 'Weapons Grade' Hot !!!

Here is a little story that made me laugh and smile all at the same time.. The Bhut Jolokia is the same pepper that we use in the 'Fire It Up - Extreme' Planet Eclipse Hot Sauce. I can't guarantee it will stop terrorists or it will spice up you food and get the bland bandits running for cover.

Read Article


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

GEO 2 Pics

More info coming soon.

Planets NEW Web Site.

After what seems years of development (I'll probably get a slap for saying that) the NEW Planet Eclipse web site is now LIVE.

It's taking awhile to propagate so might not show up correctly on everyone’s computers, this could take up to 48 hours.

We would really like to hear your feedback on the new site, any comments, suggestions or errors you find will be greatly appreciated.

We hope you like our new home :-)

(Nice Work Paul & Kate)....

Monday, 22 March 2010

Coming Soon...... ????

Stay tuned for more information.

I hate losing !!!!

It looks like my score has been smashed.... Stoney managed to overtake me on 316 for the whole of last week (which reallllyyyy got on my nerves) but when we came into work this morning there were a few other scores that battered us both.... Here is the current leader. Still one week to go !!!!
If you want to join in here is a copy of my original post....


If you have an iPhone you probably love it and have loads of Apps. Now the games are good, some are amazing but the ones you just keep going back to over and over again because they are so addictive are brilliant and frustrating all in the same App. Well, my current favourite is FallDown! It’s a FREE App and super simple, super additive and super frustrating. Stoney and I have been having a running battle for a couple of weeks (To be honest it’s like taking Candy from a baby). I think he’s hanging around the 280 Mark.. Here is a screen shot of my highest scores…

So, I’ll give you two weeks to beat my score and the winner with the highest score will get my respect and also an Eclipse Back Pack (Ruk Sak) Free Of Charge to your door. I want to receive screen shots as proof and the winner with an e-mail sent into our inbox when we start work on the 29th March will be the winner.

So what you waiting for?

All aboard the train heading for Frustration Central !!!

Don't bother with the Photoshop, we have ways of checking your score !!!


Friday, 19 March 2010


Thistle do!

This is weird… Colour blindness is something that is hard to understand unless you have it. But this weird eye/mind thing is probably something explainable I just don’t know what it is… But I’m sure one of you will know.

I even asked our resident expert Dr Geek and he was very baffled.

For whatever reason when you take a picture of the Thistle SLS Markers, the colour the camera sees is different to your eye's. We have taken several pictures and colour corrected them but even from monitor screen to monitor screen the Thistle SLS Markers look different… Aaaaarrrrggghhhh.

We have updated the images on the web site and here (below) but again from screen to screen this might be different. I guess it’s an issue we will always have with what our minds eye’s see and what a computer sees. You can clearly see the difference here from the colour corrected image (which is a lot closer to what it ACTUALLY looks like) compared to the image in the Dr Geek picture.

So, who knows why? Let's hear it !

Remember, every day is a school day.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Living Legends - Promo Contest

If you’re planning on attending the Living Legends 3 at CPX in Chicago at the end of May 2010 then here is the final pre registration raffle…..Everyone who is pre-registered and has purchased game entry, airfills, and 1 or more cases of event paint by 15th April 2010… (Which also happens to be Ledz 40th Birthday) will be entered into a raffle for:

Eclipse GEO - Custom LL3 Engraved in Covert Green

Eclipse Distortion Dig-E-Cam Jersey,

Eclipse Distortion Dig-E-Cam Pants

Eclipse Distortion Gloves in Dig-E-Cam

This final contest ends at midnight April 15, 2010… So what you waiting for?? That’s a pretty good prize !!!!

Register now!

By the way did you know that the NPPL Chicago tournament is at CPX on the same weekend… It’s set to be an epic weekend of Paintball.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

ETV# Dynasty

As you may have heard Dynasty have joined the Emortal Army. We sent our camera crew down to a pre season training session to see what was going on with the guys and to film them training. So grab a drink sit down, kick back and lets see what's going on in the world of Dynasty !!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Dynasty NEW Web Site Launch


Dynasty has just launched their revamped website at . Make sure to go take a look for all the latest on the team, the players, and their sponsors. You can see the Dynasty's full tournament and practice schedule, see photos and profiles of all the current players, check out the teams results throughout the years, and read about the history of the team. Not only will Dynasty be updating the site regularly with how things are going, but you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and through our Email Club. So go check out and see what's going on.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

iPhone App Software Developer Wanted !!!

Everyone that knows me will know that Computers and the whole IT thing is something that flies right over my head. I have the ideas but actually putting them into practise is something completely different. Luckily, I have a great bunch of staff around me that are brilliant at their jobs and can normally take my ramblings and turn them into something a lot better than what I wanted in the first place.

As a pretty recent iPhone owner I have been thinking about ‘Apps’ and I think I have some good ideas for making a couple. This is where I would normally go and see the Design department and they would make the magic happen. But in this case they are just too busy doing proper work and it’s also outside of their skill sets, so I thought I’d see if there is anyone out there that would like to work with me on a couple of iPhone / iTouch / iPad Apps?? Now before I get a bunch of App developers’ sending me quotes for tens of thousand dollars... forget it. I’m looking at someone that wants to work with me on developing something fun. Yes, there is money in the pot for this, but I’d rather work with a baller as we might both be able to get what we want out of it and hopefully the baller will be able to help (like my design team do) and give me input and guidance with the project as well.

If you’re that person please drop me an e-mail at: and let’s make some magic happen.


Brazil CBP #1. . . . . . . . Info !!

Planet Eclipse Master Tech 'PJ' from ESP is off to Brazil for the CBP Tournament soon and we thought you might like to know a little bit more about it. So below is the tournament info.. If you have any Eclipse Marker related questions or issues then put over and see PJ.. He loves it if you say 'lets get ready to rumble' to him as well :-)


Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball - Info

The Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball 2010 will be held in 4 (four) events to be performed with the following schedule and locations:

Event #1 - 27 and 28 March
Location: Mega Play Morumbi
Av Itapaiúna, 1809 - Morumbi Panamby
Sao Paulo – SP - Brazil

Event #2 - 15 and 16 May
Location: tbd

Event #3 - 21 and 22 August
Location: tbd

Event #4 - 27 and 28 November *
Location: tbd

* Dates can be changed.

Registration for the CBP#1 will be open from March 10, 2010 with closing scheduled for March 24, 2010 and will be conducted through the site


Open and Amateur: 30 spots in total.

Each event should be at least 16 (sixteen) teams entered, otherwise it will not occur.


The rules do not follow the NPPL or PSP model, but the CPP format, joining what is best in each league and adapting to our reality.

Format: 5-man
Shooting mode: 12.5 bps Ramping
Position of the flag: The flags will be placed on the bases, "flag stations." The goal is for each team to capture the opposing team's flag and eliminate as many opponents as possible, while capturing and returns the opponent's base to its own base in a given period of time.

Considering the structure of MegaPlay and limitations of space for spectators during the tournament, they cannot interfere in the game. If other events are performed in locations where spectator can interfere in the game without affecting the running of the event the organization may opt for this format.

The complete book of rules is available for download on Mega Play Morumbi’s website.

Prizes per event

Open Category

1st place: R$ 2.600,00 + 20,000 paintballs.

2nd Place: R$ 1.200,00 + 5 Planet Eclipse Jerseys + 10.000 paintballs.

3rd Place: R$ 400.00 + 5 Dye I4 mask.

4th Place: R$ 1.000 + 8.000 paintballs.

5th Place: 12.000 paintballs + 5 Dye Meta Glove.

Amateur Category

1st Place: R$ 1.200 + 5 backpacks Planet Eclipse.

2nd Place: 5 Dye C10 pants.

3rd Place: 5 Dye C10 jerseys + 8000 paintballs.

4th Place: R$300,00 + 10.000 paintballs.

5th Place: 14.000 paintballs.

Total award per event: R$ 17.898,00.
Total prize in raffles: R$ 11.200,00.
Total awards in the circuit: R$ 82.792,00.

Attention: For the 2010 season there will be no disposal of punctuation. The final award was distributed at all events in order to make the tournament more attractive.

At the end of the tournament we will raffle gears to the present players. All players registered in the rosters of each event will participate. The prize is not transferable and will be delivered to the player contemplated. If the player is not between the presents, the prize Will be giving away to another player.

Prizes will be:


1 PROTO PMR Marker

1 Dye Rotor Loader

There will also be a raffle of two (2) half entries for teams Who come from outside of São Paulo at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd events. These half entries are not transferable and are valid only for the next step, it cannot be extended.


The format of the games will be released as soon as registrations close.

The games Begin at 8AM.

26/03 - Friday
Walking Field from 4 pm to 8pm.

27/03 – Saturday
Mega Play gates will open at 6:30am.

Games schedule:

The Schedule of the games will be released on Thursday, March 25.

Registration fees:

Open Category: R$ 1.250,00

Amateur Category: $ 950.00

Where to stay during the tournament?

Two options of hotels near Mega Play Field for those who come to play the CBP.

Option 1:

Av Roque Petroni Jr 800
Tel (+55) 11/37383800
Fax (+55) 11/37383801

Option 2:

Hotel Formule 1 MORUMBI
Av Roque Petroni, 800 Torre II - São Paulo - SP
Tel: (11) 3775-7500
Fax: (11) 3775-7501
E-mail: f1spmorumbi.reservas @

Option 3:

The Flat Hill
11-8342.0240 / 11-3749.6788


Any questions please contact us:

Friday, 12 March 2010

Competition Time !!

If you have an iPhone you probably love it and have loads of Apps. Now the games are good, some are amazing but the ones you just keep going back to over and over again because they are so addictive are brilliant and frustrating all in the same App. Well, my current favourite is FallDown! It’s a FREE App and super simple, super additive and super frustrating. Stoney and I have been having a running battle for a couple of weeks (To be honest it’s like taking Candy from a baby). I think he’s hanging around the 280 Mark.. Here is a screen shot of my highest scores…

So, I’ll give you two weeks to beat my score and the winner with the highest score will get my respect and also an Eclipse Back Pack (Ruk Sak) Free Of Charge to your door. I want to receive screen shots as proof and the winner with an e-mail sent into our inbox when we start work on the 29th March will be the winner.

So what you waiting for?

All aboard the train heading for Frustration Central !!!

Don't bother with the Photoshop, we have ways of checking your score !!!

No Words Are Needed !!!!

Mathias Häcki found a leaked clip of the New Eclipse Fashion Show feat. Jules, Nick Truter, Antony Leadbetter, Jack Wood and Steve Monks! Thought i would share it with you :)

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rivalry Teaser !

In April 2010 the latest and may I say greatest Planet Eclipse ETV DVD thus far will be out: EMORTAL 2.
The DVD is packed with stuff (more details soon). There are a couple of never seen before pieces on there as well. One of these pieces is Rivalry: A story about the year long battle in 2009 between Vicious and XSV in the PSP Semi-Pro Bracket. We think the Rivalry Piece is one of the very best ETV Pieces that we have ever produced. It's about 50 minutes long and you will be able to watch the whole thing on the DVD very soon.

But to give you a little taste here is the Rivalry Trailer:

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Brute Force...........

Team Brute Force, a scenario and big game paintball team, based out of Eastern Massachusetts announces the signing of Planet Eclipse into the teams support family! Brute Force joins some of the best scenario and professionally ranked teams throughout the world!

The team will be representing Planet Eclipse throughout the year in a multitude of ways including but not limited to, exclusively using Planet Eclipse Markers and Performance gear, hosting tournaments and events, and showcasing Eclipse in their season long documentary titled “Two Thousand Ten” being filmed and produced by Visions Edge.
“We are all extremely grateful to be representing Planet Eclipse in 2010” says Mike Revelle the team captain and founder. “Many of us already shoot Planet Eclipse Markers and are awestruck every year by the performance of each year’s newer model. In today’s economy, paintball and paintball teams are being hit hard with all of the expenses of this sport, but with the EGO, GEO, and ETEK markers being so easy on paint, reliable, and air efficient we are able to save money and achieve the same performance and reliability Eclipse has been known for!”

“We are proud to have Team Brute Force join the Eclipse Emortal Army. We hope the best for them for this season and the future to come. We look forward to helping and supporting the team” says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse

For more information about Planet Eclipse and Team Brute Force please visit our website

Boob Camp Report.

While most of the men are tucked up in bed because the snow is too cold for them the Girls for Fat Lady's Charms are up and about training hard and showing off there skills to ladies ballers at there boobcamps.
We ask Sofia about the first one of 2010.

Sofia: The boobcamp went great, all girls were very pleased with the whole weekend. The girls made it even though we struggled with trains, flights and the huge amounts of snow on the roads due to the snowstorm that hit Sweden that weekend. One car hit a big pile of snow and had to be "shoveled" out.

Sebban from Joy had a tuff schedule for the girls and all of us went home tired but with a lot of new drills and excersises to practise on.

Blog: So what about the boys, when do they get to join in?

Sofia:Well, this summer we are planning a new Boobcamp, but outdoors of course. We think we will invite guys as well this time because it seems as if there are several that are interesed in coming (blog: I wonder why !!!) As soon as we have more info we will get it posted up and let you know, Also keep your eye’s on:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Gods Stuntman #2

I posted up the first 'Pilot' of my friends Short that he is making a while ago, He launched Part 2 a week or so ago and he was working on part 3 over the weekend. I thought you might like to check it out....

I love for people to get this around on there own facebook account etc so please feel free...

I'm starting the his counter on this one at: 561

Lets see how high we can get it in a week.....

If you want to know a little more about the ‘Looker Brothers’ then check out their web site:


PBNation Exclusive SLS Badge.

The keen eyed ones amongst you will have noticed a Special PBNation SLS Owners badge on Jack and Nicky T’s profiles. Well, anyone can get one of the EGO, GEO or ETEK badges to tag on your PBNation account free of charge by simply visiting:
and selecting the badge you would like.. But the SLS badge is a little different and that much more special…. The SLS is ONLY available to Original SLS Owners and you have to jump through a few hoops to get it…It’s still free but we want this one to be as exclusive as the SLS itself.

How to get your Eclipse SLS PbNation Owners Badge:

In order to be awarded the badge you must supply the following information:

Proof that you have registered your Eclipse SLS for Warranty including:

  • Your Warranty Registration Number
  • Your FULL name
  • Your FULL address
  • The Serial number of your Eclipse SLS
  • The colour of your Eclipse SLS
  • Your PbNation username.

If you have not already registered your Eclipse SLS, then please follow this link to complete the registration process so that you may submit the necessary details when applying for your badge:

To apply for your Eclipse SLS PbNation Owner Badge simply email the above information to us via the SLS Owners hotline at: It will take us a few days to get your badge onto your account so please bare with us..

And if you happen to be one of the Lucky owners of an SLS. Welcome to what is a very exclusive club…

If your (User) name ain't down, your not getting in !!

ICON Pro School (France)

CPL Team ICON from France send me there latest info advert for an ICON Clinic in France… As I’m an ignorant Englishman I can’t speak a word of French apart from “Oui” because I think it’s funny. So I ask Cyril to translate it for me.

“Meet the Green French Team at their first 2k10 Marseille ICON Pro School in the North East of France!”

Email Cyril at for any questions or reservation”

I asked Cyril to explain a little more about the Clinic……..

Marseille ICON will give his first Pro School of the year in Guemar, Alsace on the 29 & 30 May.

The STORK Association will host us during these two days, and help you find cheap accommodation for the night(s).

We will share our experience with you, because Paintball is not only about techniques, we will learn how to manage a team, help you reach your objectives regarding to your motivation and means.

Price is 155 € with a box of Carnage Paintball Ballistics and the two meals of Saturday and Sunday.

For all information you can contact

Cyril also said that if you don’t speak French (like me) you will still be OK to attend as he speaks very good English…

Oui Oui……